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Can Melaleuca work for you?

This is one of Melaleuca reviews that will be a little different because I also offer the solution to make any MLM company work. I do give a number of 1 to 10 as to how I think this company rates as far as been a good MLM company. Just like vehicles some are better than others.

I will put that number at the end. Can you comment on the end of this post, whether what I say actually makes sense to you on how you could make an MLM company work with the skills I mention?

My website is called “dontsweathebills” and I have sweated the bills for most of my life. To be honest that has not bothered me much, because I truly believe that most of the best things in life are free.

However I am realizing,  I still have access to those free things even if I have a great income, so hence my blogging career as a way to have greater finanacial success.

I have always wanted to have more choices in my life like where I live, travel and an income for retirement. MLM for me over the years has been always something I have worked at, to try to make that happen, with relatively little success.

Have you been involved in one before and are looking for a new one or are you new to MLM? I would love to get feedback about your experience. I am an affiliate for Wealthy affiliate,  which I promote throughout this blog post. I am combining both MLM and this platform because I truly believe it is the answer for success for anyone in MLM.

That is the twist to this review, is the solution to MLM regardless of which company chooses. I mean just like some vehicles are better than others, so are MLM companies, but it also subjective. No matter which review you like, in the end it is what you think. However what is not subjective is that what I think MLM is lacking,(and with over 95% failing, something is lacking) is education for people on marketing skills.

They tell you most of the time to go after family and friends, and often people who are not even looking for what you are promoting.This platform teaches(it is free to try ) you the marketing skills you need, to be a success in any MLM you choose.

I am writing this blog post because I found out through a tool on this platform I mentioned above that 1129 people a month are googling about “Melaleuca reviews”.

I also found out when I am on the first page of google, 192 people will visit my website, and I found out my competition of other people blogging about this is 73.

Now this is me over sharing right now, but I just wanted you to see how you can actually find people who are looking for what you have.

So instead of calling aunt Marie about vitamins and she has never taken them and is not interested in them, you have people who are putting into google Melaleuca vitamins.

Who would you want to go after as a customer?Imagine having 1129 people a month looking for a review on Melaleuca, because they are possibly looking to join. Here is another tidbit that to me is amazing.

Let’s say you write a blog post on the benefits of Melaleuca, well here is to me what is amazing, that blog post will have those many people looking every month.(on average)

So you did the post once, but you have those many potential buyers every month looking. Now lets say you write another post on Melaleucas gold bar soap.

That same tool showed me that 64 people a month are googling for that soap and 11 people will visit your website, and 58 other bloggers are blogging about it, which is low competition.To give you an idea how this can add up.

There are many people doing awesome on this platform and some are writing a post a day. Let’s say you write a post a day or a week on one of Melaleuca products.

Remember you do the work once, but you have potential buyers every month, for each post.

So Melaleuca have over 450 products, so that is a lot of customers you can be targeting with all of your post. At the end of the year you will have a lot of post out there getting traffic to your store 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Now tell me what you think regarding this method of looking for customers, as opposed to family and friends, or if you are comfortable asking your family and friends, having this method as an addition? I really would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Can you see how you could make any MLM method work when you have the skills to get people to your website,(here is the review on it)that explains it plus they teach you how to build a website?

I am very techie challenged and I am still amazed I am writing this blog, and that I put up a website.Never knew I could blog either, but they told me in training that if I could have a conversation I could write a blog, so I sometimes pretend when I am writing that it is a conversation to my friend.

I have worked most of my life at a job that for the most I have not enjoyed, there were some aspects of it I did enjoy. I came up with a mantra (actually I copied it) but I did not want to be miserable at my work so my mantra was “If I cannot do the work I love, then I need to love the work I do” and gradually over time I came to accept all of it.

Now however I am doing the work I love. I love learning the skills to blog and the blogging. I am also so excited that I can help make MLM work for people.

Here is a review that tells you all about this platform you learn the skills, and you can even go in there for free, through a link I provided on the review.

Okay back to Melaleucas back ground.

  • Is an MLM started in 1985 by Frank L. Vandersloot
  • Is a health and wellness company
  • It has over 400 products that contain biodegradable ingredients.
  • Their products are echo friendly and environmental friendly products that help people have safer cleaner homes without chemicals.

The good

They have a large array of products with 6 different categories, that people use around the home, so when people are distributors they buy things they have to buy anyway. These are the different categories:

  1. Beauty
  2. Bath and Body
  3. Essential oils
  4. Household
  5. medicine cabinet
  6. Nutrition
  • The compensation is in this very short video and she does a great job of keeping it simple.

The great thing about the compensation is, if you are you are sold on having products around the home that make cleaner living, and you are happy with those products, than you can share with people what you love about them and the company pays you.

You shop at drugstores and grocery stores, and you may get points but not much and you will not get paid for telling others.

However, if you want to make a serious income and have a 100% chance than you need the marketing skills. Here is another example of how you can write blogs and educate people on the Melaleuca products.

Remember that tool I told you that is available at this platform where you learn the skills, I just checked to see how many people a month are googling “the best thing to clean windows”, and here is the results 82 people a month on average are googling that, and average visits to your site for that one post will be 14.

Now this to me was a surprise, you have no competition(0) of other bloggers. So you can write a blog on “Melaleucas clear power glass cleaner” targeting these people.

The bonus is that not only can you write blogs targeting people who are actually looking for those products but, you can zero in on people with a problem like dirty windows and offer them the solution with the products you have.

Do you see how with billions of customers on the web, how you can earn an insane income with the marketing skills?

  • Another plus for Melaleuca is from they have an A+ rating with the BBB which apparently is not an easy task, and they have maintained that rating for over 30 years.

They have been in business over 30 years so they must have a quality business model along with quality products. It is standing the test of time, and that adds to its credibility.

  • Okay lets assume you see the value in learning the marketing skills here,( and I would love to get a comment below on your thoughts about this) because you want to give yourself and others the best chance of been successful because remember MLM without marketing skills has less than 5% of making a serious income, compared to a 100% if they do what training says for marketing.

So another good thing is you provide another income for yourself and your down line because you get a referral fee for them when they become a paying member to this platform where you learn the skills. They have the same opportunity when they refer people.

That additional income is wonderful, but the best thing in my mind, is that you are giving people a firm foundation when they join you in your MLM company.

  • Another good point is that the monthly requirement for people to buy products is 35 points equalling about $80.00. Not only is that fairly low, but they can buy products that they would normally buy anyway.
  • The last good point is that there were a lot of positive reviews at various places I checked on the internet about the products. So many that I have seen a few I may try. I went to Amazon to check their moisturizer “Renew Lotion” and there were 233 reviews with 77%4.4 out of 5.

The bad.

  • The first negative was many people saw it as a negative that in order to see prices of products they had to sign up.
  • The other negative regarding the cancellation is that they had to do in writing, and so many days before their next order.

Can you sell Melaleuca without selling?

Have you bought things in your life that you absolutely love because you felt it had so much value? That is how you can sell without selling and instead you provide value. When you try the products and are really happy with their results, you just show the value.

I sold a vacuum cleaner once and to me that product was absolutely amazing and it was expensive(at least to me)but boy it had value and I am gonna share this funny video further don this blog post, that also shows you how someone shared my sentiments it was a product with value.

(I do not get anything if you buy a rainbow,lol and just make sure you click where it says Kathy lee Gifford and rainbow)) I used to think that as long as you work hard, when promoting a product you would do well, but I think what is most important is value. We all want to make a good income, but it is equally satisfying when you know you are promoting something that has great value.

There will be always people who are negative about it, but when you feel that you 100% believe in what you are promoting, it can override any negativity.

That is what I look for now when I am looking for something to promote, I look for something with value, and to me it has no red flags.

That is why I am an affiliate for the platform,  I have mentioned throughout this blog because I am 100% sold on what it can do for building an MLM.

You can even decide that you want to be an affiliate for some hobby that you have, or an interest and they show you with the right marketing skills you can be as successful as you want. There is not a  5 % chance it is 100% as long as you implement the training.

My thoughts.

I think Melaleuca is an 8 out of 10 as far as the company mainly because they seem to be very health conscious with safe ingredients  and are concerned about their effect on the environment and peoples health.

They often do studies to ensure that their products are making a difference on peoples health. I personally think they are doing a lot right when you can get rid of products with chemicals in the home. Plus that A+ rating is impressive for that length of time.

However, as I say in any review of MLM, as great a vehicle as Melaleuca is I would not use it,without the skills for marketing that you learn here.(it is free to check it out) If you are looking to make a great income, or even just a good income and you learn the skills, than you can set your income as high as you want.

I have compared it to having this beautiful vehicle in your driveway that has no insurance.Would you drive it? To me marketing skills are the insurance for success in MLM.


Thank you for looking at this blog post about Melaleuca. I hope it was helpful. I also have an incentive, carrot, bonus or whichever way you see it. My friend calls them carrots.

I see it as a bonus(lol). If you have decided to join Melaleuca, and you see the value of using this platform to learn the marketing skills, I will give you a bonus to help get your Melaleuca blog going.

Remember I said there is a tool inside this marketing platform that actually tells you what people are looking for on google, and these words are called keywords. In essence your paycheck with your blog or videos , is largely determined by those keywords. The more blog post with those keywords the higher your income.

The bonus I will give you, is if you join this platform, that I have mentioned throughout, even if you join for free I will give you 10 keywords to start of with.

I have already picked them out. Those keywords are things about Melaleuca people are already looking for. So remember you find people who are actually looking for you.

Tell me below if you like this concept of people looking for what you have? I mean you can still go after friends and family but you do not need to.

Let me know below if you think it makes sense combining learning the skills, to make Your MLM  successful, and let me know you have joined the platform, and I will get you the list.

You will have access to help from myself and people who have already learned the skills and now are making 1000s a month, plus they are there to help when you are stuck as well.

You will have an amazing tool to take your Melaleuca or any MLM to whatever heights you want to take it too. All the best and I wish you lots of success.

8 thoughts on “Melaleuca

  1. Hi Phyllis,

    Malaleuca sounds very intriguing and a product that I can see a big demand for. Does it cost much to order to be able to sell this product and products like it online Phyllis?

    How long as that company been around for, as well? I have read the above and also will I real support along the way should I get stuck?

    This is very interesting as I have never heard of this before and I am very much looking forward to your responses on Malaleuca – thanks Phyllis.

    1. Hi Philip,

      It has been around since 1985. I am not representative, so as far as getting stuck I think you would be fine if you are on the wealthy affiliate platform, because you can get so much help there.As far as finding someone to join under in Melaleuca,I would ask how much help you get, plus they may be interested in joining WA because they would like to learn to market their business.The cost I think for buying products is up to $80.00. That can be buying things you buy anyway like toothpaste.etc

      Hope this helps and let me know if I can answer any more questions.Thanks for the comment.

  2. Thanks Phyllis for the information on Melaleuca. I never heard of it before, sounds like a good product. They have some high profile people promoting it, that gives a certain credibility. The proof I guess comes down to using it.

    I like what you said about having a product without a marketing plan is like having a car in the driveway with no insurance. Success indeed is limited.

    Your marketing plans seems like a winner for any product you want to market.

    From your review, I assume the product can be purchased on line?

    1. Hi Russ,

      Thanks for the great comment, and yes people can find a distributor online, if they do not have one already that they know.I think the skills for marketing is what they truly need to make it a real success, and for the people they introduce Melaleuca to as well.

      Thanks again for your comment and I really appreciate it.


  3. Phyllis,
    Never did any MLM’s with any success. Getting traffic for a product is much like any other online adventure. If you are trying to find people to purchase or buy into a program, it is not that much different, you must try to find what they are searching for and target that phase.
    Money making programs are all over the internet, you must find one that fits your abilities and stay with it for at least a year to see if you can make it work.
    Training on how to get and keep traffic is the most important aspect of any online training, Does Melaleuca have a training program for this.

    1. Hi John,

      To be honest I am not sure of their training, but I know MLM in general is less than 5%, so I think usually there is training but little in regard to marketing. This is why I am targeting different MLM companies because I think as you said to get and keep traffic is the most important aspect of training.

      I really appreciate your feedback

  4. Excellent overview on giving readers an idea of how they can drive traffic to you site by keying on Melaleuca, or any kind of niche for that matter by utilizing decent keyword research. I do something similar for my own blogs, aiming for the “low hanging fruit” as I learned in Wealthy Affiliate training, for high-ranking keywords that are low in competition. I can attest that the results are much greater with such a strategy in favor of blindly writing articles and guessing on keywords.

    1. Hi Todd,
      Yes don’t you think anyone in any MlM would be ahead with the training skills, including the right keywords?As you said it can be any niche, but this post is targeting people looking at Melaleuca. However, with those skills of driving traffic they can write on whatever they want.As you said it is blindly writing articles without the right keywords. I appreciate your comment and I wish you luck with your training.


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