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What to do for panic attacks?

You will be okay.

When I wanted to know what to do for panic attacks I started searching for information after I had a couple of days, adjusting, and knowing what was happening to me.



Now when I remember back, having my first panic attack, the most helpful words I heard were from my niece who had previously experienced them, when she told me ” I was going to be okay“.



Having someone who had been through it and had come out the other end, was so reassuring to me. Hopefully this blog post will be of help to you if you are going through it.



If you have been through it, maybe you could put a comment in at the end of this blog post, of what was helpful to you, in order to encourage someone else.



I cannot even remember to many of the symptoms except the fear that seemed to have a major grip on me.



Then the fear of whether I was going crazy, because I did not know what was happening to me. If you are having your first one I will tell you too “you will be okay”.



Other symptons include feeling like you may be having a heart attack, tingling in your arms.There can be pain in your chest that may go to your legs. One other thing I remember is that i found it really difficult breathing, mainly because of the fear.



I did go to the emergency room, and I guess many people do end up there after a panic attack. Panic attacks are an anxiety disorder, and it is the most common one from different mental health disorders.



I did go on medication but only for a week, and then asked the doctor if I could come of them.



His reponse was ” do you think you can”, and I said yes, so he said well then you can. I did at that moment, feel like I was getting my life back more.



I am a big believer that food is medicine, and I wanted to see if what I ate and drink could make a difference. At that period I was eating out a lot, and very unhealthy foods.



Once I knew  what it was, I started doing some due diligence in what could have triggered it and how can I prevent it happening again.


Sometimes it may be a wake up call.



Just a side note, do not feel bad about any mental health issue, because I heard this once and I bet it is true, that the only normal  is a setting on a hair dryer.



We have all been vulnerable when we are dealing with things that are difficult in life, loss of job, loss of people we love, or so many things that can send us into tailspin.



A naturopath I went to see once, made a statement that left an impact. Pain is a friend when we listen to it , and it becomes our enemy when we do not listen to it. Disease he said was been dis at ease with what we are doing, so now it is time to see what we can do to change that can help us.



Sometimes we take medications and that does help deal with the issue temporarily, and I know sometimes medication is needed.



However I believe many times we can get to the root, and not need medication, or not as much.



How many times do we wait for a crisis before we change something. I know for me the panic attacks was my wake up call, to start looking at my eating habits.



Another way is to deal with our emotions, instead of ignoring or burying them.


Someone I knew says he looks at his emotions daily, and he calls it taking out the garbage. The garbage is our negative emotions, and here is an article I find by very helpful. 



In her article Dr.Harra says to ask for divine guidance, and for me when life is difficult, and even when it is not, my divine relationship is who gives me contentment, comfort, and joy.



I think you only have to ask, and he comforts. He said we only need the faith of a mustard seed and that is not much.



Dr. Harra has some really good information on dealing with our emotions.



If you are like me, sometimes times that garbage, piles up,(mental garbage, I do take out my other garbage)lol because I do not like taking out the garbage. It is like decluttering our emotions.




Having a belief in someone bigger then ourselves, for me has made the biggest  difference.



When we choose to bury or ignore our emotions, it is often going to impact our physical or mental, or both. Sometimes to when you have gone through it, you can be of great help to others.



This platform I belong to teaches you how to blog and other forms of marketing, where you can pass on to others what helped you, whether there was a product or service that was impactful to you.


The other thing about this platform is it can help with finances, and have you ever had stress over finances? I know I have, and I know I am definitely not alone.



Another statement I heard once, and I will just summarize, but he said you will never have to worry about finances if you help enough other people get what they want.



If you have gone through or are going through panic attacks, just make a difference when you can, as to what helped you to get through.To be honest I find just writing about it is theraputic as well.


Food is medicine

Following the panic attack, I decided to have a week to see how I felt, after just making some

positive changes in my health.



Not to many changes just little ones, like instead of eggs and bacon everyday for breakfast I had steel cut oats, and then smoothies from fruit and vegetables, and i drank plenty of water.


I made a salad everyday, and that one week, I began to feel better.



I cut out my eating out most of the time. As I said I went to a nautropath at the time, and he gave me a list of foods that would be good for me, and another point that I still pay attention to.



He said when you feel like eating out at Mcdonalds or where ever just do and not to stress over it. In essence he was saying small changes make a difference, and they certainly did for me.



Here is a site (Dr Axe, who has been on Dr Oz.)I have found extremely helpful, in looking at the causes, and help with panic attacks, and other health issues.



One of the things he mentioned, that I also found really helpful is a probiotic for your gut health. Read what he says about the connection, between brain health and probiotic. Apparently it is also major in boosting our immune.

Water  for help


I think this liquid is underestimated, and to me it has been a gem for my health. I have been some days really tired, and then been amazed on how I started to feel following a glass of water.



Days when I feel achy in my legs or they feel heavy, I know I have not drank enough.



I have another blog post that talks about the connection of water and why it impacts our health. Let me know in the comments if drinking water has helped you, or if you have found something else equally helpful.

Dealing with the finances



Another trigger for me in the past has been finances, and I have now found a solution to that. This solution has helped me in knowing that I am taking steps to get the skills I need, so that my financial situation will be fine.



This is where you learn the skills, and do not let your doubts, keep you from checking it out. It is an incredible place that is positive supportive and caring.


Here is a review of the place, where I am writing this blog from. There is a link in the review where you can go in for free and check it all out.



If part of you is stressed about finances then check out this water system for both your physical and financial health.

The most rewarding thing

I am proud of both the kangen water system, and the wealthy affiliate platform, but what is most rewarding is knowing I can help other people, because that is what I think makes a difference in my mental health as well.



I hope this post has made a difference for you, and I would love to here from you, if you have questions or you have a comment on anything, please put them in below.



This is a video that I have found is also a great reminder when things are very difficult.



Obviously I do not know where you stand regarding spiritual matters, but what I do believe “regardless of whether you acknowledge him or not, he is pursuing you all the time.



He wants  you to know his unconditional love for you. He does not care what your religion is, he does not care what you do in life  for a living, who you know, or do not know, he just gives unmerited love or grace.




This is a quote I heard “if you feel like your drowning in life, don’t worry-your lifeguard walks on water” and another one I like is



“God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He’s working on you too.”



When I look back at difficult times, like the panic attacks it was bitter to take at the time, but I know it did prove  to be  some of my most valuable experiences.



God says that trials are for perfecting our faith, and to me they definitely do.









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