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Primerica Reviews-will ignoring the red flags cost you?

What are you looking for?

Many people are looking to make income when they join Primerica and sometimes that can cloud our judgment, especially if we are in a situation where we really need or want to make extra income.

If we are okay financially we maybe take the time to check things out before we take the leap, or even if we are not okay financially we still take that wise step of checking it out, so I take my hat of to you for looking at Primerica reviews.

Part of my purpose for doing mostly MLM reviews is that I have joined many MLMs with very little success, and I hopefully can help others by providing them with information to either help them with their success, or to help prevent people from loosing money and valuable time.

What will suit you?

As I do this review I am going to provide you with another option that may be an alternative if you feel that Primerica is not a fit for you. In determining if it is a fit for you, it will be important that you be honest with yourself as I know from experience, how sometimes we can ignore the red flags and start rationalizing.

What to know about Primerica.

The company is an MLM insurance and financial services company and so they advertise through word of mouth. They have various products and services like:

  • auto insurance
  • home insurance
  • long term care insurance
  • term life insurance
  • mutual funds
  • segregated funds
  • annuities
  • credit monitoring
  • debt management plans
  • It was started by Arthur Williams all the way back to 1977
  • It’s parent group was citi group but in 2010 they had an IPO. It is now a publicly traded company with Glenn J. Williams as CEO.

I said I would give you options in case these products and services are not something that are a fit for you, and I just want to be upfront and say I get a commission for referring people here to this platform. It is a platform that teaches you affiliate marketing which gives you the freedom to market anything you want.

If there are things you are passionate about you can put up a website, and learn how to get traffic there and promote products related to your passion. Here is a review on all the details. If Primerica allows you to promote their products and services online, it is a way to never run out of people. Since one of the ways they teach you to build your business, is going to family and friends. Apparently it is after recruiting about 100 people that you will find 2 people to duplicate what you do so you will need a funnel of people.

What about finding people who are looking for what you have?

Let me know below in the comments if this would be easier if it is people looking for what you have? I really feel from my own experience in MLM that asking people I know can sometimes be a bit difficult, and then there is the case of what to do when you run out.

I think that is where people in MLM need help. We have a tool at the platform I mentioned above that solves that. The reason I choose Primerica to blog about was I knew, there are on average 580 people every month looking for a review on Primerica. From that when I get on the first page I will have an average of 99 people looking for what I am blogging about on my website. Out of all the people on the internet there are only 47 other people blogging about it. That is your competition.

The other great thing is that every time you do one blog post, that is attracting people to your website every single month. So you just write a post and educate yourself and people on your products and services. There are so many things you can write about. Give the platform a test run by signing up to see if this is something you are interested in but there is no obligation.

To test it when you go in on the

  • left column it says J research which you click then the Jaaxy tool comes up
  • and at the bottom you will see dashboard so you click there

Then at the top you will see Jaaxy help which shows you all about this tool

This tool is a big part of the equation to get people to your website who are looking for what you are promoting. As, a free member you have 30 words to use. Maybe you have a passion for health and you have and you are curious as what questions people are asking that you could write a blog about, or maybe you want to ask about one of Primerica’s products like Primerica home auto insurance.

I just tested that one and there is actually 97 people a month, asking about that and when you to googles first page, there will be an average of 19 people visiting your website if you write a post on Primerica home insurance “once”. Guess what your competition is 0, so no one else will be blogging about it. It does take time to get to googles first page, however every post is like a seed that will harvest if you stay consistent in your writing.

So do you see how this tool could help you never run out of potential customers? Plus if you are uncomfortable approaching family and friends who are perhaps not looking for what you have, this is an amazing option would you say? As I said this is a part of the equation to getting traffic to your website, however the marketing platform teaches you every single piece of the puzzle you need to become a successful online entrepreneur.

How much independence would you like?

Another point you may need to look at in your decision is will Primerica allow you to market online and if not how much independence do you want in your business. I did have an MLM in mind that I was going to promote as well, so I could diversify my income, but that MLM did not allow it, so I choose not to join.

As an affiliate marketer I have no restrictions and my income potential is so unlimited. One of the entrepreneurs here at this platform I have mentioned throughout this blog post,( who you can private message to ask questions like a lot of their successful people here)has a goal now of going from a 6 figure a month to 7 figures a month.

How many no’s can you take or how many no’s can the people you introduce Primerica to handle?

Remember I said that in Primerica to be very successful you are looking at recruiting about 100 people to duplicate what you do, so another thing to consider is how rejection proof are you? As I said there are options and as an affiliate or if you can promote Primerica online it takes the sting out of rejection because I do not know when people reject my post and I know that each post is leading to success.

The other thing is when you are recruiting these 100 people who do come in and not duplicate your efforts, then isn’t difficult to talk about the awesome opportunity, when you know with MLM that less than 1% are successful, at least the way it is right now.

However, if you can bring people in and introduce them to a platform like I had mentioned, where they can learn how to get people to their website, you have increased there chances 100% because Let’s face it, not everyone is rejection proof and it is a lot easier to get to the finish line when rejection is something you do not have to deal with as much.

Okay the compensation!

This is my least favorite part, because numbers bore me, although I do have a great respect for the law of averages which is also gives me a lot of confidence in online marketing because you have billions of people to come look at your website, did I say 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When google starts to show you love and you get to the first page the love just keeps coming(lol)because even post you do right from the beginning often start getting sales. That is when the harvest begins.

So the Primerica compensation is getting commission on 7 different ranks as follows:This is a general overview and if you decide Primerica is for you I can put you in touch with someone who will share all the ins and outs of the compensation, unless you know someone yourself and they can share with you.

  1. As a representative you receive 25%
  2. As a senior representative you are now looking at 35% commission plus bonus
  3. This level you are a district leader and your commission is now 50% plus bonus
  4. Division leader you receive 60% commission.
  5. Regional leader 70%
  6. Regional vice president you receive bonuses and the commission is now 95%
  7. Senior vice president again it is 95% plus bonuses.
  • You get paid commission on any of their products and plans and the amount varies to the rank you reach.
  • You also get paid 10% override when your down line sells insurance.
  • When you get to the higher ranks now you are also in a position to earn more commissions by helping your down lines in getting more sales.

The pros of Primerica.

  • One of the pros of Primerica that makes them stand out from many MLM, is that there is a vigorous training involved to get the different licenses plus a background check, so the representatives are well-trained on what they offer.
  • They have a very manageable cost with a $99.00 fee that is refundable and that is for your license and screening. Plus a $25.00 a month for tools and training on the Primerica platform.
  • Their Better Business Bureau rating is A+ and that is always impressive since many companies strive to get just a BBB rating and Primerica has done it since 1980.
  • The length of time they have been established speaks for itself often. For the most part when a company has been around for a long time they are doing many things right.
  • I really think there is a need for more education on finances and you can get some education just by having a presentation by a qualified representative.

The Cons of Primerica.

  • This to me is always a con when they tell you to go after friends and family. To me business and friendships often do not mix, plus what about when you run out. I know many people do not want to bother the people they know. I think a better option is people learn the marketing skills which they can here and get people to their website.
  • Often, just like when you buy a franchise there are many guidelines and the same with Primerica.
  • In spite of their great BBB rating when you go into the BBB website you find many complaints about the various products and services of Primerica.
  • I know I am not a big fan of finances and I think I am not alone. Personally I think one of the biggest ways to gain success is to do what you are passionate about, which you can do here at this platform and like Primerica it gives you incredible income. Here is a screenshot of what you can expect from writing 100 to 300 post about things you are passionate about and here is the link to check out this as another option. Here is a review on it so you know what is involved in this option.

My thoughts about Primerica.

I personally think Primerica is a great MLM, however this like any MLM to me is not a vehicle for financial success for most people and again the numbers speak for themselves with lessĀ  then 1% making it a success I would not use this vehicle.

However, if you are passionate about these services and you can combine it with learning the marketing skills here, to me you will have a 100% chance of success as long as you follow the training and take action consistently and persistently.

I also wanted to add that if after looking at the different Primerica reviews you decide to join here to check out the marketing platform or Primerica, then I have a link that might help you get of to a great start by focusing on success in 90 days and maybe you will not reach your goals but it will help you establish the habits for success. Like different seasons you will start to see changes as each 90 days pass.

Whatever you choose I wish you success and if you have questions or comments just put them in below and I will answer them. Thanks for reading my blog post and take care.

9 thoughts on “Primerica Reviews-will ignoring the red flags cost you?

  1. I enjoyed reading your article on Primerica. You have given an excellent review of them in the MLM industry. And I like how you’ve listed all the compensation at different levels. Great job!

    1. Thanks Danny for the comment and yes it takes awhile to get all the money on the table with Primerica because of the different ranks.

  2. I was a licensed agent of Primerica 9years ago. I like the idea of Term insurance they offer – Buy Term and invest the difference, which really makes sense compared to buying Whole life of Universal Life Insurance that cost a lot but provides minimal coverage.
    I had to give up my license because I realized going into house to house for presentation and constantly chasing friends & family & their friends is not my type of business, adding the fact that winter condition in our place is harsh and I have small kids. I’d rather stay at home and do online business.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jhie, and that is one of my reasons I have with not wanting MLM is chasing family and friends and the road time.I agree it is so much easier home and doing online.I appreciate your input.

  3. Thank you kindly for this primerica review, I am now a bit more curious in regards to wealthy affiliate. Do you have any further information for me to check out?

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for the comment and here is a link to a review review for 2018 There is a link on the review where you can join for free, and update later if you want.

      It is an amazing helpful community, so when you look around and have questions you can go on the chat line or you can private message me.There is always someone there to help. The review will give you a lot of info.Have a great day

  4. Hey Phyllis!

    I haven’t heard about this Primerica before. Sounds interesting tho! I like the way you are explaining things very simple way so everyone can understand!

    I don’t like the idea that you have to go after family and friends, that is definitely a con!

    Thanks for sharing this information!

  5. Hey Phyllis,
    Thank you for this thorough review. The vast majority of primerica reviews I’ve read seem biased towards primerica (maybe they are paid to only say positive stuff about them). Its always refreshing to read such an objective article.

    1. Thanks Ezra for the comment and I have no affiliation with them so it is not bias but I try to be fair.Thanks again for the comment.Have a great day.

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