Seriously-how to make money by losing weight!

Eat your vegetables!


How many of you have heard those words when you were kids, or tell your kids now?

Usually it was followed by the reason “because it is healthy for you”.


Well as adults there is a different motivation, because now you can get paid in several ways for eating them if you are trying to lose weight.


Yep, you can get paid for losing weight, and get this, you can get paid for loosing weight even after you have lost the weight. Seriously you can. There are several ways, and if you have questions or comments just put them in below, and I will answer them.


How to start getting paid to eat your vegetables.


First it would start by going here to learn to blog. Now if that sounds scary you have not seen this place, and see how they have made it simple, and have all kinds of people to reach out to for help, while you are learning.



I have had no experience blogging before, and all I knew on the computer was how to do an email, and send it, plus I could go into a website to look around.


I could go into any website, so I was pretty good(lol)They have changed all that through their training, because I can do much more I am still learning and loving it.


Now why learn blogging?



Because that is how you will continue to get paid for losing weight.


Let’s say you write a blog about your journey to lose weight, once you have the blog done, and you continue to write blogs(which is just the same as taking to your friend) you will have people looking at it years from now, and you will be still getting paid.


Do you think there will be people years from now trying to lose weight? When your blog comes up there will be help for them and encouragement to help them towards their goal.


I am guessing that will be motivating for you as well, because you are helping yourself and other people as well. Most people are motivated by helping others I think.


I will be honest though that will take a while to get your blogs on the first page. Once you are consistent blogging, and following the requirements in training for doing a successful blog, then Google starts to give you some love and boost you towards the first page.


Then some people who like you and me who are trying to lose weight, will join our journey as well.


So now even though it took awhile, but now you are getting paid when you are not working, which will mean you will get even more back, for that time you did not get paid.



 You give them this platform where they also learn how to blog, and WA will give you a referral fee for as long as they are a paying members here.


There are over a million members here, and they have been going since I believe 2010, so obviously they are doing great work in teaching people.


There are people who are still paying members and they are making well over $10. 000 a month. The wonderful thing about that as well, is that they are some of the people, that we can reach out to get help.


Maybe they will not be concerned about losing weight, but will join you here to blog about something they are really interested in. You can still make money for referring them.


I will be doing this journey myself, to lose weight and I may  blog about it once a week. I currently am doing about 3 blogs a week, and have a goal of doing one a day.

What else can you blog about?


Before I get to the next way you can make money for loosing weight, I just want to tell you how you can write blogs on any interest you have or stick to some aspect of getting healthier.



My website is and I talk about everything, that can be helpful to people wanting to make extra money. Here is a review on the place where you learn the training for blogging and can go in for free to look around.


They actually have a tool there called Jaxxy that you can find out what people are searching for on google, so you can reach out to those people through your blogging.



That is how I started this blog post because I saw that there were people wanting to know how they could make money, while losing weight.



First when I saw it I did not know what I could say, but then I started to learn as I googled to do some research, and I was really surprised myself, on how you could get paid for losing weight.



When you start blogging, what I love is that you learn so much, as you do your research on the blogs.


Second way you get paid for eating your vegetables!


I have decided on my journey to lose weight, that I am going to use one of many books I have bought, on this topic. It is by Dr.Ian K Smith, called the 4-day Diet and it is not really a diet but a good way to eat.


I think the reason it is important when I am losing weight to have someone who is well educated on the subject, in order that I eat healthy and make good choices in eating, as opposed to doing things that may not be safe in loosing weight.


My advice for you would be to do the same, and pick this book or any book. Let’s say you pick a book, and you mention the book you are using on your blog, and your readers decide to buy that book, you can get paid a commission for that book as well.


How you do that is you sign up for Amazon, as an affiliate and promote the book through them and they give you a commission,  when someone buys through your blog.


Plus let’s say you are writing another blog about exercise and you have a favorite product, that they can buy through Amazon. Again if they buy through your blog, and you are an affiliate, you get paid for that as well.


Remember people will perhaps be buying that product years from now through Amazon, so you are getting paid months or even years from now.


Last on how to get paid just for eating healthy!


I do not know about you, but I am getting motivated to eat healthier because it can help me in getting my debt down.  You can actually get paid by betting that you can loose the weight, and they pay you if you do.


You pay them if you do not, so to me that is more fuel to motivate me. Want to find out more about that, then  just check the details   it out right here.


Lastly is if you, like me, become an affiliate to that company, for telling other people you can not only make money to lose your own weight, but you can get either make $50.00 or $30.00 more (depending on which way they join), for them joining to loose their weight.


Summary on how many ways to get paid for losing weight.


(1)You get paid if you write blogs and refer people to the blogging platform, where they can also have the same opportunity, in learning to do blogs. 


Again here is the review on what that is all about. Remember too,  you are doing the work once, and get paid over and over again.


(2) Whatever you recommend on your blog from Amazon or some other company, and as long as you have signed up as an associate(which is free to do) you will again be getting paid commissions over and over again.


For example maybe you choose Dr. Smith’s to recommend through Amazon as well.


(3) Make a bet, and you can make money when you lose the weight. Like I said that is a lot of fuel for motivation in getting healthier and losing weight.


(4) Refer others to make a bet and you get paid for referring them. Plus you have the added benefit of knowing that you are contributing to people not only getting healthier physically but financially as well, because they can get paid in the same ways that I have listed here through your blogs.


I am pretty sure that if you did some further digging you could find other ways to get paid, but I am once again been really long winded, so I have to stop here.


Let me know if you are going to start the journey with me loosing weight, and getting healthier. This is the review of where you are trained to blog(it includes a link and it is free to look around) and there you can private message each other with our results.


If you any comments or  questions I would love to hear from you. So far I think I need extra training here because people are not  commenting, so if you would like to get that started feel free.


Thanks for visiting I really appreciate it, and I am looking forward to you joining me on this journey to better physical and financial health.



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