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Shaklee reviews-Can you make a decent income-or not?

What do you know about Shaklee?

This Shaklee reviews the company and a way to take any business from a hobby to a successful business and to make it a level playing field of success for everyone instead of the less than 1% that are making it a hugely successful company.

Do you think that is a bold statement and if you do just read through and see why I feel confident in saying that. When I said less than 1% that may want you, to head for the hills, but one of the factors alone contribute to not succeeding is not doing your research, so you are already on the right track.

What are you looking for in an MLM company?

If,you have not thought about that, maybe their background will give you some ideas if it is for you and for you to think about how you want to make your money because there are options that can fit what you want.

I would love to know to, if you have been in other MLM companies and what your overall thoughts are towards the industry as a whole, or are you brand new?

There are other alternatives to make outstanding income without recruiting or buying product, if you are looking to compare ways. I want to be upfront and say I get a commission for some places I recommend.

About the Shaklee Company.

  • It has been around since 1956, so to me it has stood the test of time.
  • They focus on nutritional and skin care and in choosing a company, are these products that are important to you and how important? If,you are sold on them then you can override negativity that you come up against.
  • They make approx. $844 million in revenue each year.
  • They are concerned about the quality of their products as they apparently do 80000 quality test a year on the safety of their products a year.
  • They are a member of the direct selling association.

Three things to know about Shaklee and how will they fit into you making your decision?

(1)How do you make money with Shaklee?

They make money like any Multi level company and that is through selling their products, and recruiting people who also sell products and then you are given a commission for building a team. On the Shaklee they tell you that 75% of your business growth will be a result of meeting new people.

I personally like meeting new people but I am not really excited about having to find people every day. Consider that in your decision and I said I would give you options and here is one where you have people coming to you looking for what you are promoting and as an affiliate here, you get paid for sending people to the companies website.

You have no products to buy. So if finding new people all the time is not your cup of tea, then you can consider affiliate marketing or if the MLM company allows it you can learn the to market skills to find the people who are looking for what you have so that you can get people to your website.




(2)Getting all the money on the table!

With Shaklee there are four different memberships:

  • At level one -you are a customer, it is free and you purchase at retail and you cannot get a commission for telling others.
  • Level two you are considered a premium customer -With just a one time fee of $19.95 you are now in a position to purchase personal products at 15 to 25% less. You do not have any monthly requirements and you cannot get commission for telling others.
  • Level 3 as a distributor-This is where you can get paid partially for telling others, it is $49.95 and you have to buy 100 pv a month to qualify for the commission.
  • At the Gold level-you have two packages you can buy and each one gives you access to more of the commission. One is the Gold pak at $299.00 and the other is the Gold pak plus which is $599.00.

(3)What are you looking for in startup cost?

From the information I gave you on the different memberships you see the start up cost. To me these start up cost are small, if you are going to open up your doors every day to tell people, because if you are, you have just bought the opportunity to make more money than some people who have purchased a franchise that can cost close to one million dollars.

This piece of information that I found said, that the average a franchise owner makes is approximately $82.000 a year, which   was a shock to me. Consider that, when some people in Shaklee have become millionaires with very little investment.

However, no matter how small the cost is on the beginning, when you are not making money and this is where you need to be brutally honest with yourself, and you know that it is going to take a while to build, how much do you want to spend each month and how much for startup. Plus be honest with how much time you will give, and also sometimes it does take time to be consistent and doing what you need to do every day.

Again you have another option because as an affiliate marketer here you can start free and be making money, although that takes time to learn the skills of getting people to your website 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Even if you decide to upgrade there to take advantage of all their tools they offer, the cost will not exceed $49.00 a month( with only one other cost of 10.00 a year for your domain name). When you tell 3 people who also use the platform as well and become a paying member, now you get it for free.

Like the MLM, as an affiliate marketer we have many people who are making outstanding amounts. One guy who has been here since 2003 is making 6 figures a month, and now has a goal of 7 figures a month. Many people after a year of working consistently are doing $10.000 a month. That is more than the average franchise owner who sometimes spent close to a million dollars.

There is never any cost for promoting products because you are getting paid to send them to different websites like Amazon. There is affiliate programs for almost any product or service you want to promote and no cost to promote their products and the commission they pay are from really low to really high.

The upside to Shaklee!

  • It has been around for a long time, so that most often speaks for itself. Many companies who have participated in shady practices have been shut down.
  • They have since 1965 managed to have an A+ rating with the better business bureau, and that is no small feat, since many businesses have not succeeded in achieving this, but they have done it for a long time.
  • Support for people building their business is great as well as their tools. They have a Shaklee university with tools on building your business. It also has guidance from the people who sponsored you. Plus live events such as local regional and cooperate.
  • Most of the compensation is based on sales and not on recruiting, which does set them apart from companies who focus on recruiting.
  • They are very environmentally friendly products with actually zero impact on the environment, which is quite impressive.

The downside of Shaklee!

  • While health and wellness is a huge industry and it also very competitive with many other MLM companies and non MLM companies competing for the business. The other option here is to find products in affiliate marketing that can solve many peoples problems, (which is how you become successful) but you have less competition.

I will provide a story of a young guy here who found out through a tool we have here,(you can join for free to take a tour  and ask questions) that a lot of people were asking on google “how to get rid of man boobs”. From that piece of information he did a website and researched on how he could help. He now makes $500.00 a day from just that website.

His best day for that website was when he took his little brother for a hike, so when he got back he checked and had made $900.00 and that was his day of. There are many successful people here. That tool allows you to find products you can promote with very little competition.

We have many coaches available who are now doing amazing and offer their help for free.

  • While Shaklee has the various ways of training, which can also be quite costly when you are traveling to cooperate events, so that is something else to consider when you are looking at it as a business opportunity. The option is to be sitting here like I am today, while there is a snow storm brewing outside.

I am doing my training (the distance was from one room to another)and applying what I learn in this blog. Our training consist of everything you would need to make your business successful online, even if you are like me, with very little computer knowledge. Our support is from people who have already made 10s of thousands a month and more here, as a coach when we need it.

We just have to private message them and sometimes they will write a post to us to encourage us, as well as tips that have helped them. You also have an amazing community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are daily encouraging one another, as well as the new members that are joining daily. There are over 1 million people here learning.

Can face to face marketing create blurred lines?

  • Another downside can be as I mentioned earlier, face to face marketing is what they encourage mostly and while I like meeting new people I find the lines can be blurred sometimes when you have an ulterior motive for engaging with people. I have found that uncomfortable when I was in MLM.

The alternative again is here where you learn to market skills to put up a website and than get traffic to your website. This can even be your MLM company if they allow it. You just need to learn to find the people who are looking for what you are offering in your MLM company. Once, you are on the first page a lot of your sales will be coming in when you are not even working. There are no mixed messages because you have people looking for what you have.

How much freedom do you want in your business?

  • Initially when I started doing MLM reviews I had thought I would combine my affiliate marketing business with MLM because I strongly felt that it was a way to take people from the 99% that were failing to the 1%success by teaching them and their down line, to market skills that would level the playing field, because Let’s face it we all come to the table with different strengths and weakness.

Some are more outgoing, some are more comfortable with sells and many are not, but when people get the skills to market online, it truly does even out the playing field. The other benefit to that was, it was a way to diversify peoples income because when they referred people to this platform they got a referral fee, and so would their team when they referred people.

However, I found out that some MLM companies would not allow this and I understand this to a point, and you may not see this as a drawback and I would love to get your feedback below. For me I like to have as much freedom over my business choices as I can.

Diversifying my income is definitely one I want to have control over and as an affiliate marketer here you have control over what you market, how you market and whom you market too.

As I said this may not be a drawback or a downside for you but if it is, you have options here and this is a review that gives you information about the marketing platform?

Do you think rejection is a downside?

  • I think another downside to any MLM and that is, remember the face to face marketing? Rejection stings and I would say that could be a factor in why many do not get beyond the 99% who fail.

Well again you have options, because as I write this post I am not even going to know about the people who reject it, so it is a lot easier to keep going to the finish line when you do not have that sting of rejection. Let me know below in the comments if you think rejection does play a part in people succeeding?

What do I think about succeeding in MLM?

You have perhaps guessed I am pro affiliate marketing, but I think once you learn all the skills, you can build any business to the point where you are a part of the 1% success story.

You will need to have all the pieces of the puzzle to make your business work. Shaklee to me is I would say an 8 out f 10, as far as been a good company but without the all the to market skills, I would not look at it as viable solution as a great financial opportunity and the numbers speak for themselves, with less than 1% succeeding.
Our beloved owners are multi millionaires from marketing online and I tell you that, just to let you know they have the experience to teach anyone success online for any business. You can go in for free here and you can ask any question you like when you get there.

One last question, “what do you think is the main obstacle for people getting online success”? I think it is support because I have tried online before, with no success since I got stuck and there was no one there to help me. This platform blows me away pretty much every day, with the support you get for building any business, whether you choose MLM or affiliate marketing.

I know, I am really long-winded so I will leave you now and I hope this is one of the Shaklee reviews that will help you in your decision for finding a vehicle to overcome any financial challenges. Remember check your options and if I can help just put any question below, or if you have comments about the post I would love to hear from you. All the best and I will be here to help if you do choose this marketing platform.

6 thoughts on “Shaklee reviews-Can you make a decent income-or not?

  1. Hi Phyllis,
    Excellent review. I looked at Shaklee in the past when I was considering joining an MLM and remember seeing that it was a very reputable company. I ended up choosing to go with affiliate marketing however, like you discuss, and I am happy that I did so. While I have heard about a lot of people doing well with Shaklee, it just seemed a bit too time intensive for me which is why I chose blogging/affiliate marketing. I will pass this along to anyone I know looking at Shaklee in the future. Thank you for the great information.

    1. Hi Dan,

      I agree it is time intensive and since that is something I am short on I wanted to make sure, I had something that was going to require less time.Thanks for your comment and I really appreciate it.Good luck with your affiliate marketing.

  2. I have dabbled in other long-running MLM companies, namely Amway, before and at one time I had considered Shaklee. But in my search to find something that suited my tastes I had forgot about Shaklee and actually thought they had went out of business. I am very big into health products, so I may have to look into them again.

    My problem s that I am a bit cautious when it comes to any MLM, even the legit ones. I remember the difficulties I had at Amway and how I almost got scammed out of hundreds of dollars from MOBE, which was recently shutdown by the FTC. But I do realize that not all MLMs are scams and I will take another look at Shaklee thanks to this review.

    I will say that your recommendations for becoming an affiliate marketer are more appealing to me. I have heard great things about it and especially an online training community known as Wealthy Affiliate. I have read many positive reviews about them and even ran a Google Trends popularity graph on them. Google gives them a high rating, so I need to check them out too. Thanks for this review. It has given me some food for thought.

    1. Yes when you are into health products they seem to have a great reputation.Given the choice I would recommend affiliate marketing, but I can see how coupled together affiliate marketing would help anyone choosing MLM to have a successful business.Good luck in everything Robert and thanks for the comment I really appreciate it.

  3. I enjoyed reading your article and it shows you’ve done a lot of research. It’s well thought out and it flows very well. You really do go through the ends and outs of your product review and it is an excellent review. I appreciate the article and I am reluctant to try MLM Marketing cause I think it puts all the money in the owner and upper levels. I tried it one time with the travel industry and I only made peanuts. Thanks again for your great review.

    1. Thanks Danny,

      I agree that MlM is difficult and unless I had the marketing skills I would not do it again.I think it could for people who only want a little spending money. The fact that less than 1% are doing amazing, tells me that something needs to change and that to me is having the marketing skills.Thanks for your comment.

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