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Rodan and fields reviews: how you can you have success.

Can you really make Rodan and Fields work.?

Having looked at other Rodan and Fields reviews you will notice mine has a different approach because I also focus on helping people increase their chances for success in which ever MLM they choose.

This review is kind of beginning with the end in mind which is success, and the review itself I will do after I offer the solution for success.

I have been involved in different MLM companies’ over the years, with not much success. However, I have always felt that MLM companies’ were a great vehicle for a great income. While I am not involved in one right now, instead I have chosen this affiliate platform as a way for people to succeed with any product or service they choose, and whether it is online or offline.

My website is and while I have had very little success over the years in MLM I still see it as a great vehicle for people where they do not have to sweatthebills. However my saying is “it needs insurance to drive” so their success in MLM is guaranteed if they do the training and take action consistently.This marketing platform I mentioned, to me is that insurance for different reasons:

  • It is a way to learn marketing skills, so you have customers or entrepreneurs that are looking for what your MLM is offering and you can show them to your website. While you learn those skills you have help within the community from people who have already achieved outstanding success who are there to help you build your MLM business.

It is like having multiple coaches and you know how expensive coaching can be. Just this morning we got an amazing post by one of those people, who inspired us with a post that showed how he was able to make $100.000 for 2018 part-time blogging, using ideas that would help you build your business.

In essence, you will have many coaches including our owners, who will be helping you, with your training. There are over a million entrepreneurs learning there. One of the things we have to do as an affiliate is pick a niche, however that puts you ahead because you have that sorted out because you blog to people who are actually looking for what you have in your MLM company.

  • However, if you decide that MLM is not for you, you can learn the skills and pick a niche that you are passionate about, like health, and then promote whatever health related products, you want to. Here is a review on the marketing platform so you can see how it works.

We have a tool here that you can actually see how many people on average are looking for what you offer: with Rodan and fields Unblemish there are average of 595 people a month googling that, so you can write your blog post on Unblemish and educate yourself and others about your product.

Doing the work once and getting customers month after month.

Let me ask you a question “would you rather be out looking for customers every day, or write that post once, talking about Unblemish and help all those people every month as potential customers”.

You can not only write a blog post to people who are looking for your particular products, but also people who are looking for as an example “the best skin care products”, which that tool I mentioned, tells me there are 9205 people a month googling that.

What if you wrote a post that talks about why you have the best skin care products”. Remember you do that post once and you are reaching those 9205 people each month. I will be honest and say that it will not happen right away, google will look for your consistency on writing and they want to see that you are not a fly by nighter(is that a word), but you know what I mean.

  • The great thing though is that you are planting seeds with every post, because once google sees you are serious, those post will begin to get on the first page and you start to reach all those potential customers and potential business partners. I will give you an example that has inspired me, is another guy at the platform here where you learn the skills to market, was selling a product and was about to give up because after I think it was a year and he had not made a penny.

He was a laborer and got home from work one day, and decided to check and he saw he had made $30.00. He was ecstatic because he had a great way of thinking because he thought”if I can make 30.00I can make any amount”. After taking a shower he checked again just to make sure, when he finished his shower, and it had gone up to $60.00(while he took his shower, not bad eh?)

Well that was awhile ago I read that post, but his average day then was $500.00 a day. His best day was $900.00 and he had not worked that day because he had taken his little brother for a hike. My point is that your post will pay of later, so you truly need not worry as long as you are doing the training and writing the post.

When Google starts to give you love(lol) its harvest time. My favorite time of year. Now it is time to start making those dreams a reality.

The other reason the marketing platform can virtually guarantee your success is it gives you all the information you need to get traffic coming to your website 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Some companies’ provide so much marketing and you can go find information online but do you know if you have all the pieces, so this training is done by people who are already multi millionaires from internet success, so you know they have the map, and you are not missing pieces of the puzzle.

Getting your insurance for your MLM vehicle.

Companies are obviously not giving all the marketing skills for people or there would be much more success.In 2015 there was a company disclosure that the average income for active consultants was $3,182. Now with the rightskills people can have 100% chance of it working.

Many people come into MLM and it with desire for a vehicle that can make their dreams a reality, and there is a system that does not work for most people. These skills make it an even playing ground for everyone.

Who are Rodan and Fields?

  • Rodan and Field are two women Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields who also developed the product proactive that you have perhaps heard about.
  • They started in 2002 and then sold it to Estee Lauder, and while it did not do well in the department stores Rodan and Fields bought the company back.
  • They started the company, a skincare and cosmetics company in 2007.
  • It is a multi level company and mostly women who become independent consultants sell their products, and get paid a commission.
  • Their headquarters is in California and San Francisco. They market in United States Canada and Australia.
  • The products they market are toners and cleansers, exfoliates and moisturizers among others that you will see h

How are their popular products selling?

Well they are considered the top selling brand in the US, so that is a bonus, since as they say the “market has spoken”. Remember the tool that I mentioned earlier at this marketing platform that shows what people are googling, here is a sample of some of Rodans and fields most popular products:

  • Redefine regimen-203 people a month are looking for it.
  • Rodan fields reverse regimen 174 a month
  • Rodan fields enhancements lash boost 284 are googling for it
  • Rodan fields skincare 7830 a month are looking for it.

Those number above reflect why Rodan and fields MLM combined with the marketing skills to write about those most popular products can give you the success you want. The companies’ popularity is also a result of their use of ingredients that are very popular in getting positive results like:

  • retinol which is very popular for dealing with those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.
  • alpha- hydroxy acid which is there to help smooth and soften the skin.
  • another popular ingredient is kojic acid for brightening the skin.

What about the cost?

The cost can be quite costly but they are comparable to high end cosmetic boutiques and department stores. Again another benefit to learning the marketing skills is you can target people who are looking for you.

  • The cost to join for the launching kit is $695.00 and to get the DVD and instructions on getting started starts at $45.00.
  • Redefine age assault kit $363.00
  • Redefine and lash boost special is $279.00
  • microdermabrasion paste is $80.00

If these cost are high for you and you would like to make an great  income without having to buy products check this marketing platform out, because while it is an avenue to promote MLM, you can also promote anything you like by becoming an affiliate where you get paid just on referring people to websites, so you do not have to buy any products.

Here is a video that does a short summary on their compensation.


Like most MLM companies’ there is usually a good or great income attached, but do not let emotions cloud the fact that so few are making it work and instead look at what I have suggested and see if it makes sense to you about combining learning all the marketing skills so you can put up a website and get traffic to your store 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, and educate yourself and others on all about your products.

My thoughts on Rodan and Fields.

I think from looking at any Rodan and Fields reviews, you will see a few facts that to me says that if you want to pick an MLM this is one that to me would be a great choice, mainly because there is definitely a market for it, and the products have a good reputation.

However as a vehicle to make a great income I would not use it without learning the marketing skills here. I also have a bonus and that is I have already picked 10 keywords that would help with your first 10 post and I will be available after to help with as many as you need help with. Remember each keyword is equal to income, and with the more post you have out there the more income.

Having looked at this review and you decide you would like to make a great income, but not buy products or recruit also check the marketing platform above. If you  have questions regarding anything I have said or if you have comments let me know below. Also if you  check  out the platform for free, you can also private message me inside with any questions or comments.

Thanks for checking this post out and have a great day.


8 thoughts on “Rodan and fields reviews: how you can you have success.

  1. I love the story about the guy who made money online while he was in the shower! That’s the life for me! Thanks for the information on how to learn about affiliate marketing. I have tried blogging before but never made money because I didn’t know how. I didn’t realize that there’s training for that.

    1. Thanks for the comment and yes his story and I cannot remember his name, but his story was so inspiring and made me realize how important not to give up on blogging, because success will come.The training for the affiliate marketing here is complete, with no missing pieces that we would perhaps trying to find it on our own or a place with not as much credibility and most of all support, that we gain at this marketing platform. I wish you lots of success.

  2. A great post. It’s great in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing that you can make money online while you’re asleep or doing anything else other than working. That is the best part about it for me. How are you getting on with your business?

    1. It is great to make money while I sleep I agree and a great motivator for me to keep planting those seeds, and the training we get here is so complete, even for tech challenged people like myself.My business is going good and I find it all very interesting, learning to get traffic to my website.Thanks for your comment Tom.

    1. Hi Braden,

      Great question and I neglected to mention but they do have men’s skincare as well. In the post there is a link to the products which show the men’s line as well.Thanks for the comment.Have a great day.

  3. Hi Phyllis, thank you for this article. I had fun reading it. You certainly approached this review in a different way – an introduction to affiliate marketing, then the Rodan and Fields review. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks Hanna,

      I had fun writing it to.I wanted people to see how our affiliate marketing platform here at WA s the answer for growing any business. Thanks for your comment.
      Have a great day.

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