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The Young Living Essential Oils Review.

All you need to know to succeed in Young Living Essential Oils.

The young living essential oils review will include:

  • The upside
  • The downside
  • How to make it work
  • My thoughts in a nutshell

Young living essential oils review

Name:Young living essential oils


  • Basic starter is $40.00
  • Basic starter plus is $75.00
  • The premium package is $160.00

Owner: Donald Gary Young started in 1993.

The upside of Young living essential oils.

  • People have used essentials oils as natural remedies for thousands of years. It has improved various conditions because of therapeutic ingredients.
  • It is  a way to replace products that contain harmful chemicals in the home.
  • One way to market the products is through blogs, and with all the products available and so many different uses, whether it is skin care, hair, or health there is so many things to blog about. Here you can actually check out for free this  platform that teaches you to blog.
  • All the kits have the basic materials for anyone to get their business up and running like the business cards, brochures and then printed information for potential customers that talk about young living products.
  • They contain beautiful aromas.
  • Plants have oils which are natural and that is what the essential oils are. Through a process of distillation, cold pressing and resin tapping methods they produce their essential oils.
  • They have a reputation of been the leader in essential oils and also having the most authentic and are 100%pure essential oils.
  • Large selection of products, including multivitamins, drinks, and snack that help improve peoples health.Also anti aging products and other beauty products.
  • Essential oils been their main  product. The essential oils come in a single blend, which is pure oil consisting of just one ingredient. Then there is the blend which is a combination of 2 or more oils with different therapeutic properties and different aromas.

A few examples of some of their products.

My first time of hearing about Young living, was when  I was doing a door to door campaign to raise funds, and one lady opened her door, and she had some really nice aromas coming from there.

We got talking and I asked her what the aromas were and she told me it was called thieves oils. I went home with 2 bottles.

Thieves oil is a combination of lemon, cloves, cinnamon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus . This combination is antibacterial, antiviral.There is an interesting story why it is given the name Thieves oil.

During the black plague in the 15th century there were thieves who when people got sick with the plague, the thieves would steal things, but they did not get sick. The buggers did get caught, but the law questioned why they did not get the plaque, so apparently they had been using these oils. In return for less time, they gave the recipe of the oils they used.

Thieves oil was very popular and effective and because of that, the company has developed a line of home care products around the mixture. I use it for cleaning everything, including windows.

Another one  of the popular is Lavender which promotes relaxation. Lemon essential oil  is good if you want to focus more, so you put it in the diffuser. It is also good in helping to reduce the appearance of aging. It is also good for energy and has antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

Another popular is peppermint which is good for anyone with muscle and joint pain. It will freshen breath and is also helpful with oral hygiene.There are  so many other products, that are  to many to mention. Here is a video that will also talk about many products.

This review is not to talk about all the products, but just to give you an idea of the quality of the products and then with the other information an opportunity to decide if this is the right business for you. Here is a video that covers more about the product and also the compensation.

Okay back to the pros.

  • As a  distributor you get the wholesale price which is 24% cheaper.
  • When you have an enrollee you receive a fast start bonus of 25% of the total of their 3 months PV, up to $200. You can also get new enrollees by learning to market about young living here, and by offering it as an avenue for your enrollees as well, to do the same you get a referral fee as well, and again they do as well.
  • Any enrollee of your enrollee, you also get 10% of their first 3 months total PV, and that is up to $80.00
  • You get paid  commission on the products your down line sells.You get paid for telling people about products you like, and same with the people you tell, unlike if  you are buying from brick and mortar store they do not give you money for telling other people about products there that you like.
  • The people you tell are on your fist level and you get 8%. The people on your second level you get 5%. Then on the next 3 levels you get 4%.

If you are buying 50pv a month, then you will also get a $25.00 bonus when you in enroll someone who buys a premium kit.

The cons of Young Living Essential oils.

  • In an income disclosure for 2016 it said that 94% earn on average 1.00 per year. That is including people who signed up and bought once or twice.
  • For people who want this to work, they can have a 100% chance if they get the right training to get people to their website. This place is free to check out but it shows people how you can have people coming to your website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Young living were warned by the (FDA)Food and drug administration act about distributors saying that certain products were able to treat diseases. There has been no other recent controversies, and to be fair,  they have been in business 20 years, so they must be doing something right.
  • Sometimes people have criticized the company for been a scam. Sometimes I think that comes from people who looked at it as an opportunity for themselves and it did not work.

However many times I think it does not work because people do not treat it like a business, but instead treat it like a hobby which hobbies usually cost you money. That was my problem in some that I worked, but it I think Young Living and other network marketing companies need to educate people more on the right mindset needed for their business to work.

Many times people are given to much hype and not enough education on having your own business. Here is another review that talks about Mlm and network marketing that may help you as well with your decision.

  • Many times people are told the main source of people to sell to is family and friends, but many times those family and friends are not looking for what you have to offer.

Young Living and other MLM companies have been also criticized for their high cost, but my personal experience from products I have bout from different companies is that the quality is really good. You often get what you pay for.

Young living has a requirement of certain amount that you buy each month, for different ranks to receive bonuses. While this has been often seen as a negative, it is my understanding that if you buy those products and they  are available for resale, then you can list them on your taxes as inventory.

Lets say your cost is $1400.00 for the year and you sell $800.00 to customers, you can claim the $800.00 as the cost of goods sold. You want to verify this but this is what I learned in doing research for this blog post.

Another thing to consider about the con of the cost of buying the products each month, is that is pretty small inventory and cost for the overall overhead in young living, when you consider the amounts that can be made when you treat it like a business, and learn the way to master, having  people coming to your website 24/7.Again check it out for free.

How to make it work for you and others.

While the chances are as I said earlier very low in succeeding, since 94% are making 1.00 on average, giving the right tools you have a 100% chance.

  • There are in my mind 2 right tools you need and one we already have and that is our mind. What we need to remember is using our mind effectively, so that we are treating it like a business, and we are consistent and persistent in our efforts.

Even the most successful people financially do not take this for granted. They are aware that it takes feeding our mind daily  and weeding, by getting rid of thoughts that do not support your goals. I work on mine continually and I did some more research into this topic and wrote a post on what is involved in the mindset for success.

I do not think that network marketing companies do a good job on helping people develop the right mindset for owning our own business.

We typically are used to working for someone else, so there is a process to go through in or mind, to start treating the opportunity we have as a business.

Since they do not do a great job there, we have to find out what it takes. There are books like “Rich dad, Poor dad” that talks about this transition, and there are many books that can help. Sometimes  a big part, is just the awareness of what is needed that will help.

  • The second tool is this place that teaches you all you need to know, about setting up your website, and then getting traffic to your website.

I have referred to it throughout this post and as I said it is free to join and try it out. They give you the skills you need to do online marketing to get your business up and running.

There are many people there, who like you are looking for online success,(over a million actually)Mostly all of whom are there to help when you are stuck. Some who help have already learned to get a website up and traffic coming, and now are making thousands a month from their efforts.

One guy there who constantly helps out has now a goal of 7 figures a month. That is not to impress you but just let you know what is available with the right tools. It is also a lot of fun to be working with others on the same journey.

Another benefit to this tool is you no longer have to rely on family and friends who are not looking for what you have, instead they teach you how to find people who are actually looking for what you promote.This review will explain more about that.

Among many benefits to having this tool that teaches you, is now when you have introduced someone to your opportunity, and you tell them about this amazing platform, that teaches them how to get people to their website, you have now provided them with a 100% of success if they are persistent and consistent.

Plus you also, as I think I mentioned before, you get a referral fee for introducing them. They likewise get a fee when they refer people who join them and want to learn how to sell online. You then have diversified your income at the same time, as well as the people you have introduced it to have diversified theirs. It truly is  a win win for the company, you, WA and the people who join.

My thoughts summed up.

I mentioned earlier Young living has survived for 20 years, so they are doing something right.

I love that it is helping people live more naturally, because we are bombarded daily with chemicals in our environment. There have been so many positive testimonials on how essentials oils have helped.

The Young Living essential oils review  is a way to see if this opportunity is the right one. With any company you will hear the good and the bad about them, but given the right tools you can and will make it work. All the best in which ever company you choose. If you have questions or comments please leave them below.

4 thoughts on “The Young Living Essential Oils Review.

  1. I have often looked at Young Living and wondered if a person can make money with it. You have answered that question beautifully.

    I am guessing, but is it likely that the majority of people make no sales because they only signed up to get products cheaper and not to start a business? I would do that, but I buy my essential oils from another company.

    After seeing that documentary on Herbalife, I would not consider joining an MLM unless I knew that people were actually earning a good living. Are there any success stories out there?

    1. Thanks Irma for the comment, and I think it is less 5 % who are successful, however if people will learn the skills and apply them to writing blogs or videos about their products and services, they can turn that success around to 100%, especially in a community like we have here at Wealthy affiliate, with the outstanding help we have.

      Once people have the skills, it is only themselves that would stand in the way of their success.If they are consistent and persistent in writing blogs success will follow, if they have the right place(to me that is wealthy affiliate)with people to help when they are stuck.Thanks again Irma for your input and I wish you lots of success with your website.

  2. Hi Phyllis,
    I have looked into Young Living a few times over the last year or so and have seriously considered giving them a try. Essential oils are very popular right now and have been for a while. From the reviews that the company has, it definitely seems like they have a quality product. I agree with your comments about the price being related to the quality. I typically find that higher quality products are worth the price. Thank you for this very thorough review. It definitely gives me a lot to think about and consider. This was very helpful!

    1. Thanks Dan for your comment, and young living seems to be a great company. Then with people learning the skills on how to get people to their website, they really can write their own paycheck. I am not in the company but all my cleaning is thieves oil, and I love how my place smells after, with no chemicals.

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