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what is the best way to make money online-fast? 90 days in wealthy affiliate

How To pick the right opportunity


What is the best Way to make money online for someone new, is in my opinion, not to fast, but fast enough.



What I mean is, there may be ways to make money fast, but from my experience of “not what to do”, because I have experienced a lot of not what to do, when someone says you can make money right away, usually you can’t.



I am sure there are exceptions, but do you really want to test drive a lot to see which one works, or if it does. Maybe like me, you already have had the same experience, of trying too many.



There are things now from my experiences, that I wish I had known in what to look for to help me decide. Hopefully I can help someone in picking the right opportunity. Here is a list of things that I know now are helping me move forward online, and many others as well.



Here is a review of the opportunity  and there is a link where you can go in for  free to check out, or just get started. In this list of what to look for when you are trying to decide on what is the best way to make money online, I will continually provide a link to checking out my favorite way to make money online, and give references to the company I am in(and i am bias) Regardless if you choose this one or not, these characteristics will help you in choosing a company you can be proud of to promote.


  1. What to expect from your effort from others who have taken the journey, and are now successful
  2. skills for long-lasting success
  3. Help in building your belief and staying motivated.
  4. Choosing what you love to do,(find something that has value, so you can put your heart into it).
  5. Having a plan from the get go.(a plan that helps others and yourself
  6. Having support

What to expect from your efforts, and how long to be successful


As I write this I am feeling a little tired because I have been at it straight for a few hours, but it just popped in my mind how that when I get this blog post written, it is there on my website, and down the road, these blogs will continue to generate income when I am asleep.


Okay, it is story time. On this platform I tell you to check out for free, there are many success stories, and my favorite is a young guy who was living with his parents and was doing labor work.



I am not sure how long it took him to make his first dollar, but long enough where he was contemplating giving up. He than saw his first 30.00(not much right), he went to take a shower and came to double check, and there was over 60.00.



Less than a year of when he started he was averaging 600.00 a day. His best day was over 900.00 and he was not working but taking a hike with his little brother.


So remember your efforts may take some time now, but it will give you back more time later. Another mentor I have, travels with his wife a lot because of the work he has put in. He gets to cut back, now as well because of his past efforts.



His story motivates me as well because he knew nothing hardly about the internet, but I think it was 3 months and he had replaced his income, and went on to over ridiculous amount a month.



How long will depend on how much time you put in? Anything worthwhile takes time and effort. You can make 50.00 a day or a 1000 a day here, and building your business will depend on how fast you learn and the amount of time you give it.


Skills for long-lasting success


Many people and that would be me included, fall for the trap of making money now.



Programs entice you with the dreams, rather than the reality to reach those dreams. The reality is we need skills for learning to make money online, and it takes time and effort.



Those skills may take time to learn. However, with continued practice and lots of the support, you will have success in making money online. Some skills would be building a website, learning to write good content, and than the skills needed to get people to your website.


Recognize also the skills that you have now that will help you. If you have ever communicated with someone, than you already have a skill that will help you.



Don’t underestimate that skill, because that is what blogging is. You pretend you are talking to your friend, husband, wife and write. Again I am going to recommend my favorite place for you to go in and check out for free, the activity happening of plenty of online entrepreneurs learning the skills to make money online.



When you go in go to the training on the left column and check out either, the boot camp or the entrepreneur online certificate. They will both show you how the training is broken up. I mention blogging but you can also do videos, you can learn to sell products and make a commission from companies like Amazon. With the right company to teach you, you will learn all the various ways to market online.



Help in building your belief and staying motivated


I know I started this online journey excited, but I also had doubts whether I could do it, and I think most people come with some or many doubts whether they can be successful at making money online.



Wealthy Affiliate has been so effective in helping me continue to move forward in spite of my doubts.The training is set up into task, and each task you do, will begin to eliminate your doubts and help your confidence and belief grow, that you can make money online.



Here after each module there is a comments section where you can put out any questions you have. There is  a 24/7 365 days chat place, that in my opinion again is helpful in staying motivated because as you come up against problems, it will be very motivating to just go to the chat place and discuss with other like minded budding entrepreneurs.



It is important to look at the skills and how it is set up in any company you choose, and ideally having people who are also involved with the company, that you can connect with.



Regardless of which company you choose, I heard a statement once that helps me in my motivation, and i am paraphrasing but it was “do not wait for the feeling of motivation because it only comes sometimes, so just do it and the feeling comes when you are doing it”

Choosing what you love to do



One of the best ways to make money online is being an affiliate for something you are passionate about, or even something you may not know about now, but would like to find out about.



Let’s say you have a passion for woodworking and you know a lot about tools that have helped you. You than become an affiliate for Amazon, and than learn the skills, on how to build a website and sell your products for woodworking.


Another way to choose as, I said is to find out about something you may be interested in learning more about, and than pick products related to that area.



For example maybe you would like to get healthier, so you start checking in to learning more about that area, pick products that you have researched, regarding health and than become an affiliate to sell those products.



I have another product that I absolutely love and will be promoting later, but for now I am promoting this platform( that I have been referring you to check out) I absolutely love as well.



Sometimes you may not have a passion, but like helping people, and there are ways to do that, like this platform teaches you skills so you can learn the best ways to make money online.You than become an affiliate from their platform, to lead others to get these skills as well, so they can change their financial lives.


Having a plan


Knowing where you are going when you are deciding on what is the best way to make money online.



While picking the right opportunity is major, so is having a plan when you come in. Many times we kinda of work at an opportunity, that we are hoping to have success at, but we are not totally committed.


Personally part of my reasons for failure in opportunities I tried in the past was treating it like a hobby, and I know I am not alone. When you make a plan that shows a lot more commitment. With the right opportunity and working your plan you will have great results, and I would bet that financial issues would not be a problem again.


We are so used to working for someone else, or maybe self-employed but are used to the plan that we have worked for years, that we have a challenge following a plan for success online.



However, what I am finding with my plan, is that while I do not always follow it, it helps me get back on track, and I am following it more and more, with each day. Wealthy affiliate  has the training set up in such a way that it is already a plan and as you learn the  skills you will begin to make money implementing their plan for training. You just need to decide the time you will give yourself for completing the training


90 days to see the changes’ life brings



I read somewhere that the amount of time to do a task, is the amount of time you give to do it.



I really believe this, and so not only is having a plan in place important but giving the plan a reasonable time frame for success, and one that puts a time frame that can motivate you. Again this is not about the company you choose it is about your work within that company.


Just like we have seasons that last about 90 days,(here is a post that will give you the advantages of starting of with a 90 day plan) and than we see changes’. If we apply that same amount of time in our business, not only will it give us motivation, but we will start to see changes’ in our lives, because we are having success from the continuous efforts we put in.



You may be after  90 days begin to see some income, but your dream of why you are doing the business is now becoming a reality, and that new home, or that vacation, and financial freedom, or spending more time with your kids feels a lot closer than before, with each 90 days of effort.



One of my favorite parts of that is, that eventually each 90 days will bring me closer to not even to having to work if I choose, but the income  still comes in.(sw-e-e-e-t)


Support(and lots of it)



The beginning of learning the best way to make money online you definitely need support.



So many things I tried and perhaps you can relate to this as well, I would get stuck and no one there to help me, and I was gone on to the next thing that could perhaps work. Before I bought the product or service they assured me the help would be there. However, after there was sometimes a little help, but not nearly enough.



Have you heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child. It can take a lot to build a business as well, and with a community of people willing to help, who have been there and done that, and are there to help others build their business as well.



Just like raising a child there is plenty of ups and downs, and the early years of the child’s life is in need of constant care, and then you watch with pride has they grow, and start to become more interdependent.



Here when you are building a website it requires a lot of attention on the beginning and less and less as time goes, and the whole process is more automated.



To get to that point there needs to be lots of support. Again in the company Wealthy Affiliate I am in there is even millionaires who have built a successful business,are now there help others in achieving their dream.


Some companies are known by an amazing culture and you know that a successful business is the main goal but, they know that the people is what makes it successful, and you can see within the company  a care for people and that filters down throughout the company.



The culture is that of people helping one another, and there is an excitement of people there, doing what they love. Companies like google and twitter have a reputation for appreciating the people.


I have a mentor here that helps me a lot and there is a whole community, including the owners that genuinely care for your success. I am sure you know by now, from reading this blog, that I am definitely bias as to what is the best way to make money online, and I would love for you to join me here  (from the link on this review) on this journey.


Regardless of which opportunity you choose, keep these things from the list I mentioned in mind when you make your decision. Good luck in what you decide  as to what is  the best way to make money online.


If you have questions or comments just put them in below.







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