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Prepaid Legal shield reviews-a review with a twist!

(1)What to look for in MLM.

This Prepaid Legal Shields Reviews these points,  in case you want to cheat and not read the entire blog post(lol) Plus I am really long-winded in this one because I wanted to get all the points in that I felt would help.


(1)What to Look for in MLM.


(2)Legal shields background.


(3)What about the products.


(4)The pros of Legal Shield.


(5)The cons of Legal Shield.


(6)Can you make money with Legal Shield?


(7)Would you like to increase the chances of success with Legal Shield?


(8)How would you like to have people coming to you for products?


(9)It will take time so patience is key.

(10)How about an extra income stream attached to whatever business you choose?


(11)my opinion on Legal Shield as an opportunity.


(12)Is there something you are really passionate about?


(13)7 reasons I choose affiliate marketing.

My website is geared towards people who want more time in their life or more income or both. I do these blogs like Legal shield reviews because having been in MLM companies that were not always effective to meet my goals and as a result I wasted much time and money.

I am hoping that with these reviews you will find your way to the opportunity that will do the best job at helping you reach your goals. Once you have decided on the best company, I will also show you a way that will help you get to dramatically increase your chances of success, by using Wealthy Affiliate for learning the marketing skills to get customers to buy your products.

It will also help the chances for the people who join you in your opportunity to do the same. Plus it will give both you and your down line another income stream while you learn those skills.

With MLM, tell me if you would agree, that there can be much hype surrounding the company? I know myself that hype has sometimes stopped me from making the wise decision that you are making and that is looking at all the details and doing your due diligence to make an informed decision. So good for you in checking it out.

(2)Legal Shields background:

  • The products they offer are prepaid legal services and identity protection.
  • Their rating is an A+rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • The cost is $99.00 to join and than you are an associate. As an associate you pay $20.00 a month for legal assistance which I will list below what that covers or $240.00 for the year.
  • The owner is Harlan Stonecipher and the CEO is Jeff Bell.
  • They operate using the Multi-Level- Marketing business model in Canada and the United States.
  • They were founded in 1972 in Ada Oklahoma which is where their headquarters is now.
  • There are plans available for individuals as well as companies and these plans vary in cost according to the number of members in a family or the number of employees in a company.

(3)What about the products?



They offer two products.

(A)They will handle legal assistance and these are some areas:

  • traffic tickets and accidents can be looked after using their law firms. These law firms are also ones that have been designated as some top law firms through a rating system called Av rating, so when they are part of this rating you know it is a quality firm.
  • You can get wills prepared for you and your family members also loan documents and power of attorneys.
  • You can get free legal forms because sometimes people need forms that to get drawn up at a law firm can be costly, however to do their own can also take a lot of leg work, plus doing their own might not always cover all the information they need to have.

The forms used at Legal Shield have been done with Lawyers so it covers everything, so you know the information needed is included. These are forms like loan agreements, agreements for leases and non-disclosure agreements among others.

  • They will offer free legal advice in emergency situations anytime and any day.
  • Ira problems can be handled through legal shield with tax attorneys. Sometimes it may be help with an audit or letters you receive regarding taxes. This is a link regarding preparing taxes that might also help you during tax time with some good advice from Legal Shield.
  • Civil litigation where there are disputes between 2 people that are non-criminal been resolved in a court of law. Legal shield would have lawyers to help in this process.


  • Their rating is access to family lawyers that would help in matters like divorce, separation, child support and name changes.
  • You can get help with realistate issues such as purchase agreements mortgage documents, by having access to realestate lawyers to get advice.
  • Landlord tenants issues can sometimes arise. Legal Shield have landlord and tenant lawyers that can help in resolving issues.

(B)The other product is Identity theft protection.

One of the things that helps in this area is, Legal shield have partnered with a company called Kroll to help people who have had identity theft. Kroll was instrumental in helping in a few high profile cases like the ponzi scheme related to Bernie Madhoff. Helping to find the wealth that Saddam Hussein had put away before he did the invasion of Kuwait. The armed forces of the United States have also engaged them for over 7 million background checks they have done.

Identity theft covers monitoring a few things including credit cards, social security, social media among other things. Their rating is private investigators that are licensed and a 5 million dollar guarantee for complete identity been restored.

(4)The Pros of Legal Shield.

  • Knowing that the lawyers you are dealing with are screened through the Av system so you have peace of mind that you are getting quality information.
  • If people need help with legal issues and they want to save money it can really help.
  • It can also save time since much of the leg work is done.
  • You also can be sure that everything is covered because you are dealing with expert lawyers in each field. Sometimes you may miss information that can cost you when you try to handle things on your own.
  • As I was doing this blog I wondered about the cost people would have after getting advice and I was impressed by this fact and that is, in 2016 they did 2.1 million calls and from those many calls 92 % had no cost following the advice they were given.
  • They have an A+rating with the better business bureau.

(5)The Cons of Legal Shield

I think the only weakness is because their business model is MLM it can hurt their reputation because people view MLM or multi level marketing as a scam. There have been companies who were scam companies and than you know the saying “one bad apple spoils the bunch”.

While I feel like MLM needs improvement since the number of people succeeding is less than 1%. I still like the business model because it gives everyone a fair chance for financial success. I said on the beginning that I would help increase your chances of success with whichever company you choose by learning marketing.

(6)Can You Make Money With Legal Shield?

First you have to pay $ 99.00 and this is just once and than you become an associate. You can also for $19.95 a month you can get what they call the Advantage program which gives you access to more training materials and bonuses.

You will get paid in 4 ways;

(1)Like all MLM companies you get paid a commission for selling the products.

(2)You can also earn extra money for helping other people who join your down line and are also selling products.

(3)You receive bonuses.

(4) You also get renewal income.

Here I have a video that explains the compensation in more detail. It is not to long, but it is complete.

(7)Would You Like to Increase Your Chances of Success with Legal Shield?

Since Multi Level marketing statistics are that less than 1% succeed and unfortunately your chances in Legal Shield will be no different. Mainly I think the reason for this is they are not focused on their target market which is finding the people who are actually looking for the products you offer.

Like the typical MLM they teach you to go after family and friends but this not only makes it uncomfortable sometimes when you are trying to mix business and pleasure, many times it is people who are not really looking for what you have.

(8)How Would You Like to Have People Coming to You for Products?

Yes, that is what will happen when you learn the marketing skills here at Wealthy Affiliate first to get a website up and than you learn how to get traffic to your website. You can still market offline to anyone, but you if you are not comfortable you can avoid it and still do great.

We have a tool her at Wealthy Affiliate where you can see how many people are looking for your Legal Shield products. For example, you want to find customers for your identity theft you can put in those words’ and see how many people each month on average are looking for identity theft and I just checked these words’ identity theft protection services and guess what, there are actually on average googling these words’ 144 people a month.

You can also see, that when you are on the first page, you will now get an average of 25 people going to your website. The other thing this tool offers is you can find out what your competition for other people blogging for those same words’ are. The number is 51, which in our training they tell us to go for under 100.

So basically instead of asking your next door neighbor, you can do a blog once using that same conversation you would have had with him about identity theft. The best thing about it is that one blog, will get you an average of 25 people coming to your website every month.

Here is another example, there are 249 people a month googling prepaid legal shield reviews, and so these are people are looking at the opportunity and from those you will get an average of 49 people coming to your website. For this one you would perhaps be on the 1 st page right away because there is only 1 other blog (and 2 when I finish this one,) with those keywords.

From 2 blog post on an average you will have 75 people coming to your website each month. I think if you want to promote MLM and you are going to learn the marketing skills here, I would also use our keyword tool to help you determine two things.

(1)One is which MLM is getting the most searches from google, so you get the most popular one.

(2)Which one would give me a great deal of products that I can write post on while I educate myself and others on the products at the same time. From our training they give us an estimate of  what to expect on average, income wise from the number of blog post and these numbers are gathered from others who have done it before.

30 -60post =0 to $500.00 monthly

60-100 post =$500.00 to $3.000.00 monthly

100-150 post=$3000.00-10,000.00 monthly

200-300 posts=$10,000.00-20,000.00 monthly

The number of post will partially determine your income, as well as the quality of your post and the number of people you are able to help with the information you provide.  I know when I started at Wealthy Affiliate I doubted myself  alot and wondered if I could provide the quality and the help. However, if you are also doubting yourself, I can really assure you, that with the training they provide and all the people including myself to help,  you will be fine.

You can write post on not only the products but a solution people are looking to find to a problem and talk about that solution and than let them know about your product to help. For example there are 213 people a month googling divorce attorney for women, 25 on average will visit your website if your blog post is related to this.

Your competition is only 82 other people blogging which is great. You would do research to talk about this in your blog post with information that would be helpful and than you talk about Legal shield as a way to help them.

I am not sure yet which is the most googled MLM company yet, but from the ones I have checked it is essential oils and young living in particular(and I have no affiliation with them yet.)

Again you write the blog post as if you were telling someone about the company and you use those keywords and the training shows you where to put the keywords for success on your blog post.

You can write about your products, your company, target people who need your products like someone who is concerned about credit card theft or social insurance theft. There are unlimited ways to get customers and business partners.

(9)It will take time, so patience is also a key to success.

I look at it this way that each blog post is like money in the bank and as you do the training here at Wealthy Affiliate take action and write blog post your income will not only grow so will time freedom.  Like in fishing though you need patience .

What happens is, that once you continually post and you have credibility with Google you will be on that coveted first page and when that happens you will have partners joining you and selling products when you are asleep, on holidays or just enjoying life. Now I would love to get your comment below on what you think of this method for getting customers compared to out everyday chasing people.

(10)How about an extra income stream attached to building whatever business you choose?

Yes this is another upside to building your Legal shield business because you can not only do the training, you can offer the Wealthy Affiliate platform training to anyone who joins you in your business. This way you are giving the people who join you, the best chance for success with a solid foundation , as well as getting an extra income for yourself and for those who join you because they do the same for the people who join them.

Wealthy affiliate pays people who promote their training platform an affiliate commission, which is how you make the extra income stream. For each person you refer and they buy the premium package you will be given a referral fee of $23.50 that you will get each month as long as they are a member.

Trust me when I say that people do not want to leave here because it is awesome community of people like you who are building their business. Plus the training and the help is beyond words’.You can go in for free and check it out for yourself. There is no obligation so go ahead right here.

(11)My opinion on Legal Shield as an opportunity.

I think the products are good and the company is great from all the comments I looked at there was a lot of positive feedback. I am not an affiliate for them so this is an unbiased comment. At consumer affairs there were 1035 comments and 925 were 5 star rating.  I would the company give it an 8 out of 10, however as a vehicle for financial success I would give it a 1 out of 10 again because of the numbers.

Less than 3% (I thing I am being generous because places I checked said less then 1%)are succeeding in MLM so unless people learn the marketing skills offered here at Wealthy Affiliate, your chances for success are next to none and you just need to look at the statistics which you can check out for yourself to verify this.

If you couple the Legal shield company with Wealthy affiliate and you do the training and take action you can increase your chances to 100%.

(12)Is there something you are extremely passionate about?

Another factor in success with any company is how much do you believe in it and get excited about what you promote. I am not promoting any MLM as a way for financial freedom but instead I have choose to be an affiliate which is a person who gets a commission for products or services different companies promote.

If you have a hobby or some from of entertainment you enjoy like sports you can actually do awesome from that. People are buying products all the time related to sports and you can write on this about the game and than tie in various related products to receive commission.

Training takes you every single step to know how to make it a success. Plus lets say you want to do sports, a way to get ideas is to look at other people who have taken this area and have been successful. Look at their websites and their blogs and even ask them questions here at Wealthy affiliate.  It is like when people are doing movies or songs they have their influences that help develope their music or movies.

(13)7 Reasons Why I Choose Affiliate marketing.

(1)My biggest reason was that I found something that I believed in 100% and this was Wealthy affiliate. I knew it was changing lives and would continue to change lives, in not only gaining financially success, but helping people believe in themselves to make their website a success.

(2)The community of people here are so helpful that no one need ever be stuck in how to do something, plus they are very encouraging and inspiring. When, they are having success they encourage one another along with their results.


(3)More freedom in having multiple sources of income because here you can be involved in as many things as you want, to get additional income and many times with MLM they restrict you on this. Since,it is my business I wanted more freedom to make those decisions.

(4)My other reason was I could do awesome with any product I choose without recruiting anyone.

(5)I did not have to buy any products to promote them. I could find out from comments on the quality of the products.

(6)Once my websites are up and established my workload decreases so I have much more time freedom.

(7)Another big reason is when I do my blogs I can receive multiple sources of income, as opposed to just the one.

I hope this review will help you in your decision and let me know below, what you think of what I have said, whether you agree or not. Plus if you have questions let me know below and I will answer them. All the best.

2 thoughts on “Prepaid Legal shield reviews-a review with a twist!

  1. The success rate of MLM companies is extremely low, so unless someone is extremely driven, they are not going to make a successful income from MLM. I tried Amway many years ago and lasted less than six months. The main problem I had with MLM was that I was pressuring my family and friends to become members and/or buy the products. This sometimes led to uncomfortable social situations.
    I have to agree with you when you offer the Wealthy Affiliate training as a good additional tool to add to any MLM venture to make it more successful, or to use it as a stand-alone business where we can follow our passion by blogging about things that we are passionate about. I have to say this is a good way to try and build up a stream of passive income.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Andrew for your feedback and I agree anyone would have to be extremely driven to make it work on its own.With the marketing skills, they can go to the target market who are actually looking for the product or service.Thanks again for your comment and have a great day.

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