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Qnet Reviews-Is this the vehicle to take you to financial success?

Why do I write these reviews?

When you are checking out the various Q net reviews, my reviews are reviews on MLM companies but they also include a way for people to have much more success in their company if the company allows them to diversify.

However, it is also a way to have financial success with a totally different approach than MLM it is affiliate maketing , where you choose products you want to promote from companies you like and you get a commission.

I am passionate about helping people to achieve financial stability or major success so with these reviews I hope to provide people with a realistic expectation as well as a way to really increase their percentage for success.

This website is called don’t sweat the bills and for as long as Amway has been around people have been trying MLM companies or multi level companies as away to not sweat their bills. Do you know anyone who has been in Amway or other MLM companies? Unfortunately it has only helped less than one per cent to reach financial success.

I believe MLM companies are like vehicles and they all can take you from point A to point B. However the ride is quite different in different vehicles and it is a purchase that is made on what it is the person is looking for in the features and the quality of the ride.

To me MLM can be a vehicle for financial success. Your journey will be determined by the quality of the company and that is where I hope to provide you with a vehicle that if you choose, you will enjoy the ride plus features to make sure you get there safely. I will also give you what I think is the vehicle that will take you to financial success the safest route with very little cost.

So Who is Q net?

  • I just heard about the company for the first time yesterday, so I started doing some research about them.
  • They have been going since 1998 and they are an MLM company based out of Hong Kong founded by Vijay Eswaran.
  • They have been under 3 other names Quest net, GoldQuest and QI limited.
  • They have a very wide range of products from nutrition, weight management, energy, fashion accessories, home care products and personal care products, watches and jewelry plus technology to travel and education.
  • With the BBB bureau they have an A+ rating which is great but they also only have 2 reviews with a 2 out of 5 star rating and one with a 1 out of 5 star rating.

Okay What You Can Expect With The Compensation?

Since the compensation is always a bit long plus it can be a bit complicated so I have a video that is very detailed.

I also want to say here that I personally feel that before anyone joins any company whether it is Q net or any other MLM company be passionate and believe in the company. I think that is what prevents people sometimes from success, because they are promoting because it is a great income which is great, but totally believing in it will help keep you going until you have success.

How About An Alternative Where You Promote Whatever You Like and Get Paid, With No Monthly Products For You To Buy?

I told you on the beginning I would give an alternative vehicle. Here you can promote anything you like and not sacrifice income. Plus if you are excited about health or sports or anything, you can find products related to your passion that you feel are reasonably priced and they would benefit people.

Promote them and get commission. This to me is not only a vehicle for financial success it is a place where you can find your passion and promote products related to them. This is kind of a side note, but just check out this beautiful inspiring video on finding your passion.

After I have listed some points about this alternative vehicle for financial success there is a review that will include everything you need to know.

  • I will be upfront to let you know I make an income here but I promote it because I believe in it 100%.
  • Here is an example of the monthly income you can expect here during 6 months 12 months and 2 years. This definitely takes work but the payoff is worth it.
  • One of the reasons I did not pursue MLM is like Q net, while I think it is an opportunity for people and it is not a major cost. It is a major cost, when you are building it and there are products to buy every month, traveling for training and advertising materials and there is no income yet.
  • No up sells no hidden cost except one, which is a domain name for $10.00 A YEAR. When you are a six figure earner you will still be paying $49.00. You can even get it for free if you introduce it to 3 people who are premium members.
  • You can make a commission from those products and unlike in the compensation where you have to purchase every month, you do not have to spend any money on products.You find the products by looking at reviews from people who have bought, which can help you in what to recommend.
  • I needed something that was very low in cost while I was building my business and that is why I am listing this as an alternative because the most you will ever pay is $49.00 a month. Plus you still have the ability to make incredible income.
  • One thing I did not even know I needed, until I joined here and that was the whole puzzle of how to market unlike. I feel like this is taking me from been a wanna be entrepreneur to an entrepreneur.

Here is the review on this company where they teach you step by step exactly how to make an insane income without having to hardly spend any money to do it. I cannot explain in words of not only the top notch training, but also the help that we receive from everyone including people who are earning $10,000 a month to even 6 figure earners a month, who have done the training, put in the work and now are thankfully available to the new people .

You need to go in here to see for yourself what a community of like-minded people working towards their dreams online is like. What they teach you is how to get up a website even for computer challenged people like me, than they teach you how to get traffic to your website to buy what you are promoting.

Okay back to Q net and Who Are You Gonna Call?

Like most MLM companies their preferred method of bringing representatives in to their company is “who do you know”?

I think he said in the compensation video that everyone is a potential because everyone has a dream to change their financial situation.

However, not everyone is looking to change their situation because maybe they are contented, but for whatever reason if they are not looking, they are not your target market. Your target market are people who are looking for what you have.

Which was my next reason for choosing my vehicle. Here you have a tool (you can go in for free and take it for a test run) that can help you find out what people are googling about. Then you promote products that people are looking for and you can even see how many other people are blogging about it. Let’s say you choose skin care products and write a post on why you love q net skin care products.

Let’s say you did decide on Q net but you wanted to learn everything you needed to know about getting traffic to your website for free. So here you have a tool that you can find out how many people are googling a month about skin care products. If you look at the screenshot above you will see on the left where it says the best skin care product reviews.

Then it says 174 across in the column Avg which means 174 people a month are googling for best skin care products reviews. I put in reviews, because at this stage they are ready to buy. Now the next figure is 30 that means when you are on the first page of google (which is what training teaches you) you will have 30 people average coming to your website a month.

How would you like traffic coming to your online store every month, because you wrote about your product once.

The next column is 74 and that is your competition of others blogging for those same words, which is very little, since if it is under 100, it is great.

My other thing I get very excited to tell you and that is when you do that post once you will have an average 30 people a month coming to your website for that one post every month.

So do you see why in the screenshot above around the beginning, it says when you get 200 to 300 posts on your website you are looking at $10,000 to $20,000 a month. Some people here do 1 post a day so they are seeing success relatively quick. So “Who are you gonna call”.

I would not call anybody but just talk to the people on your blog post who are looking for what you have. Take that conversation that you would have had talking to Aunt Ruby about your products and put it in a blog post. I still get excited when I talk about this, so what do you think “is it better than chasing your family and friends? I would love to get your feedback on that.

The pros of Q net.

  • Unfortunately this is a short list and I think mainly because i could not find a lot of information about the products. They talked a lot about bringing people in but neglected information about the ingredients in the products. To me what I am promoting I want to know what is in it. People are becoming more conscious of what they are using now, so ingredients matter.
  • They have a large selection of products to choose from.
  • They are in a lot of different countries.
  • Start up is relative low if you are a part of the less than 5% that are successful
  • They do have an A+ rating with the BBB.

The Cons of Q net.

  • To me a lot of alarms went of when I saw all the controversy online. You often find there is some negative which does not bother me, because there is no perfect company. Here there was an unusually high amount.
  • They have been banned from India and I have included this link to wikipedia that includes a lot of information, including a lot of controversies surrounding Q net.
  • As with all MLMS to me it is definitely a negative that less than 5%(some places say it is less than 1%) are doing well financially from it. I still think the MLM is s a good business model but obviously as they say “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, or here it is in the numbers.
  • People need to learn the marketing skills so they can build whatever business they like, including MLM. Some MLM offer marketing training but not the whole puzzle.

My thoughts and finding the Lamborghini of vehicles!

I would give this company a 4 out of 10 mainly because of the surrounding controversies plus the cost because as I said I would want my cost to be at a very low minimum, when I am building my business, especially if I can make the same amount of income or more with very little investment.

I will sum up a quote by a famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar who said that the more people we help become successful, the more successful we become. To me we can only help when we feel 100% good about what we are promoting.

Personally I feel your chance for success is 100% if you learn the marketing skills here(and do what they teach) for success with marketing online. If you are still sold on Q net as your vehicle to financial success and you do not want it to break down before you reach success, than I think you still need the skills.

However, if you have decided that Q net is not your vehicle of choice, than Wealthy affiliate is to me the Lamborghini (yes the one with the vertical doors )of vehicles(lol). It allows you to take what you are excited about and believe in and the sky is the limit in income, when you have their marketing skills under your belt.

I am not even concerned much about the car I drive, however I have a feeling this one would get me from A to B quicker just like Wealthy Affiliate.

Just the fact that you have chosen to look at MLM tells me, you have a dream to change something in your life whether it is more time, more finances or both. Do not let your dream die but give it all the tools you need to make it work.

Hopefully we will be working to gather on building our dreams. Thanks for reading this short post(lol), but I tried to provide as much information as I could. IF you have any questions or comments just put in below and I will get back to you.All the best.

4 thoughts on “Qnet Reviews-Is this the vehicle to take you to financial success?

  1. Hello, thank you so much for learing up the whole Qnet MLM scheme. Less than 5% seems pretty tough. Don’t get me wrong i’m 100% a hard worker but I just don’t know if I can crack them odds. No chance if it really is 1%,

    With that one knocked on the head. what about this Wealthy Affiliate online training gig!? I stumbled across this 4 months back near the beginning of my search for a way to make some “autopilot cash”. My friend has since given it a go (he has some knowledge of website design etc) and just over 3 months on he has just broken the 1000 hits a month mark, made a few sales and seems decent.

    With your second opinion… Think I’ll give it a crack, as you say it’s free at first ain’t it!?

    Thanks, Anthony,

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I would say you would be doing yourself a great favour by trying it for free.Your friend is doing great so he can give you beginning tips and you have so many people in Wealthy affiliate who are there to help.Plus if I can help let me know.Good luck with the gig and thanks a lot for the comment.

  2. Thanks for info! I like your rating at the end and I think I’ll steer clear at this time. I really resonated with what you said about being passionate about a business before joining and promoting it. I think a lot of people are looking to make a quick buck and just get burnt. I have used Wealthy Affiliate in the past and I too can say that that is a company that I can truly support. I appreciate that they allowed me to try things out and once I knew it wasn’t complete bull, I put in a little money. Lucky to say that hard work through the program pays off. Thanks again for the great post!

    1. Hi Christian,

      Thanks for the comment and I agree that wealthy affiliate is a company that I think anyone
      would be proud to promote.Hard work is the answer, because if people do that at wealthy affiliate there chance of success is 100%.

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