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IS Swagbucks a Scam or a Way for a Decent Income?

(1)What to Expect From Swagbucks.

If you are asking Is Swagbucks a scam or a way for a decent income and more, it is neither and in this review I will cover these topics so you can get the low down on it and whether it is worth your time. Just to let you know, I do get paid a commission for a few links I have here.

My website is much about making money and saving money. There is a saying “if you take care of the pennies the money will take care of itself.” Here  is a way to take care of some pennies with Swagbucks.

  1. What to expect from Swagbucks.

2.A little background

3.What is Swagbucks

4.How do you redeem them

5.The pros of Swagbucks

6.The cons of Swagbucks

7.Making a decent income and more.

8.My thoughts on Swagbucks.

(2)A Little Background.

Their website is

  • The cost is Free.
  • The owners are Eron Zehavi, Ron Leshem, Scott Dudelson and Joseph Gorowitz.
  • It is a get paid site that is the most recognized.
  • It started in 2008
  • As of 2018 they had 40 million members including Canada, US, UK, India, Australia, Germany and Ireland.

(3)What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is really a search engine but they also offer a way for people to get swagbucks which is rewards in the following ways:

  • For playing games you can get a couple of (SB) and than if you decide to purchase a game you are looking at 18SBs for every dollar you spend. If you are in college and like playing games another way to make really good income is doing reviews on games and blogging or doing videos about them. You could put yourself through college with learning this method.
  • Doing surveys is fast and it is easy but you can easily be disqualified for more than half after you have spent time doing them. One person apparently made 1000 Swagbucks in a day, so that was $10.00 for the time.
  • Completing offers is perhaps where you get the most SBs however there is a few things to watch because while some offers are free but you have to cancel or they may be charging you later. Some offers require money plus you will be bombarded with spam emails.

So here is the easiest one and requires no extra work.

  • The easiest way to use it is download their tool bar and instead of google search or the others use swagbucks, when you do a search. The quality of your search will still be good because Swagbucks search engine is powered by Yahoo. Each swagbucks is worth 1penny.

So when you do a search on the web you get swagbucks, for doing what you are already doing. You will not always get points when you do a search because they are given out intermittently. In a day you can get around 6 to 10 and I did read where sometimes it will be as much as 100 or 200 although that seems to very rare.

This is not many but hey for me I feel if I can use a search engine and get a gift card every so often than why not use it. I compare it to if I saw penny I would bend down and pick it up and all I did so far with Swaybucks is sign up and I have more than a dime that I picked up.

Since I have not done anything yet, so I will give you someone else s experience and that was he used just the search engine for about 2 months and received a $10.00 Amazon gift card. There is another saying “a penny saved is a penny earned”, so as I said you will not get a decent income but a few pennies that will add up.

Plan your shopping.

First before you start shopping connect your credit card to Swagbucks and get $5.00 for signing up.

You can shop online through swagbucks to places like Amazon, Walmart, Dell and Teleflora.

Planning often saves you time and money and here to me is where you can also make use of your swagbucks and perhaps end up getting enough to make $500.00 to a $1000.00 a year with all your swagbucks or a vacation. The Swagbucks for shopping often ranges anywhere from 1Sb to 50Sb.

Then when you do take your vacation get SBs for hotels and flights. Another place they have is groupon which is great if you like to give people experience gifts and other ideas you can get SBs when you buy their gifts. I have decided do my groceries at Walmart and collect the SBs. Plus since I love getting gift cards I will also give them for Christmas and other occasions.


  • Watching videos and again it is somewhere between 1to 2 SBs a video. Some people said they put them on and let them run while they did other things. You do have to start another when one finishes. These ways I have mentioned would be good for kids or grand kids to earn a little pocket money since the videos and games would often appeal to them.


  • They have a daily poll that will take about a couple of seconds and you get 1 SB.
  • If you like coupons you can print them off and you will be double dipping because you will save and get 10Sbs for each coupon.
  • You can pick up swagcodes twice a day at their website and at the top there is a safe icon and it says redeem code, so you hover over the icon with your cursor, and than where it says redeem code copy and than paste in the box there. You can pick up 1 to 3 SBs and once in a while they have higher ones like 20 to 30.
  • Referring friends on Facebook and beyond can give you 10% of the swagbucks they earn if they sign up through your link. Then if they get 300SBs before the 1st of the following month you now get an additional 300SBs as well.
  • If, people you refer put a swag button on their browser you get another 100SBs.

(4)How do you redeem your rewards?

You can get either get gift cards when you get 300 Sbs at any of the places they offer like Lowes Walmart and Amazon, or when they total 2500 you can get cash at PayPal.

(5)The Pros of Swagbucks.

  • Get enough rewards for a few gift cards by just doing things that you already do like searching the internet by setting up the swagbucks browser. As a blogger and I do a lot of searches so this one for me is definitely a yes. Maybe I will do a followup blog with what I earn.
  • They do not advertise it as a way to make a lot of money.
  • Get paid a little while you are doing things like waiting somewhere or watching T.V.while you turn on videos while you do it, turn down the volume and let them go.
  • Shop at Amazon or Walmart through Swagbucks to buy things you are already buying and get Swagbucks. Even if you do not shop at amazon than maybe think about buying things that you would buy, through amazon or Walmart or any of the places swagbucks offers swagbucks. With anything having a plan can maximize your time.
  • Get paid for telling your friends.
  • If you do like games videos and surveys it pays a little while you do them.
  • If you are lounging and watching TV you can make a few pennies here and there and one girl said she had $400.00 going towards her vacation by doing this.

(6)The cons of Swagbucks.


  •  Time is money and like everything without a plan we do waste a lot of time and Swagbucks is no different. I am a prime example as today I had planned on finishing this post, but guess what, I was checking out everything Swagbucks to day and I will be honest I think I wasted much time. If you want to make the most of your time and money for anything with something you love doing than check this out.
  • When you do the games, surveys and task you are looking at anywhere from 60 pennies an hour to $3.00 an hour so you are getting very little.
  • People doing offers and not getting paid for them.
  • It is difficult to get support.
  • Sometimes they require personal information.

(7)Making A decent income and more.

How would you like to do the work today and get paid years down the road? To me that is making the most of my time. Time like money is a tool we have and using those tools properly are what can give us more freedom in life.

So many people are lacking time to spend with family, friends to see the world or just having more time to do what we desire.

Some have the time but money is the tool they need, so doing Swagbucks is not really about only finding out if it is a scam but it is also about whether or not we are making  the most out of the two most valuable tools we have and that is time and finances.

To get more for your time, let’s say you do enjoy games, well if you go to Amazon and check out a game you would like to get, if you do a review on that game using other peoples opinion with the comments there, and other information regarding the game, than you do a blog or a video and get paid down the road over and over.

It is called affiliate marketing and companies like Amazon(there are loads of companies that will do this) will pay you a commission for any product that you will sell on your blog or video. I gave the example of games but you can take whatever you love to do whether it is health related, cooking and just write about some aspect and than do a review regarding a product related to it.

Maybe you are into been more healthy and you go to Walmart through swagbucks and get a particular item to improve your health then you can do a review on that item, or you do not need to have purchased the item it can be an item that other people  recommend and you do the research on it to write a review.

I say reviews because when people are looking at them,  they are trying to decide if they want to buy or not so if they come upon on your review they may purchase there if they are going to buy.

Will you get paid immediately?

No, you will not but you can earn while you learn here, because every blog or video you do will be like a seed that will harvest maybe within 6 months to a year. I will give you an example with someone  here who knew, that as they were doing a blog or video it was like money in the bank.

One young guy, who was 18 at the time went a year before he made a penny but than after that year it was climbing many times $500.00 to a thousand a month and right now, it is still climbing and will continue, but he is currently doing, I think around $5.000.00 a month. This black Friday week he did over $7.000.00 for the week.

So no you will not get money right away but by writing blogs or doing videos or both consistently and know why you want money because knowing your why is what will keep you going. One thing to remember is this will get you financial and time freedom for the rest of your life if you do the work that they tell in the videos here.(it is free to go in and check out.)

The other bonus of learning here is you get help from everyone including the people who are now making anywhere from $5000.00 a month to 6 figures a month. They are now giving back to people who are taking the same journey they did and you work with others like you who are making it their mission to be financially free and time freedom as well. Some people are even traveling as they learn here because you can take your laptop and hit the road.

(8)My thoughts on swagbucks.

Well yes, I think taking care of your pennies is important, but to me what is more important and as I write this I realize it is something I need to improve as well and that is taking care of my time.

To me most of swagbucks is a waste of time depending on how you use it. If you are watching TV why not do it. If you are doing a search why not use swagbucks search bar or if you are shopping double dip and get savings and SBs.

Planning your time by learning here how to make an income from what you love to do, to me is making the most of your time. If you do not have a hobby but have a few reasons why you want to make a really good income,  check out this  platform where you learn the skills

I was in that situation not really having any hobby but the platform I am promoting I became an affiliate for them, because I am so sold on what they can do for everyone who wants to gain more time and freedom in their lives. Not only that, when you check it out you will feel  the excitment of working with people who are all excited about changes they are making in their lives as a result of learning the skills for online marketing.

I hope this review has answered the question Is Swagbucks a scam or a way for a decent income. To sum it up, no it is not a scam but if you do want to make a decent income or more it is not the avenue.  If you have had an experience with Swagbucks or know someone who has, I would love to get your comment below. I would also like get  feedback below, on what you think regarding managing time. Thanks for reading this review and all the best to you.

6 thoughts on “IS Swagbucks a Scam or a Way for a Decent Income?

  1. Hi Phyllis,
    Read your article on Swagbucks. You did not mention WA. Is this on purpose to tease people to ask what are you in? You are going gangbusters. Hope it’s paying off.


    1. Hi David,

      No I was not trying to tease I put the link in where anyone could check it out.It is paying of in the sense that I know with each blog I do, I know I will reach my goals.How is yours going and let me know if you need help anytime.Thanks for the comment and I hope yo have a great day in port Dover.

  2. Hi Phyllis, As I was reading your post it reminded me of a game I played where I had to click a button a million times to win 500 bucks. It was taking me days after days to click that button and I never even reached the half way point. That just goes to show how valuable time really us. These games and programs to win “free” money have a way of making it almost impossible for you to win any real money. Great way to show how time is valuable and linking people to learning about marketing could prove to be a secret success. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jen and I agree time is so valuable and we know marketing is the secret to any business success online and offline.Thanks for your comment and all the best,

  3. I’ve heard of Swagbucks but never really looked into it! Thanks for giving me a well structured and easy to read description of it. However, is it one of those sites that just takes ages to make a tiny bit of money?

    1. Hi Nick

      It is and that is why for most things I think it is time wasting, however things that you are going to do anyway it could give a few pennies that would add up.Thanks for your comment

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