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What is the importance of water and health

Is water one of the number 1 things to do for health



“What is the importance of water and health” is a question I think people need to ask and really investigate if they are looking to improve their health.

I know personally I can feel when I am dehydrated. I start to get a little tired, or sometimes really tired, plus my legs feel a bit heavy or sometimes ache.


There is a lot of information that says a lot of disease is because people are dehydrated. One book in particular by


Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’ called “Your Bodies Many cries for water” talks about his 20 years of clinical and scientific research on the effects of lack of water on the body. In his book he talks about how dehydration is the root cause of many things like stress, over weight, arthritis, migraine headaches, even premature aging.


I know for myself I have also had a backache and start chugging down water, and it disappears. I see an acupuncturist regularly and he always asks me how much water I am drinking. When I asked him what he thinks the relationship between water and health is, and he said about 75 % of disease is a result of dehydration.


Sometimes when I see people who are obviously in pain, or they talk about their arthritis, I want to somehow get across to them that drink, drink, and drink water. With my work I meet many people who talk about their arthritis, or other conditions and I mention water and I know most people do not even consider it, as a way to at least help their,r if not cure, some of their issues.


I think it is so sad because just like sleep is one of the things that people can do that is major in their health, but they often disregard. Getting 8hrs of sleep is another major contributor to good health.


If you want to hear how drinking water has helped some major issues, just go to amazon and look at the reviews of people who bought Dr. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’ ‘s book. The reviews are amazing of how water has helped those people.


I am on a mission to get the word out, so people start incorporating water into their lives to improve their health. I would love for others to join me. Here is a platform that teaches people marketing, so they can get the word out  online.

What does water do to you that influences your health


Our body is made up of a whopping 60% water and 75% when we are younger.

All our cells, tissues and organs need water to survive. Imagine how not giving it water is impacting our bodies, when so much of it is made of water.


When we eat food it is water that transport nutrients to where it needs to go,

so imagine what we are doing when we don’t give our body that transportation system to get the nutrients to the different parts of our body.


Drinking water is what keeps our body fluids in balance. The balance of those fluids contributes to not only transporting those nutrients, but how we absorb our food, circulation in our body, which is perhaps why I find my legs heavy, when I am not drinking enough.


Research has shown that colon cancer which is so prevalent now, can be reduced by 45% just by staying hydrated. Bladder cancer by 50% and it says that drinking water so that we are not dehydrated can reduce the risk of breast cancer as well.


Want to be happier, have clear thinking and again, research has shown that not been dehydrated influences our overall mood as well.


Is all water created equal



Unfortunately not, as today we are bombarded with various fluids including water that is also impacted health negatively, and I hope to help change that as well with these blogs post so people can be informed of the dangers of some of our habits.


Today tap water is full of chemicals and contaminates that is dangerous to our health. Having said that, it is however better than other choice like bottled water, and other water sources.


Our body is constantly trying to maintain a balance with the level of acidity and the alkaline level which is called the pH level. When our body is too acidic we are more prone for disease but when we have the alkaline balance disease cannot thrive.


Those chemicals and contaminates in water is part of what cause our body to be more acidic, as do white flour, sugar alcohol, many meats unless they are grass fed meats.


When we rely on bottled water, much of the water is from municipal supplies that have toxins, and the plastic in the bottles leaches toxins. Plus sometimes the water may be sitting in conditions that make the problem worse, like hot conditions.


When water is purified it is the good minerals and nutrients that it takes out, which is why drinking water is so beneficial in the first place.


So What to do for good water?


When I started realizing the value of drinking plenty of water I was googling about it, and started coming across information about the Kangen water system, which does so many good things.


It helps achieve alkaline balance, which helps prevent disease.

Through a process called electrolysis which filters the water, taking the bad stuff like the chemicals ans contaminates out and leaving the good stuff in like the minerals and the nutrients.


The water is packed with antioxidants which prevents free radicals or unstable molecules from things like aging, disease. It is a molecule that helps prevent other molecules from breaking down or oxidizing which is kind of like our bodies rusting.


The water is Alkalizing and much of what we eat or drink is acidic. Fruits and vegetables are alkalizing, and some.other foods that are not processed.

The more we get our body in an alkaline state, the more it reduces our risk of disease, since disease cannot happen in an alkaline state. Since our body is made up of so much water, the best way to achieve high alkaline level is water that is highly alkaline.


I have heard that some people notice a difference the first day, and I can believe that, because even fruits and vegetables by the time they have been transported to where we get them, they have lost some of their benefits.


With the water you will see in the video how powerful drinking it is.


I have included this video that goes into more detail about this process, but also shows you how you can also measure the waters potential to reduce that oxidizing or rusting I call it, and it feels like rusting when I do not drink enough water.(lol)


One of the things that impacted me a lot about the kangen water machine was the testimonials of other people. The results were incredible that people were having. One person who I spoke to about it says that it is not a question of whether they will see results it is what kind of results, because it varies among people.

Some other major benefits!


When people use bottles not only does it affect our health but it affects the environment. The bottles end up in our landfills, and they break down into smaller pieces which then absorb toxins, that then pollute our waters, and our soils, and affects the animals’ health negatively, and we then eat the meat of these animals’ that have become sicker.


When I was researching for this blog post I came across some information that was staggering to me, because I have never really thought about the impact of plastic bottles on our environment.


This was from an article in the National by Jonathan Gornall


” our entirely unnecessary addiction to bottled water is pumping about 20 million metric tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year – equivalent to the monthly output of CO2 from powering 20 million homes.” I believe that was from research in 2009, so imagine now what it is.



Using tap water, and getting rid of bottles would help our environment so much and if we each pass it on it could make a significant impact.


There are more benefits which are in the video on this blog.

How much does it cost?


For me when I looked at the Kangen system, I thought of a few things and one was something I heard before and that is “Can I put a price on good health”



The other reason was I knew with the benefits I would save in the long run in a few ways because of saving on buying water.


Other major benefits that are in the video as well and that is no longer a need to buy cleaning products because with the push of a button on the kangen system you have water that disinfects. Plus that is helping the environment as well, since we no longer use bottles for cleaning.


Another one that cuts cost for women is toner for your face, since you never have to buy toner again because again with the push of a button on the system you can get the perfect 5.5pH balance that your face needs.


While all these are great reasons, I know I do not think about purchasing a car to get from a to b, so what about me getting from a to b because I have better health. Remember sleep and what you drink are major contributors to health.

Can you afford to be without it?


I feel so strongly about the kangen water system that I feel I cannot afford to be without it.


The most popular one is the SD501 and it cost $3980.00. You look at the cost of buying just bottled water(which for one person is about 250.00 a year, lets say it is a family of 4 that is $1000.00 for 1 year.


Think about the savings for the remainder of your life, plus never having to buy cleaning products again, or face toners, plus the cost on our environment, then we are saving. In the video you will also see how it can help with healing wounds on yourself or pets.

There are ways to finance, and when you purchase the kangen water system, it is like having access to your own franchise, because when you feel and see your results, and tell others who purchase then you are rewarded.

Here is the video that goes into all the details about the product and the compensation. Grab a coffee and check it out because I think you will be amazed at both the product and the compensation.


I feel so strongly that I feel I would be doing a disservice by not telling people when it can improve their health. The best way is to let them try the water, if they can, so they can feel the results. However if you buy the system and are passionate about it and would like to market it, you can also learn to market on the internet, at the platform I am writing this blog from.


This is a review on the platform. If you think you like writing or doing videos that would get the word out about the kangen water system, you not only improve peoples physical health but you give them the opportunity to improve their financial health as well.


I appreciate you coming to my website, and hopefully we can work together on helping improve peoples physical and financial health. If you have comments please fill them in below, and I will answer.




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