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What is the right mindset for success?

What is success to you?

Before I talk about” What is the right mindset for success, I just have a couple of questions, and I wanted to give you my on my own view of success.


You are welcome to put in your own thoughts on this in the comment section. This can apply for success in anything but if you are looking to have online success just check out this review.


“What is the right mindset for success” is a question that I think gets me to ask another question “what is success to you”. I think it is relative to each person because I think we often think in terms of financial, what we own, or do not own, relationships, travel etc.


However if we dig a little deeper, and ask ourselves that question we can best answer that question.


We have seen plenty of famous people, who seem to have it all chose to take their own life. Although many times I get caught up in what the worlds standard of success is but I know it is from within.When I step back and remember that, then I own my goals but they do not own me, and there is freedom in that.


Has there  been times when you get what you want and you are still left with not feeling happy and satisfied?


That is why I think it is important to look at that, because it is important to know what success is to you. We can look at what the worlds standard is, but I think we have to know what our own personal standard is.


One of the most popular maps in the world “the bible” says that contentment is great gain. For me that is success, and if daily I learn contentment regardless of what my circumstances are, then I am becoming more successful.

Your mindset is in charge.


For me having that source of contentment allows me to have goals, but reaching them do not determine my level of contentment, but it does give me a great foundation while pursuing goals.


It was interesting looking at this topic online because our mind, according to people who have studied this is the best predictor of reaching our goals.


That does not surprise me and I am sure it does not surprise a lot of people. Having said that, do we pay attention to what our mind is saying as gospel truth or know that we have the potential to direct our mind instead of our mind directing us.


Carol Dweck a famous psychologist did a lot of work on different mindsets. One is fixed in which people believe, our talents abilities and our intelligence are fixed.


While the other mindset is growth and this belief is that the intelligence,abilities or talent can be changed with effort, other people helping, and then the planning we put into it.


The fixed is limitations, and the growth mindset sees possibilities. People with growth mindset never give up. Did you know that Beethoven was told he was a hopeless composer and yet while he was deaf he brought the world 5 great symphonies.


What about Michael Jordan who was told he did not have the talent. His growth mindset told that he could become great with practice. What an example he led not only with sports just his approach to his abilities.


Six ways to have a growth mindset.


Finding out about having a growth mindset has already encouraged me for some habits, that I wanted to change. Hopefully it will you as well.


It is imperative for success in anything, and I think it means taking our thoughts to examine to see if they are helping or supporting us towards our success in any area.


We are not directing our thoughts, but they are directing us. Think about loosing weight for example and how many excuses we give ourselves to not follow through.


Our mindset is fixed and many times not open to success. I have a weakness for sugar and can anyone relate? So when I decide I want to cut back on sugar my mind starts thoughts like ” I have just got into the habit and it is so strong I find it difficult to change”.


Someone I know is very controlled with her sugar intake, so when I asked her how she does it? She said just accept that you are gong to want sugar but then everyday you do not give into it, takes away the power of the habit, until eventually you do not even think about it.


Makes sense right, and would you say that is a growth mindset?

(1)I realize to it now comes down to changing thoughts or beliefs to thoughts that support me on my journey to a certain goal or goals. This book what to say when you talk to yourself“is really helpful in changing mindset.


(2)Looking at failure as a process and something that can teach you, to look at new ways perhaps you have something you need to learn.


Here is an awesome example we have from history and that was Thomas Edison who tried 10000 times before he was successful with inventing the light bulb. Now that is persistence.


(3)Looking at obstacles as challenges and that they are your best friend. Sometimes a new task can seem like a mountain in front of us but with a new way of looking at it you can change it to a mere stepping stone.


(4)Becoming unstoppable and never giving up. Finding a way over, under, or around the problem. Developing that power that keeps enduring.


(5) Inspired by others’ success and having their success as a beacon to achieving your own goals. In the platform at this review of learning the skills to blog, we are constantly getting stories of the success of people as they build their websites, and it is so inspiring. You begin to see them achieving so you know you can as well.


(6)Loving what you do and so when the results are not coming as quick or as big as you wanted you are fine because you are enjoying the journey.


Success leaves clues.


Taking steps towards a goal by learning from others’ who have already done the journey. Let’s say you are newly married and you want some advice about marriage, then you would benefit from someone who has been married a long time and happily married.


They have a mutual respect for one another, so that would be a couple to get advice from.WA we get training by people who have mastered success online, so we can now follow in their footsteps.


If you are looking for success online you can check information this review which will give you all the information about the skills needed to have online success.


My brother who was 73 years young when he walked the camino trail and he walked 8hrs a day for 4weeks. He said when he walked steep hills he reminded himself that he would also be going down those hills .(the easier part)


He said during that journey he relied on a book that someone who had already taken the journey, he relied on other peoples backpacks who were taking the journey, because he knew when he saw one he was on the right trail.


There was also signs along the trail to point him towards his destination, and he said his back pack was also a sign because one woman at one point saw him with his back pack and told him which way he needed to go to reach is destination.


He called it his companions and to me his success of walking the Camino trail was clues or his companions, that helped him get where he wanted to go.


The saying success leaves clues is true and we need to be ready to see the clues and take the right ones.

Having a plan to help with success.


There is a saying that if you aim at nothing you get nothing. What you aim at is what you get. So having goals and a plan and I think a 90-day plan is always a great place to start.


It takes 30 days to establish a habit, so not only do you have a relatively short span of time to start seeing results but you are starting to establish good habits within that amount of time.


Perhaps at the end of 90 days you have not yet reached your goals but you have established the habits to achieve your goals further down the road.


Let’s say it is loosing weight and you have successfully started cutting out things that put weight on, so maybe you have not reached the weight you wanted, but continuing will get you there.


I do not know about you, but patience is something that I need to work on in reaching goals. Often we give up because we become impatient for the results but remember that saying Rome was not built in a day”.


Success and discipline.


We cannot achieve success without discipline because it is the ability to take the actions that we need to take that gives us success in anything.


It is easy to be disciplined with regard to things that we do regularly, however when we take on new actions it is not always as easy.The thing to remember is when we are trying to reach new goals it is process.


For example wanting to lose weight, means taking different actions then we have previously taken. Now it is cutting back on sugar and fats, and taking new actions that would lead to weight loss and been healthier.


I think many people myself included maybe expect too much to soon, or in some cases we do not write down goals for fear of not reaching them. Then maybe we have our plan in place of what to do but when we fail to take the appropriate actions we give up.


We need to realize that discipline, like building muscles is developed by consistently taking the right actions, but when we do not, and fall we just need to realize we fell short of what we said we were going to do, so we get back up and do it again.


It means been totally committed, and not giving in to immediate gratifications.



We are in an age where we want it now but discipline is delaying the gratification. I believe we all possess the ability to be lazy and undisciplined, but the more we practice discipline, the better we become.


It reminds me of the butterfly in the struggle from the caterpillar and just like the butterfly represents freedom, so can discipline in helping us reaching our goals or dreams.


If one of your goals is financial success you want then look at this review that will talk about the skills you need and there is a link where you can go in for free to check it out. Whatever goals you are reaching for, success comes as long as you never quit.


If you have any comments or questions you can write them below. I would love it if you have something you have found that helps you in reaching your goals.








2 thoughts on “What is the right mindset for success?

  1. Hi Phyllis. Many thanks for sharing this information. I totally agree that it is our mindset that will either lead us to success or more of the same. It is our bad habits that we need to weed out if we want to positively change our lives. I like your six ideas for creating a positive mindset. I wish you all the best in the future. Kind regards.

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