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MlM Networkmarketing review

The Controversy over MlM Network Marketing.

This post on MLM Network Marketing review will include my usual:

  • Why the controversy
  • The Upside
  • The downside
  • Making it Work
  • My opinion

I hope it will help you if you are trying to make a decision on whether to join. Before I continue I just want to be upfront and say that I am an affiliate for the platform I recommend and get a referral fee because I believe that it is the solution to success on the internet.

Many times there is a question as to the legality of network marketing and MLM companies. While, it is legal in the U. S, some companies seem to make the most of the focus, on bringing people in, as opposed to the sell of the products.

Plus they put too much emphasis on the money people can make.(which you can definitely make withthe right marketing skills) A few people without the skills manage to do very well or they already have the skills and that is why they do well, but about 95% drop out.

Many of the MLM and Network Marketing companies give some information, but not enough to give people the opportunity for everyone to succeed, if they are persistent and consistent, and are armed with all the right skills.

The controversy can get as heated as politics and religion gets. It has been endorsed by some major celebrities and I will list a few, along with some of their comments:

  • Warren Buffett and has anyone heard of him. Yes the billionaire investor, speaker and a philanthropist. His comment regarding network marketing was “The best investment I have ever made”.
  • Brian Tracey who is a famous motivation speaker and author summed it up once in this statement. “The future of Network Marketing is unlimited. It has probably made more millionaires of more people in more countries, than any other form of business starting from nothing. There is no end in sight. It will continue to grow because better people are getting into it. It will become one of the become one of the respected business methods in the world.”
  • Jack Canfield author of one of my favorite books, “Chicken soup for the soul”.
  • Sir Richard Branson who is owner of the virgin group, investor, an author and a philanthropist actually owns a network marketing company called “Vie at home”. In his first year Vie at home made over 60 million dollars.

Sometimes I think the negative publicity is a result of pyramid where there is no actual product, and than ponzi schemes. The good thing is that they often do not last long, however the bad thing is they taint the Network marketing industry, and cause people to give up on their dream. The good ones stand the test of time, even though they have flaws as well, like any company, but they are legal and ethical.

The Upside of MLM and Network Marketing.

Here is the upside of MLM and Network Marketing:

  • The cost is usually relatively inexpensive considering the income you can make. Even with the requirements of buying so much each month which some companies require(personally I think it is good to buy from your own business)considering there are more millionaires in this industry than any other industry. They have made millions with very little cost compared to someone who has bought a franchise, and has huge overhead each month.
  • I have heard it is a personal development course, and I agree because when you consider 80% of success is mindset, this is usually something we have to continually work on. Let’s face it the mind tends to often go negative and that is why there is so much money made on things like loosing weight, self-help etc.

People (I know because I do it)buy and than give it a whirl for a while, and than discard it until the next best thing comes around, and than we buy that. Many times we have to face the fact that it is not the product or the company it is our mind that needs to change.

For me in loosing weight I am looking at so many books I have bought that are on my counter, that I have thought had the magic formula. I have all the information I need but I need to take that knowledge and use it and that is where my mindset comes in to make it happen.

However, as I mentioned it is also the skills we need as well, which is how I ended up here.(again you can go in and try for free and no obligation )

  • Sharing the dream with other like-minded people. It is exciting to have dreams and it is also very exciting to share those dreams with people. In Network Marketing and MLM you meet many people who have different reasons for starting their own business, sometimes it is to get more time for family and traveling and just having more choices that unfortunately often cost money. Then there are people who are tired of 2 or 3 jobs trying to pay the bills, or having a job that only pays the bills. Different why’s for different people as to why they want to have their own business.
  • It allows anyone to be successful. If you do not have a lot of money, it’s okay, if you have little or are overqualified with education it does not matter. Red, yellow, black or white it does not matter it is equal opportunity. You can be old or you can be young, again it does not matter. If you havethe right skills,(this is a review of the platform, if you would like to know more about it) and are persistence and consistent, or even the willingness to learn to be consistent, persistent and develop the right skills you will do amazing.
  • Many companies have some amazing products and like any business, some not so amazing. Like trying to lose weight and trying many books I have tried a few companies to make extra money, and along the way I have found products that worked really well for me. They get judged a lot for bad products, but any company will have some duds. I think the trick is to remain open-minded and try the product and see for yourself. Most of those companies are great with refunds for those duds.
  • You meet a lot of people from all walks of life and have some friends that last for life. A couple of my friends who I have had for years were people I prospected for a company I was in.
  • This might sound weird, but I think it could make sense, so let me know what you think about this? A friend of mine told me she did a paper on Alzheimer disease and one of the things she found out is that Alzheimer increased from, I think she said 2% to 20% after the industrial revolution.

I can believe that because before the industrial revolution people relied more on themselves as opposed to relying on a company. Relying on the company took away some of their own creativity and belief in been able to rely on themselves.

When you are relying on yourself like you do in Network Marketing, and MLM by doing things like learning the skills(check it out here and there are over a million people learning to be serious entrepreneurs here)to market and been creative in ways to grow your business, you have to either believe in yourself or learn to believe in yourself more, and that comes about more as you use your brain more in learning new things.

Maybe learning new things and having belief in yourself to make your own income, could have been why the low rate of Alzheimer before the industrial revolution.

  • The satisfaction people get from building their own business. On the platform where I learn the skills to market online, along with as I said over a million other people, there is an excitement because you have people who are taking control of things like how much they work, how much income they want to have, how much time off.

Even the frustrations of building your business is often taken on as a challenge of learning to get back up when you get knocked down, because that happens.

  • You do not have an age of when your income stops as you do not have to retire, or if you do want to retire you have a great passive income coming in. We have many retired people learning at the platform I mention for learning the skills to market.

One of my mentors is doing amazing with not MLM or Network marketing but he owns his own business as an affiliate marketer,(which is what I do) and him and his wife take of for trips often and his business requires very little time because he has learned to get traffic to his website so his store is now open with very little effort 24 hours 7 days a week.

When you learn the marketing skills for MLM and Network marketing online you now have the opportunity to know that your income will become passive.

Now the downside.

Unfortunately sometimes there is a downside to upsides. I will tell you what I mean.

  • Remember I said it is low cost and that can be upside but it can also be a downside. Many people put more value on something when it cost more. Let’s say you purchase a franchise, you are gonna work that hard to make it work. In MLM and Network Marketing you can earn as much or more than buying a franchise for sometimes overhead of a $100.00 or less a month.

A little less or maybe a little more but many people do not put the work in like if they have bought a franchise. Although as I said it can pay you as much or more.

People give up too soon. Again I think this is also a result of low cost because if it is a franchise people give it much longer and take it more serious. Another reason people give up to soon is I think many MLM and Network Marketing companies unfortunately hype up the money they can make, as opposed what it takes to build a business, which youcan learn here if you go in and check it out for free(do not be afraid to ask questions you may have)When people do not make money quick enough they give up.

  • Another reason people give up to soon is we are very much been programmed for instant gratification. Everything is immediate gratification. Do not want to cook eat out or microwave. Want to lose weight here is a pill you can take. We than become less patient when we have to work at it and give up sooner.
  • The social aspect that I mentioned can interfere. Spending large amounts of time chatting with others. In other companies that was one of my challenges. I love the social but I often neglected the work I needed to do in the MLM company I was in. Really it comes down to just getting good at managing our time.

Here where I am learning the skills I love to drop in and see what is going on, and this I do not find such a big distraction(although it takes more time than I would sometimes like) because I am more for face to face socializing than online. However, some people here have said they have to be careful because they find a lot of friendships here and get distracted. Again it is learning to manage our time, so we can socialize and get our work done.

  • Much of our success in MLM and Network marketing is due to people. So unfortunately sometimes people rub us the wrong way(we do not like to think this but we also rub people the wrong way). Some people bring out our best side and some people bring out our worst side.

Likewise, we can bring out the best or worst side of people, so it is learning to get along with everyone. I think we have most opportunity to grow from the people who bring out our worst side because we have to look at ourselves more. Remembering that it takes two to do the tangle.

The more we grow and learn to get along with everyone the more success as well, and more peace in our lives. I have a mantra that I sometimes use when I am in the tangle(lol)”To Err is human to forgive is divine”.Remembering that for myself and others is freeing.

  • MLM and Network Marketing can be a tool for success, but our biggest tool is our mindset. Since 80 percent of success is mindset and sometimes companies do not emphasize that to people enough. Let’s face it, growing up we have sometimes not been taught in school or home how to use our mind most effectively, so it is a learning process for this as well.

I will give you one example from my own wrong thinking. I grew up thinking that success comes with a lot of hard work, and to be honest that was the reason I gave up Network Marketing. The truth of it is more about been consistent with the right activity and having the right tools like the marketing skills to get people to your website, which you learn here.

Making it Work.

I love the song by Doug and the slugs “Making it Work” and it partly inspires me because it says “making it work takes a little time”, and that is true in any MLM and Network Marketing company. It also takes consistency and persistence and like I said earlier it is about getting knocked down but getting back up. Dealing with our doubts and fears about whether it is gonna work, and knowing that it will work, it just takes a little time.

One guy here(you can check it out for free) who after two years of learning the marketing skills from his bed on computer at his parents home, made over $15000.00 this month because he just kept going. That is only 2 years in for him so imagine another few years where  he  will be. Not only that, he said he is really enjoying the journey with all it’s ups and downs.

My opinion.

As I said I am a big fan of MLM and network marketing, however unfortunately given the numbers of people succeeding I do not see it as a great opportunity for a lot of financial success unless you have the skills to make it work.

With the right skills anyone can do amazing with their it and your chances are 100% to making it work as long as you are consistent and persistent(have I said that before?lol )as I said above.

I have given this link here to where you can learn throughout and remember you can go in to take it for a test drive, with no obligation. If you rather promote whatever product you like, then a certain product Network Marketing or MLM offers , as you can become an affiliate marketer which is what you learn there as well.

IT is actually for brick and mortar business to learn and MLM and Network Marketing or anyone who wants to have a website and learn to get traffic to their  website 24 hours a day 7 days a week from people all over the world.

I know I have been really long-winded in this MLM Network Marketing review, but I hope it has helped you in your decision. My website is called “dontsweatthebills” and hopefully you see that you never need to again, because with online help for marketing skills and MLM and Networkmarketing companies, no one needs to worry about bills anymore.

With the right tools and the right skills, the right company and a belief in yourself, you write your own paycheck. If you have any questions or any comments you can put them in below and I will answer shortly. Thanks for visiting my website and all the best.

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