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Vector Marketing Reviews: Is It a Legitimate opportunity?

Is This Opportunity A Cut Above Other opportunities?(pardon the pun)

While you are looking at Vector marketing reviews and deciding whether this opportunity is what you are looking for, I will give you;

  • the background,
  • the compensation
  • the pros and Cons that will help you in your decision-making.
  • I will also ask you to consider another alternative that may be a better fit depending on what you are looking for. Remember there are always options. This one is bias because I am an affiliate so I do get paid for promoting it but, I think you will see how it is an amazing platform to learn how to promote Cutco knives or anything you would like to promote.

The Background Of Vector Marketing.

The company has been around since 1948 when they were Cutco cutlery created by Alcoa and case cutlery and started in Olean New York. In 1985, they bought kitchenware Cutco company. They sell Cutco knives through door to door plus family and friends of sales representatives. They target mostly young people from high school and college to become independent contractors.

What Products Are They selling?

The company has over 100 products that are sold and they focus on selling mainly Cutco knives and the cost is anywhere between $212.00 to $1.911.80. The guarantees for customers is forever so if at any time they do want to replace they can.

What Can The Sales Representatives Expect In Pay?

To become a representative you must be 18 years or older and must fill out an application and be interviewed by the company. Training is available online or the representative goes into the office. As a representative they are independent contractors so really they own their own business and can set their own hours.

There is a training that will last for 3 days and there is no compensation. As independent contractors they teach you to contact your family and friends plus pound the pavement looking for new prospects. This is a very difficult way to build a business and now with the internet it is much easier to get people coming to you, to buy your products which is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you here.

So if you want to build this way, you can join over 500000 at this platform of other people who are learning online to market. We have people here who are making $10,000 and sometimes much more a month. They are also there to answer questions and I have the link here of the review of wealthy affiliate.

What about the alternative of selling while you are asleep?

Okay and to me this is the biggest perk to online, once your website is up and people are coming to your website because you are on googles first page, so now you can sell cutco knives or anything you like while you are asleep. Here is one of the tools we have here that shows you what people are googling about. Let’s say you want to write a post on Cutco knives

and if you look above you will see that there are under the column Average which means there are on an average 238 people a month googling for Cutco knives.

The column of traffic means you will have average of 41 people coming to your website each month when you get on googles first page. The other column you need to look at is QSR and that is your competition of others blogging, and you would only have 26, which is amazing because anything under 100 is great.

Here is the biggest perk to me of writing that blog post on the cutco knives or anything, is you do that post once, but you are getting these people to your website each month. At the beginning while you are learning to get to googles first page here you will not be on the first page, but that 1st post you do, will be there later and I always call that harvest time for the seeds you planted (which is your blog posts.)

Blogging or doing videos on Cutco knives or what your interest are!

You can blog or you can do videos demonstrating your knives, but as I said there are alternatives, so if you have a passion like sports, health or anything that you like to talk about all the time, you can do your website on your interest and sell related products and collect the commissions.

Your website is your shop and it is open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Do you think this method is more enticing than calling all the time and pounding the pavement looking for new customers? I would love to get your input on the comments below whether you agree that this is an awesome alternative to the traditional way of selling.

Today we have a cold alert and the weather is chilling to the bone, but the great thing about doing these blogs online, is it is toasty warm and I have no driving to do. The other beautiful thing to selling online is if you like to travel just take your laptop and work from anywhere.


So back to the pay.The commission is base pay but not on how much they sell. The amount you make is dependent on appointments you can set up and than get in home presentations that you get either through people you know or knocking on doors. Incentives are also given.

Sales representatives are loaned a cutlery set valued at $425.00 to do the demonstrations in the home. The one thing that is a bit of a red flag to me, is at their website they give very little on the compensation and they say they will discuss it in the meeting.

The Pros Of Vector Marketing.

  • The company has a 15 money back refund policy, but must contact the company first and ask for a refund and include a written confirmation when you return your package.
  • The customer will have a lifetime guarantee to correct or return the knives at no charge.
  • The customer will have free knife sharpening at any time.
  • The company has been in business over 70 years and have an A+rating with the BBB.

The Cons Of Vector Marketing.

  • I found a lot of complaints when I was doing the research for this. For example if someone wants to return the knives, the company will sometimes give back only up to half, if they feel the customer has not used knives properly.
  • While they say it is free knife sharpening, however there is shipping charges of $7.00 for 1-3 knives and than $10.00 for over 4 knives.
  • The company has also had a 7 different lawsuits brought against them by different people regarding pay and treatment of employees.
  • I have also included this link from consumer affairs and that was last updated in January 2019. It shows you 88 different reviews and from a 5 star they have got about 1.75 star. There you will be able to get an idea from many people who have had experiences with them.

What do I think?

I hope I have given you enough information for you to make a decision and for me with all the complaints I would have a difficult time in trusting this company. The other point to, is I like to diversify my income so as an affiliate you have an opportunity to do that here, however some direct marketing companies do take it upon themselves to restrict people on been able to do that.

The other is do you have the option to market online? If you do not I would consider this because you can sell anything without this restriction.

That would stop me because if I am the owner of the business, I would like to have the freedom to choose if I want to add additional income.

I know from a lot of the comments that many people with Vector marketing did not have success and to be honest I think that comes not always as a result of the company but people been able to handle the rejection.

Another reason I like been an affiliate here at Wealthy affiliate is that rejection is not really even part of building your business, since when you write about your product, the commission shows up in your papal when someone buys your product.

This makes it easier for people to keep going until they have success. It is also a lot of fun because you are part of a community here where you share your successes with one another, everyone helps one another out if your stuck. My suggestion would be to get your sales by learning the online marketing skills.

The other added benefit is that once your website is up and going and traffic is coming daily you can be doing anything and your sales will be coming in plus there is no limit to the income. Here is an idea from our training of what you can expect when you are writing many post about Cutco knives or any products you choose.

So I am going to end this review on that note of the earning potential by learning the skills to build your business with Cutco knives, or as I said any product you like.

Thank you for reading my post and I can be a bit long-winded but I wanted to include as much information as I can.

If you have questions about anything I have said or you have comments just put them in below. I will get back to you promptly. All the best.

13 thoughts on “Vector Marketing Reviews: Is It a Legitimate opportunity?

    1. Hi Ivan,

      You are welcome and I agree that Wealthy affiliate is to me the best route for building a business with Vector marketing or any business.Thanks for reading the post and the comment.

  1. This is a great review of Vector Marketing and I really appreciate you writing all this content – it is very thorough, concise and easy to follow, the cons you mention certainly have opened my eyes – thanks for your help. You have mentioned a company Wealthy affiliate, how much do they cost each month as is there any free starter offer with them? thanks if you get the time to reply

    1. Hi David,
      I have a link that is in my post as well, review for 2018 and it has all the ways you can pay for WA where there are savings.It is just $49.00 month, but as I said you can get more savings, which I have outlined in the review.You can go free until you are ready to upgrade.If you are really serious I would advice the upgrade because there are extra benefits of course.Thanks for your comment and kind words.

  2. Very informative, I have seen adds and job opportunities pop up for this company but could never completely figure out what this company was and the job duties. The way you explained making money definitely shows a different perspective though, thanks!

    1. Hi Gloria,

      It is a different perspective but I think relevant today with people shopping online so much.Thanks for your comment.Have a great day.

  3. Hello Phyllis,

    Great post! I had heard of Vector Marketing in the past but really didn’t know anything about the company or how they work. Your research was very thorough and informative. Thanks for the education!

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