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What IS The Best Keyword Tool-One With A Seo Map!

best keyword tool for finding keywords easily.

What  Is  The Best Keyword Tool For Success?

What Is The Best Keyword Tool  is a great question and the one, that is the most important for success if you are wanting to make money online through affiliate marketing.

In this post I will answer that, along with a few other things that will help you get to your destination  of online success quicker:

  • My favourite keyword tool and  and why.
  • Why do you think a map with your keyword tool can help get to your destination quicker(making money online for your dreams)?
  • Why do you think using one keyword tool gets you to your goal quicker(making money online for your dreams).

My Favourite Keyword Tool And Why.

One of my favorite reasons of why I like the Jaaxy tool is it is simple to use, but still has all the features to help your business succeed online. It is available with different features, depending on what level of a marketer you are. If you are new you can become a premium member for $49.00 a month and the lite level is   included(as well that map I mentioned).If you are new to online marketing I think the lite is your best bet.

If you are a seasoned marketer than you would benefit from either the Pro $19.00 a month if you are a premium member or $49.00 a month if you are not a member. The top level which is called the Enterprise is with the most features would be $49.00 if you are a member and $99.00 if you are not a premium member. The other benefit here is if you introduce to 3 people who like you, want a keyword tool than now it is free.

What are the extra features?

I was going to put in a screenshot(for some reason it did not work)so  if you click this link you are in Wealthy affiliate for free, and on the left you will see J research and then click that and you will see Jaaxy upgrade options and voila there is a list of all the features.

On the beginning when you are new and working on your marketing skills, the lite will help you enough to get up and earning income, if you want to keep your cost down. Once you have started earning you can upgrade o the $19.00 a month with more features to help your business.

As a new business these are  the 4 things about keywords you need to know to help you start getting ranked on the first page:

  1. How many people a month are searching on google for that keyword you have found. On the screenshot of the keyword tool below it is the first column and it says Avg.
  2. How many people on average will visit your website when you are on that coveted first page.That is the second column and it says traffic.
  3. How many other websites are you competing against for that keyword.That is the 3rd column which says QSI
  4. The other column is the chances you have on getting ranked on first page for that particular keyword.

There is nothing to download with this keyword tool. As I said I like it simple.

While there are many keyword tools, some bombard you with alot of unneccessay information, and are difficult to use. Some are free but in those cases, most  often they do not have all the data that you do need. The owners of the marketing platform where Jaaxy lives are very successful marketers and have been for years, so they know what data you need to know to be successful as a beginner and as your business grows.

Why Do You Think A Map With Your Keyword Tool Will Get You To Your Destination Quicker(Making Money Online For Your Dreams)?

Like any map, this map or system helps you from getting lost and it  is Wealthy Affiliate. 

I do not what your circumstances are but if you are new and trying to grasp all you need to know to be successful online, there is a saying you “do not know what you do not know”.

Wealthy affiliate like a map, shows you all the steps you need to take to get to your distination. Many many people have got to their distination using that map or their training. I have included this video that I think is amazing and shows you why not only do you need a keyword tool, but you need a system or map or training whichever you want to call it.

As a premium member the cost is $49.00 a month and it includes the Jaaxy keyword tool at the lite level for free. Plus as I mentioned, if you want the upgrades you now get the $49.00 for $19.00 and the $99.00 for $49.00. Plus you connect with over 1 million people who are entrepreneurs like you following that same map.

If you are not sure of a certain road to take you have someone there to point you in the right direction. Many of them as I said they have done the trek and are now successful and willing to point the way.

Why Do You Think Using One Keyword Tool Gets You To Your Goal Quicker(Making Money Online For Your Dreams)?

Have you heard of SOS in regards to success with any business.I know it well and I bet if you ask anybody in Wealthy Affiliate they know it well.It means shiny object syndrome and it is where we keep chasing different opportunities for financial success.

It also can apply to keyword tools and you can keep looking for the greatest and sometimes getting overwhelmed with all the data you  get. Remember  the kiss keep it simple (I like to say sweetie)because otherwise we get lost on the right actions to take for success.

It also breeds procrastination from taking the most important steps for your success. Writing content is king but having the right keywords is queen for seo success, but remember stick to one and stick to the basics on the beginning.

How much traffic?

How many to your website when you are on the first page of Google?

How much competition is there?

What are your chances of getting ranked on the first page, with that particulare keyword?

Even the one here at Wealthy affiliate, has different levels which helps as you gain income and experience, however when you are new the lite will help you get where you want to go, which is making money for your dreams. Once you are making money then upgrade.

I hope this blog post has been informative for you and if you want to check out Jaaxy and experience how Wealthy affiliate can be another tool for success with SEO then go here for free. Do you have questions regarding anything I have said in this post or any comments you want to make, just put them in below.


Thankyou for taking your time to check out the post and all the best.

2 thoughts on “What IS The Best Keyword Tool-One With A Seo Map!

  1. Hi Phyllis, thank you for sharing this review about Jaaxy.
    I`m a blogger and I really want to get my post ranked in the SERPs. I`ve been looking for the best keyword research tool, and from your review, I think this is something great. I want simple but really has all the data I need.
    All the best!

    1. Thanks Hanna for commenting and I wish you lots of success with your blog.That is what you will find with Jaaxy and that is simplicity but you will also as a premium members know what else helps get you on Googles first page.Good luck.

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