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Enagic Kangen water reviews

Enagics flagship and my favorite Product


These Enagic Kanger water reviews contain much information, so I decided to write on my favorite on the Enagic”s flagship product, which is the SD501.


There are 5 different models, all together, and so I decided to write a review on each one, following this one.


Just like there are different models in automobiles that take us from A to B, there are different models in water machines that take our physical body from A to B.


I am starting with the SD501 which is the favorite among people and myself included. This information on this blog is a result of a long journey into deciding what product I could be passionate about in promoting.


First I have talked about what causes poor health, and then how the SD 501 changes peoples health.


I knew I wanted to have something related to water because I believe it is one of the top things we can do for our health, and you can check out more about that here.


I am just now learning how to market online with this platform, that teaches you exactly step by step in what to do.


However I did not want to market something I could not believe in 100%. While I have not tried the product yet, I have it on my list for Santa, because after soooo much research I have no red flags , which rarely happens for me.



I am kind of long-winded in this review but if you go through the whole post you will see how greatly the water system can benefit you.


Here is a link  that lets you see demos that demonstrate the evidence of what Kangen water does for your body. Plus as I said it gives you why the quality matters, and much more information.

What got my attention?


The company is called enagic and is a 40-year old direct marketing company based out of Japan, and the owner is Hironari Ohshiro.  The fact that the owner was Japanesse, did influence me in looking further because we know the quality Japan brings to technology and electronics.


Even in longevity they seem to have the market cornered, so maybe they know something about health, because there are over 65000 people who are living to 100 or more


Like direct marketing companies like Avon, Amway, and Mary Kay they have been around a long time, and are here to stay.


They have been around for over 40 years. Just the fact that it was not something that was a fly by night company, gave me some confidence.


My main reason to purchase was for my health, but I also was and am interested in improving the health of my finances. I knew about the importance of Alkaline water, so I knew to improve the health of my finances I needed a product that everyone needed, and water to me was the number one, because of how much of our body is made up of water.


Unlike the other direct marketing companies we have a product that everyone needs, and people just need to see what the damaging effects of many types of water are.


I knew if I believed in the product enough I would be excited about getting the message out.


My mission is to get the word out on how much people need water, and not just a few cups a day, as many sources like a nutritionist I saw says, we need at least half our body weight in ounces of water, so if you are 150 lbs, you will need 75ounces. Weight watchers says to lose weight, people need this much, as well. An acupuncturist I see says the same that we need at least half our body weight.


Not only do we need water, but we need the right kind of water that changes our health and we are been deceived in thinking that all water is equal.



I am using this platform, to learn to market as one of my means to inform people, and hopefully make a huge difference in peoples physical and financial as well as a huge impact on the environment as more and more people start to use the Kangen water.


If you too would like to learn how to market the kangen system after reading this blog, or you have done your due diligence on the kangen water system, then check out this review on the platform


Are we forgetting the number one influence in our health?

There is such an interest in health, and people are putting out a lot of money to improve their health.


The 2 best things for improving health is sleep 8 hrs, and drinking plenty of water, however it is 2 things we often neglect until we have reached a health crisis and then we are more open to change.


Since we are mostly water, water is the number one thing.


We are bombarded with toxins from our world. Chemicals from cleaning our homes. There are tests that have been done, that are showing babies are been born with more then 200 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood, so even babies are coming into this world toxic.


There are so many man made chemicals, and these chemicals are making our immune system weaker. Prescription drugs, (according to a report )is going to get to about 610 billion in cost in the US. alone, by the year 2021.


Just making a few little changes in our health can help us not need as many or no drugs. One of those changes would be drinking the water. There is a great deal of information that says sugar, white flour, and dairy are not making a positive impact on our health.


To try to make those changes can be difficult, since we have grown up with those things, but drinking the water, and the right kind of water can can be major, and it is not difficult. We can even turn a blind eye, and say things like we are going to die anyway, or just not bother, but I know when it comes to your children we take a second look.


So hopefully this post will help you to have a change of mind regarding water, for you and your family, and your pets

What causes inflammation, disease and speeds up aging-that we can change?


There three things that are part of the cause of disease, inflammation, and pain, and they contribute to people aging faster.


Heart disease is number 1 disease and here is a blog post very helpful regarding heart disease


1. There is oxidation, and oxidation is a result of free radicals that have lost or are seeking an electron.


Free radicals are from the toxins in our food, the environment and stress. If you cut an apple, and come back to get it a little later, it has turned brown because of oxidation. The cells in our bodies are damaged as a result of free radicals, which is helping us age more.


2. Acidity is another contributor to aging faster and disease. Many foods we eat, and fluids we drink are contributing to our body been acidic. Stress is another cause, and medication contributes. If you want to see how acidic you are you can get pH strips and test either your saliva, or your urine and find out.


When we are really acidic we are prone to many health challenges, however when we are more alkaline which is a pH of 7.365. Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931 received the Nobel prize in physiology, and he stated “no disease, including cancer, can exist in an Alkaline environment”.


We get our body more alkaline by certain foods, and you can even google what foods help in getting more alkaline. I can feel when my body acidic.


A little too much wine, not much sleep, and lots of sugar, and I lose my bounce. Then a couple days later of fruits and vegetables no meat, and cutting down on sugar, I start to get a spring in my step again.


3. Dehydration is another cause and many are saying it is a cause of many diseases. There are many books written about how dehydration is causing so many problems to our health. Such a simple fix, but one we do not pay enough attention to it.


How the kangen water helps get a healthy body back


The number one which was oxidation I mentioned above. Antioxidants are anything that helps neutralize free radicals by giving them an extra electron.


Blueberries, pecans leeks, kale are just a few of fruits and vegetables that have antioxidants and so is kangen water.


There is actually an orp meter which measures the oxidation reduction potential.


The more negative the reading the less oxidizing something is. The more positive the more oxidizing it is. Kangen water is anywhere between -300and -800.


A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice has an orac value between -200 and -300. That is not bad, but not nearly as good as the kangen water.


There is also the danger of too much sugar if you eat a lot of fruit. It may be natural, but it is still sugar. However, no matter how much of the kangen water there are no worries about sugar.


The number two mentioned above that contributes to disease and overall poor health is how acidic our body is. Most of the foods we eat, and the water, and other fluids we drink cause acidity, and when our pH level is below 7.35 it is ripe for illness and disease.


Here is also some great information on what we are actually drinking, there  is  a video on the right and is 3 mins and 27 secs long.


And you can also measure what you are drinking by investing in pH drops, to see what you are doing to your health, whether is acidic or alkaline.

A video which proves  the  water and which is best.


I have a video right here where Bobby, is doing a presentation at Pat Boone(if you are aged like I am, you will remember his beautiful music)and 10 minutes into the video he test the pH drops in the different forms of liquid, and you see how alkaline Kangen water is.


The amazing thing is, even if we do not change all the habits that contribute to good health, or it is a slow process, the Kangen water will help bring our balance back to normal, which is why we have  some outstanding testimonials here by people who are on the water.



The last one is dehydration and the answer to this, is drinking enough water, and the right kind. Hopefully by now you realize that the kangen water is by far the right kind. Drinking enough water is by most people, who are experts in this area, say at least half your body weight in ounces.



I am very active, so in the summer I drink the amount of water in ounces as my body weight.

How about contributing to our environment, and more benefits for you and your pets?


The kangen water system gives you 5 different types of water, that helps you never have to buy certain products again.


(1)2.5 is used when you want to sanitize anything like your dashboards, dishtowels, and you can disinfect your toothbrush, and it can be used as a mouth wash, so you never need to buy mouthwash again.


It can also be first aid because it does a great job of healing wounds cuts and burns. Animals have also been helped with 2.5 as help in healing.


Small businesses like daycare, hair salons etc would benefit greatly from the 2.5 for cleaning.


(2)4.0 to 6.0 can be used as a toner for women, or as a toner for men after shaving. When it is 5.5 it is a perfect toner because it is perfect balance for your skin. And you can buy 5.5 for anywhere between 20.00 to 40.00 an ounce at certain stores.


Now you never have to buy toner again.


And you can clean anything glass with it and get an awesome shine, so you never have to buy glass cleaner for car or home again.


And you can use this water as a conditioning following shampoo, so now you never need to buy conditioner again.


And you can clean ceramic tiles, and hardwood floors, and so now you are helping the environment by never having to buy those cleaning products again.



(3) Now it is 7, and this one is tasty perfect drinking water, and great when you are making your baby food.


(4) 8.5 to 9.5 is the water that improves your health because now you are alkalizing your body. Using this level you will n improve taste in your foods and beverages when you have to use water.


(5)11.5 you can throw your cleaning products out because this level cleans and disinfects floors.used to clean kitchen. This one is also great for getting stains out and toilet bowl stains.


So with all the bottles you never have to buy again, and how many things you never have to throw out again do you see the benefits of the kangen system on our pocket book, our health and our environment.


We are each only one person, but think of everyone buying what change we can make in our environment, when we no longer buy a lot of bottles especially drinking water.


Do you also see the impact on our health. We are constantly bombarded with things that contribute to our bodies been more acidic, but with the kangen system it can take away a lot of the damage it would ordinarily cause.


Here is another savings if you have a pet. The acidic environment is also doing its damage on their body as well, and alkaline  improves their health so it cuts down on your vet bill, and you have a happier pet.


Here is a vet in this video that is using the water for himself, and he talks about it helping pets.


The last one is your pocket book and the savings you get because of the different types of water, and never having to buy water again.


However, this was the question that convinced me was “can I put a price on my health”, and with all the improvements the kangen water is going to make in your health, do you think you would be truly investing?


I am rarely so passionate about anything I put my money in, but the kangen system is definitely an exception, because I know what good water does, and drinking the right amount of water.

Buying a franchise,Is the cost worth it?

When you buy the Sd501, the cost is $3,980.00 and my opinion is you cannot put a price on health.What is your opinion on that?Feel free to start a conversation in the comments below.


You look at what you no longer have to buy again,(water, cleaning products, conditioner, toners, and then we do not know what it is preventing by improving our health, so many times we are saving on medication as well.


You will save money in the long run, but if you are going to open the doors of your franchise, and share with people then you look at the compensation below, and see that really you are sitting on a gold mine for your physical and financial health.


When you invest you are not just changing your health, but you are changing your financial health if you tell people what it did for you.


If you think such a small investment cannot pay, like buying a franchise like fast food places for example, take a look at this compensation.


Plus with this franchise it is contributing to peoples health, so you can feel good of your contribution, to peoples lives and the environment.


If you invest and you would like to get all your money back and more if you like, here is a review of where you can also learn how to sell at this platform by doing blogs or videos, or Facebook. Once you get those blogs or videos up( it takes time first) but you will then have a store open 24 /7/365 days a year.


I think as well as doing the best for our health, we need to get the message out there, and when you feel the results I think you will want to get the message out there to help change people’s physical health and their financial, as well as your own.


Thanks for visiting my website and I am sorry I was so long-winded, but I wanted to get in all the main points. To purchase the kangen water system you can right here.


If you have any questions, or you have any comments please feel free to put them in below.


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    1. Have you noticed a difference in your health? I know the price has been controversial, but I think you cannot put a price on health.Especially when it has worked for so many.

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