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How to start a blog for beginners-and succeed!


As, we have heard  Nike say ” just do it”.



“How to start a blog for beginners” is a question that really can be summed up in this quote “you don’t have to be good to start…you just have to start to be good” (here is a review  of the place where you learn the skills to blog.)



Just get started will apply not only when you initially start, but it can help to remember with every blog post, because many people who blog, just like authors talk about writers block, however my experience has been like that quote.



A motivational speaker I heard, said not to wait for motivation because many times it will not show up. I remember this when there is something I do not feel like doing (like exercise), however what I have found is motivation does show up, when I get started, but even if it does not I keep going.(most of the time lol)



I start my blog post on whatever I have decided to blog about, and if I get stumped I google that question and from there it creates all sorts of ideas. Then I just write and it usually ends up I have to try to keep it short because I am long-winded.


It is a good question though-because there is more!


If you asked that question “How to start a blog for beginners”, it implies you think there are certain things you have to do and you would be right. Even though just start writing is one of the most important steps, there are other steps involved like learning the skills.



Once you start writing a blog it has to be hosted, and without people coming to your blog there is no success. You can try to find out what needs to be done, however have you heard the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know”.



You can go around different sites and picking up what information you can, but that to me is time wasted for two reasons:

(1)Just like making a pie you have to have all the ingredients.

(2)The time it takes in trying to find that information.



The solution is to go to a place(check it out at this review if you have not already) where others have gone before, and have had success, and are now available if you have a question.



I say this, because I wasted so much time and money, before I found a reputable, and wonderful place like this review talks about, in learning to blog.


So you found the right place-what will it take now!



Now what it takes is to go back, and again just get started. The training here is divided up into task, so you do the training for each task and then take action. I put take action in bold letters because not taking action can be a major obstacle and one that I have experienced but thankfully now have overcome.



The danger I think is that, you can keep doing the training and procrastinating in taking action, which then can cause you to feel overwhelmed with all the information. Sometimes fear stops us from taking action.



On the other hand if you do each task, and then take action, the added benefit besides getting your blog going, is that you gain momentum plus you become more confident with the steps you have taken from what you learned and the fear becomes less and less.



It will now take persistence as well and this video will sum up really well, in what it takes. Just watch the donkey



The great thing about persistence when you keep cultivating it, it spills over into other parts of your life as well. With learning to blog like anything there are obstacles, but as you keep building, there will be less and less. Eventually you will not be looking up at the mountain before you, but you will be looking down.


What will you blog about?


Whatever you like. Honestly, the more you enjoy what you are blogging about the more success you will have because if you are bored with what you are talking about, the chances are you will not want to blog very often.



If you are passionate about what you are talking about, you will be eagerly doing your next blog, wanting to get your information out, or wanting to express yourself in what you believe in.



Let’s say you love gardening, and you know a lot about it, then you can blog about that. Maybe you love sports then you can blog about it, and talk about like you are talking to your best friend. I would say another obstacle to blogging is overthinking, because as I said once you get started ideas can come through a variety of ways.



Look at other bloggers on the same subject and that will ignite your own ideas. Plus getting started will often be the only thing you need and the words will flow. What they teach me in training is to make sure you have quality content that will help people, and that can help guide you when you write as well.



Getting paid to blog!



Here is another motivator for writing blogs and that is, no matter what topic you choose, you can get paid. You just need to become an affiliate, which means you promote something and you get paid a commission. You can literally become an affiliate for almost any product or service.



Whatever you blog about, you find a product or service related to that and you sign up as an affiliate, and the company will give you a link. If  it is sports and you are talking about football, then you can become an affiliate to promote football helmets or  other related football gear.


If it is gardening you can find things that you already know that would help in successful gardening,  or you can look up reviews on a certain product that would be helpful in gardening.



Then someone buys the product or service through your blog, you will get paid. This can be a huge motivator, because months or years from now when you have done the work, people are buying the products or services still.



You can even get paid while you are learning to blog, because this platform(here is the review to learn about it) where we learn the skills, pays you as well, if you promote them.



I find this service really easy to promote because I believe in what they offer, and I like knowing that I can be a part of someone changing their lives financially.



There are over one million people here and lots of amazing success stories of people who are having outstanding financial success from blogging.



Having other bloggers on the journey with you.


This is so helpful because if you have a question, you can ask the people who are having that outstanding success with their blogs. It is like having plenty of coaches, which you will find really helpful. One of my mentors is right now in Portugal with his wife.



He is there and people are joining him in his business while he is on holiday, because they saw his blogs that he had written previously. That is motivating for me because one of my why’s for doing the business is to travel and get paid(nice eh?)



Having someone like him who has  done the journey before is so helpful, because they give advice to help and I think if you go in and check and that is free, you will notice how this platform has an amazing helpful culture.



The owners’ Kyle and Carson emphasize that we help one another first, and then making money will follow. I still find it such as an amazing helpful place.



They have a live chat place, or you can make a comment on the dashboard. That is so inspiring because you hear feedback from people about their success, and peoples questions are been answered and people just encouraging one another.



I am in the mood for quotes today and here is one that I think will sum up been successful as a blogger.” There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way and not starting”.-Buddha


Start here to learn what is involved in learning the skills and it is even free to go in and get started.

Ask questions when you go in on anything and people will answer. Just looking around in there, will give you ideas on how to start a blog for beginners.




If you have any questions or comments you can put them in below. Thanks for visiting my site.



















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