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Modere reviews- Is This One Of The Bad Apples?

One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch!

Modere reviews are a way for you to see if Modere is one of the bad apples that gives Multi Level the reputation of been a scam. As they say one bad apple spoils the bunch, so I will give you an unbiased review.

I work for a non-profit group and I was at a lady’s home where I saw a box saying “Young Living”, so because that was a company I had done a review on, I was curious if she was a representative and she told me it was her niece who sold the essential oils, but she had since changed to a company called Modere.

This lady raved about the products in Modere, so when I came home I decided to find out how many people were looking for Modere a month online. I was surprised to see, that it was indeed one of top searched for MLM companies. With that information I decided to write this review to educate myself on the company while hopefully helping others who are looking as well.

Just a note, that this is a very long review but if you stick with me to the end, you will not only have a review but you will have confidence in building a business no matter which company you choose, so please put up with my long-winded blog, and I would love to get a comment on the end if this was a help in guiding you.


Why I do MLM reviews.

I have been in several MLMs and have not had much success, however I feel that with any failure(it is never really failure until we give up, and even then we may find clarity on what works better for us.) we gain clarity on how to make a better decision next time.

This was no different, through trial and error I found an outstanding company Wealthy Affiliate that teaches people how to market online. This way if we choose not to market to friends and family we do not have to. The best part is you can find your target market, the people who are actually looking for what you have.

One of the reasons over 98% are failing in MlM is not having the entrepreneur mindset developed. Most of us are great at working for someone else, however we fall short on working for ourselves, part of this is not having the knowledge what we need to know to be a great marketer, so we can be a full fledged entrepreneur.

That is where Wealthy affiliate comes in as they teach you all the ins and outs of marketing your business, as well you are a community of over 1 million people learning to become professional at marketing, so by the time you are finished you are well-equipped to build your business and have it extremely successful.

I feel by doing these reviews I could not only learn the skills to market products, but I could help other people who like me were looking for an MLM to help gain more financial success. For me part of the reason for little success was because I had to rely on family and friends which was not only uncomfortable but I only had so many, plus they were most of the time not looking for what I had.

Modere’s Background Information.

  • Modere’s owner is Robert Conlee.
  • The products include household products, personal care products and health and wellness, plus they have collagen science based products.
  • Their headquarters is in Springville, Utah.
  • They opened in 2014.
  • They previously were Neway international international a 300 million dollar company, so their products have been used by consumers for over 25 years.
  • Their emphasis for marketing products is social media websites along with face to face marketing.
  • The startup cost is from $29.99 to $399.00
  • Their business model is MLM.

What about the products?

Modere has a wide range of products anywhere from personal care products, home care products health and wellness and collagen products. This is one of the features of MLM I like is that you can use these products, tell people and then get paid.

We often gripe(myself included when we have to buy for auto ship) however it can be products we are buying anyway.Let’s face it the store may give you a few points, but you tell anyone about the vitamins you bought there and how they are working so great and the store you bought them from will not give you a penny. Look above at the picture and what Bill Gates says about networkmarketing, and do you think he might have an idea of what works?

When you really think about the concept of network marketing “getting paid for telling others”, it is a great idea. I got a little sidetracked there, to go on a rant, so back to the products.

There are four categories including:

  1. Health and wellness products
  2. Personal care products.
  3. Collagen science-based products.
  4. Household products.

(1)Health and wellness include a wide range of supplements that help with familiar issues like weight loss improving health, and anti-aging. The most popular product in health and wellness is Modere M3 which is for weight loss. If, you decide to join Modere, check out Jaxxy here where you can find out how many people are looking for that particular product in google. The M3 there are 293 on average looking for that product, so you can learn the skills here (it is free to check out, so go ahead) on how you can get those people coming to your website each month.

(2)Personal care products include moisturizers, cleansers, toners and everything you would need for skin care and then they have lotions, body care lotions, hand cream and I would say they probably include almost all the skin care anyone would need for personal care. All their products and packaging from each category are environmentally friendly.

(3)Collagen based products, include collagen chews and drinks.

(4)Household products would include laundry detergents, washing detergent and cleaning products that are used around the home.

The Good about Modere.

  1. Social media emphasis for marketing.
  2. A wide range of products.
  3. Startup is inexpensive.
  4. Inexpensive to startup and monthly overhead when you have a good sales base.
  5. Eco friendly.
  6. Evaluates and reviews products.
  7. Perks and rewards for shopping at Modere.
  8. Positive reviews.
  9. Their MlM business model gives everyone a fair chance to start a business.

(1)One of the downsides of MLM is their emphasis for selling is family and friends and with Modere their emphasis is family and friends plus social media websites and more of an emphasis on social media.

(2)They have a wide range of products which allows distributors to have more people to give value. Giving value is solving peoples problem and with more products their are more problems to solve, so more value.

(3)A distributor can startup for $29.95 and be able to get commissions anywhere from 10 to 20%.

(4)For a one time cost of $399.00 and auto ship each month of 100pv a person can take part in all the bonuses they offer which is relatively inexpensive when you have a lot of sales.

(5)The products are environmentally friendly and Modere go above and beyond in this department. The products they package are 100% recycle able and even their manufacturing facilities are wind powered.

(6)They are against harmful ingredients and have an advisory council that once a year look at the ingredients, to recommend changes. Their products are free of Parabens, phthalates, SLS and PEGS and they have a blog on their website that gives advice to customers as well as information regarding the products.

(7) Everyone loves the points and with Modere for every every dollar someone spends they get a point. These points can be retrieved for an opportunity for Modere experiences which are chosen monthly, or it can go towards various things like getting free shipping, or they can have it go towards birthday gifts or other things.

The modere experience includes experiences, like going skydiving or having a spa day or going to a concert.

There is also a grand prize winner chosen, where two people get to stay at the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit,, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico for five nights.

(8) I like to check out other people’s experiences with Modere by looking at the reviews and with Modere because they’ve been opened only a short time, there were few reviews. These reviews were at the better business bureau where they have an A+rating, and they have only four reviews with an average of five stars.

(9) MLM has its disadvantages, however it does have its advantages as well. It doesn’t matter what race, it doesn’t matter what education or how much money people have, they have a fair chance to start building a business that can give them amazing success with the right skills.

The Bad About Modere.

(1) It has only been going since 2014.

(2) It has a wide range of products.

(3) It is MLM business model.

(4) They need more comprehensive training and support.

(5) Health and wellness is extremely competitive.

(6)The cost of monthly overhead.

(7)Control over your options.

(1)Many,talk about getting in on the ground floor, however that is higher risk. When a company has been around for longer, it now has a great chance of been around, like Amway and Avon and MaryKay after having stood the test of time.

(2) It is good to have a wide range of products, however it can sometimes lead to people been maybe a bit skeptical as you promote each product as been one you are excited about. When you focus on the ingredients in each that makes it unique, like plant based products from my number one MLM for plant based products, that can make it more credible. I sometimes think it is good to really zero in on a few that you have personally had great results and tell your story.

(3) All MLM companies and any company for that matter, that have been around will have some negative publicity but Modere under their former ownership have had to do deal with tax evasion and trying to defraud the government. These issues can be a bit more difficult to overcome.

(4)Unfortunately when you say MLM, some people want to run for the hills and it does not matter how credible a company is, the MLM business model can be an obstacle for selling.

To overcome this, it is best to have the marketing skills you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate, that will have the people who are not against MLM and are actually looking for your products, come to your website. They teach you to put up the website as well.

(5) My hat is of to Modere for putting the emphasis on online skills, however they have only a piece of the puzzle for training and their support is still not evolved enough. Again the Wealthy affiliate review above, will be the answer to overcome this should you decide to partner with Modere.

(6) We all know several companies that are MLM health and wellness and it is an extremely saturated market. Any MLM company usually tells you that everyone can be your customer if they have a heartbeat. I think that is not a professional stance, instead looking for people who are your niche market who are a small group of people who you can offer value to and because you are offering value it really does take the selling out of the equation.

I chose MLM reviews as a niche because having been in MLM companies I feel that I know and have something in common, and I can relate with the people who are looking to join MLM. In  writing my next blog on Niche marketing, it will include information to explain the concept more.

The same for you for whichever company you choose, it is wise to find your niche market to sell your products and to find distributors. You will also then be in a less competitive part of the health and wellness market. For example, I just broke 2 fingers and used a product called Alfalfa from Shaklee’s company, that I feel gave me a lot of help in healing.

The Doctor was impressed with my healing as well. Let’s say you target people who are healing from diseases or injuries and your products can help them. Not only will you have people who love your products you will have people who will then often want to tell others, so they become a distributor.

How do you find those people who want your products? You go in here for free and you look at a tool Jaaxy (there is a video to explain Jaaxy, when you click on J Research on the left hand column) we have, that shows you how many people are looking for your product each month and what your competition is as well.

(7)The overhead is inexpensive, however on the beginning when you are establishing your business, it can be expensive with no sales base, unless you are buying those products regularly anyway. The other way is if you are learning the skills at Wealthy affiliate, which I have mentioned throughout this blog, your blogs on the products will be bringing in money later, so it will be like back pay.

(8)Some companies have it where you can only promote their products, and sometimes they tell you are not allowed to have your own personal website. For me that is limiting my options and since it is my own business, I want to make sure that any company I join does not limit my options, because that will limit my income as well.

Diversifying your income can be huge in internet marketing because from one blog post you can be promoting several companies, or advertising on your blog, so if you want to make the most out of your efforts on online marketing it is important that you have the option to, which is why I choose my major source of income to come from affiliate marketing. I will explain later if that is an interest for you.

Show Me The money!

Like most MLM companies the compensation is somewhat complicated, so I will do you an injustice trying to explain it, so I have this video that will make sure you get all the details, plus again because getting a little long-winded. Anytime you have anyone interested in the compensation I would suggest you do the same, because everyone can figure it out on their own, when watching a video.

Affiliate marketing as another route to unlimited income!

Tell me if this is you and that is, you are looking at this company because it is a way to make incredible income? While you may like the products, but maybe there is something else that you are more passionate about like gardening, sports, different health products, hiking, babies etc.

That is what affiliate marketing is about, you choose whatever topic you are passionate about and blog about it, then find products related to each blog and the company from where the products came from pay you a commission. Wealthy affiliate teachesyou every single step to get your website up and then, every step to get traffic to your website, and then collect your income from the people who buy.

The great things about affiliate marketing is as I mentioned, you can diversify your income from different ways. For example Let’s say you join wealth affiliate and you blog about hiking and then you mention on your blog that you are learning the skills from Wealthy affiliate, plus you are talking about your favorite hiking boots.

You can get paid commission from the company that sells the boots, as well as Wealthy affiliate gives you a commission for referring their marketing platform and if these people become a premium member you will get that referral fee each month.

Remember to, that every blog post you write will have traffic come, each and every month, over time it will lead to more and more passive income. One lady here at the platform did not make a penny her first year, however the second year she was doing over 5000.00 a month and just last week she had a day with over 400.00 and she has now cut back on her efforts but the income is rising, so she is getting back pay from her first year efforts.

Affiliate marketing as a map for MLM!

So maybe you are still sold on doing MLM and this is how you can have a map for your business. Have you been involved in MLM and not quite sure how, or if you should approach family and friends, or maybe you are looking at one now and asking yourself that question? To me when MLM are offering this advice, it is like mudslinging and hoping that some is gonna stick.

How would your confidence rise if you had a well laid out plan? Wealthy affiliate can teach you four things for your plan:

(1)Who you will target and as I mentioned before, with our Jaaxy tool you find out who is looking for your product, so you can show them the value you offer. Plus you can find the people who are actually looking to be a distributor in your company and how would you feel writing to someone who wants what you have.

(2)They will show you how to build your own website, as opposed to sending them to your company ‘s replicated website. Having your own website is truly like having real estate online and when you send people to a company website that is not a good idea for a few reasons.

(3)Just a side note if you are thinking you are technology challenged, do not worry. All I could do before was go into a website and email, however with the training at Wealthy affiliate I was able to put my website up in a week. Usually with computer knowledge it will take you a couple of hours.

Have you heard that the money is in the list and when you get people”s emails to communicate with them, and the company owns the website, then they own the list and if they go out of business, so do you. However, with your own list you can still communicate with them. If, get into a dispute with your company they can cut you off from your list.

Cookie cutter website and those words perhaps speak to you about why it is a problem, when everyone has the same website with all the same content. Content is what is one of the most important aspects of a website and how people get to know you. Having your own original one with your own content is critical and for you to have control of what goes on the website.

3.) The third thing they will show you is how to get traffic to your website and once that happens you are getting sales when you are of living life. You have built yourself an income stream that will become more and more passive as time goes by.

4.) With a plan in place you have a tool that you can offer people who want to join you, which will give those that join you confidence as well when you have given them the same opportunity by joining Wealthy affiliate to have access to that same plan.

The bonus of that plan is now you have an amazing additional income stream as well, because when your team join you with using Wealthy affiliate you are now given a referral fee which can lead to a very good income. Plus again you are given your team that same opportunity of an additional income stream.

My opinion On Modere.

I would give 5 out of 10 because I think with the short time in business  I think this can be a weakness as a vehicle in building your financial future.

I also think a big part of your success will be, how passionate you are about the product.If, you are sold on it and its value that will be huge. When I choose Wealthy Affiliate  it was because I had no red flags in my mind, I was 100 % sold on the value they offered.

In your decision from looking at the Modere reviews I would seriously consider learning the marketing skills otherwise your chances remember is 1 to 5 % success and do you want to go into a business with that low of a chance of it succeeding.

Thankyou for reading my blog and whichever route you choose I wish you lots of success. If, you have any comments or questions please feel free to put them in the comments below and again thanks for looking at my blog. I  am  going to still a line from Ellen DeGeneres “Be kind to one another.”

12 thoughts on “Modere reviews- Is This One Of The Bad Apples?

  1. Hi that certainly is a thorough review and that’s a positive as a lot of people get involved with MLM schemes without thinking about or checking the risks, which you have clearly defined here. It is an excellent review and gives people the positives and negatives of schemes like these. Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Gerard for the kind comments and I think reviews are a great start for checking out MLM as to shows they are not jumping in blindly.I wish you lots of success with your work.

  2. Thank you for a good and fair review of Modere MLM business.

    These days I am not a big fan of MLM as most people (around 97%) don’t make any real money they can shout about. Those that do usually do some behind the scene deals with the company owners and get extras because they have a team they can bring over from their previous network!

    I have experience of working with 4 MLM companies and despite making some money I did not make the big bucks I was expecting. My own businesses were very successful however the more success my own businesses enjoyed the more time I had to devote to them with the consequences of my family break-up. I was attracted to MLM business, like most people I guess, for the promise of passive income. However, despite having a business mindset, despite putting in far more effort than my other businesses required I was still not able to reach a good level of passive income.

    I turned to affiliate marketing and have not looked back. In my opinion, anyone looking to build a business online should take a serious look at affiliate marketing business and a great place to learn and earn is with Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

    1. Hi Moni,
      Thanks for the comment and I agree.It is so hard for MLM and affiliate marketing is I think an amazing route, which is also how to be successful using the skills taught at Wealthy affiliate to build MLM and without those skills I would not touch it.With the skills I think the sky is the limit.

    1. Thanks for the comment Suzanne.I agree wealthy affiliate is a totally reputable company and a map for building any business.

  3. Yikes. I’ve never heard of Modere before this but it sounds like they have a few issues. Criminal complaints? Definitely not good for a new company. There are some great MLM companies out there, but unfortunately there are a lot of bad ones too. Thank you for the very thorough review. I learned quite a bit. Wealthy affiliate is the first online company I joined where I actually had success! I love it and highly recommend. Great advice. Thanks again!

    1. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is great as a stand alone to build, or with building any other company whether it is online or offline.

  4. I hadn’t realized that Modere is the new Young Living. Thanks for the comprehensive review of this company. I thought that you presented a fair assessment of both the good and bad with this company and MLM in general. Like you, I’ve tried several MLM opportunities with a little success. But, as you mentioned, my family and friends eventually got sick of me bugging them. The opportunities that you present here sound great. I like the idea of putting myself in front of customers who actually want what I’m offering versus bugging everyone that I know. Thank you for taking the time to put this together Phyllis!

    1. Thanks Jerimy for the comment and I know it’s a relief not having to bother other people about the opportunity, rather find people who are looking for the product and the opportunity.

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