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How to make money with Photography online-by blogging.



“You just have to live and life will give you pictures”-Henri Cartier Bresson



How you can make money with Photography online by blogging, is just like you do when you are good at photography you add value.


Having a passion is part of success with blogging, so you are already on your way. I have no experience with photography, however in my eyes it is like blogging the more you practice, the better you become.


My nieces boyfriend recently decided to turn his hobby into a career. I have seen some of his pictures and his success is taking off, and as he takes more pictures, he will become even more valuable. His work is beautiful and he knows how to make an everyday experience look beautiful.


You can learn the skills of blogging by checking out this review, and you will see a link where you can go into this community for free.There you will find people like you, who are learning to blog about different things in their lives, that they are passionate about.


Learning how to add value to their craft, and help people at the same time. Some are blogging about photography, some about sports and others blogging about blogging. We are all there to help each other get better at what we do and encourage one another.


Here is a list of what you need to know to have a successful blog in photography:


(1)Finding your niche, so you stand out.

(2)What to think about in choosing your niche.

(3)How do I make money from my niche?

(4)Directing traffic to your blog for years.

(5)Things to know about getting traffic.

(6)Support in building a successful blog.


Finding your Niche in photography-to stand out!


(1)Photography is a wide topic, so success in blogging will come partly by choosing some aspect of photography. Here are a few ideas that will help you brainstorm.


  • Maybe you have taken a lot of animal pictures, and now have lots of knowledge to pass on to other people looking to get good in this area.


That quote I put in above “You just have to live and life will give you pictures” reminded me of an artist I saw years ago and she took pictures of everyday things like a bed not made, and the wind blowing the curtains in the room.


Another one was a picture of a table full of dishes, from a meal just finished. Her name is Mary Pratt, and she took the ordinary of every day and gave it beauty. That was her niche.


I really enjoy looking at pictures of weather. It is so varied and than the seasons make it so different as well. The time of day in different weather conditions offer more variety. Pictures of lightening, fall, and then fog, always make interesting, and beautiful pictures.


What to think about in choosing your niche?


(2)These are a few things to consider when you choose your niche.


  • Success in your blogging will come with practice and making many blog post. So it is important that your niche is some aspect of your photography that you love to talk about. You will get more post done, if you are enjoying what you are blogging about.


The coveted first page of google is what bloggers are looking for, (because Let’s face it, we rarely go beyond that when we are doing a search)and your quality and how much you write, influences getting to the first page.


  • Can your niche help you grow as an artist? Maybe you have an idea of a particular niche, and there are things about that niche that you would like to find out more about.


Tori Avery is a blogger for food, and she started out blogging about Jewish food. Her husband was Jewish so she decided she wanted to find out more about the roots of Jewish cuisine.


From her interest she started her blog and it started to grow from there. You do not have to be an expert in all areas you just need a curiosity. From Tories curiosity she has become a well know food blogger, and has been featured on different TV shows.


  • Who do you want to reach? To find out, how you find those people look at this review I mentioned. It has a link where you can go in for free and on the left-hand side, the 5th one down you will see J research.


This tool allows you to see what people are searching for on Google, and than if you decide on what to blog about, you can also find out on that tool, how many others are blogging about it. On the beginning you look for less than 100 people blogging about it.


Think about the followers you would like, and than you can target your post to them. Let’s say you want to teach people who want to know how to get good at photography.


I just checked good ol Jaaxy(that is the tool)to see what I would get if I typed in”online photography lessons”.


It came out that 311 people on average are googling that a.month. You have an average of 53 people a month blogging about it, so the competition is low, which is what you need on the beginning, until you get traction, and Google gives you more recognition as you keep blogging.


  • Another thing to think about is choosing a niche is what problem you can help people solve. Successful blogging is about how many people you can help.


I am sure you have on your journey as a photographer, you have encountered various problems and maybe you know other photographers that have experienced the same. That may give you an idea when choosing your niche.


  • Since you are looking to gain followers, perhaps it would also benefit you to look at a niche that involves people who already have a love of photography, as opposed to people just beginning.


I have tried some things in life but not continued, as I am sure photography maybe one of those things for some people Having people who are already passionate you will know that they will be followers for a long time.


How do I make money from my Niche?


(3)Whatever your niche is, I am sure there are products related to it, like a camera. A certain book you promote, or even a service that has helped you in your blog. Almost every product or service, you can become an affiliate for. An affiliate is someone who promotes a product or service and you get paid a commission for it.


Let’s say you would be talking about something on your blog and you than talk about, your favorite camera.Well you can become for free an affiliate for Amazon, and they give you a link to that camera you like, and you post it on your blog. Then when someone wants to buy it, they click on your link and you get a commission.


I have my passion and that is writing, and like your passion in Photography, I have a service that has helped me gained the skills to write a successful blog, so I promote this review about where I learned my skills. When someone joins they give me a commission for referring them. I am an affiliate for this platform.



Directing traffic to your blog for years.



(4)The success of your blog is only going to happen if people are finding out about your work. So you need to build a website to host your blogs.


To me on the beginning this seemed like an unreachable task since I knew very little about the internet. However, if you check out the link at this review, you will see, once you login (for free)on the left column, second one down, where it says training.



There you will have every step you need to take for success on blogging, including building your website. This is were I learned to do mine, and as you see there is a place on the end of the video if you have questions the community will help. I am so pleased with everything I get there, like the training and the help.


Things to know about getting traffic.


(5)First as I said earlier it is about getting the coveted first page on Google. One thing to do is to have long post, with content that will help people. Google likes a lot of quality content”. Statistics show that blogs with over 2000 words, rank the best in Google.


  • Remember that tool I mentioned earlier that helps you find out about what people are looking for, it is called a keyword tool and when you find out who you want reach, the training will show you how to reach them.


You put keywords in the right places on your blog that increases your chances of those people finding you. This is just a couple of things because there is too much to write about it all, but the training will have it all there.


The beauty about learning the skills to get traffic to your blog is, once you have it down your photography blog is open 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Then years from now you will still have people checking out your work, and you have very little to maintain.


To be honest learning to get traffic to my website is boring. I would much rather just write, but usually there is boring task we have to do for success.


Is there aspects of doing your photography you are not crazy about? I have heard musicians say they love singing but the promoting part is not what they enjoy, however their success depends on it.


At the training platform many people seem to enjoy the what is involved  to get traffic . This was not really important, but I thought I would bring it up in case you maybe thinking the same. Like everything we need to embrace all aspects to make it a success.


Support in building a successful blog.


(6)For me support is crucial and I have some reasons for you to consider why you will need support with your blogging.


  • I believe that most of the success for your photography blog will come from support. You are learning blogging which is new to you, so when anything is new we encounter obstacles, and how quick we deal with those obstacles, partly determines how quick we have success.


If you have someone available who has come across the same issues who can help you through it, it saves you time.


Another thing that is helping me a lot, is the encouragement I get from support. Like minded people who have their different passions working on building a successful blog. It is exciting to be sharing the same journey with others. We encourage one another and help one another.


The support to learn the skills. I think learning the skills, rather than trying to find out the information on your own, because you will have success quicker learning from people who have already taken the journey and know have a successful blog.


Here at the platform mentioned in this review, you will also find people encouraging and helping you, who are already making 1000s a month from their blog.


Success with a photography blog.


Learning how to make money online with photography by blogging is as I said earlier, it is about practice.


Like anything the more you do the more success you have.


Plus if we forget about making the money, but instead always focus on learning to give more value to our customers.


The owners at WA where we learn the skills for blogging continually work on improving what they offer, and are a great example for anyone in business.


Remember to that when you start blogging, you will not be great, but you can become great by starting. If you do have questions or comments please feel free to put them in below. All the best to you.




18 thoughts on “How to make money with Photography online-by blogging.

  1. I am four months into affiliate marketing and I still find directing traffic to your blog is hard! It’s hard, boring but so important!
    And yes, I agree with you. lots of practice is crucial to building your blog. Always start before you’re ready and learn as you practise!

    1. Thanks Crystal for your comment, and the traffic is so important but as you said it is practice, and eventually it is rinse and repeat.I wish you lots of success with your affiliate marketing.

    1. Yes Sydney I have tried doing things without support and always get stuck.I do not think it would work for me, without support because that has really helped me get this far, and I know it is partly because of the support I will reach my goals.Thanks very much for your comment.

  2. You’re so right. Making money online with photography or even any other niche won’t happen overnight. One has to be consistent and also patient in other to see results. Thanks for such a brilliant post.

  3. This is a really great article Phyllis. I thought it was really helpful how you outlined all the different steps.

    I hadn’t thought about focusing on a topic before, so this has given me something to think about.

    And it’s good to see a different way to make money online with photography.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for the encouragement.Yes photography or any hobbies are great and then it is just learning the skills to do the blogging and get the website up.

    1. Thanks Sheila. I think many of us struggle with the niche, but I overthink it.I wish you all the best in finding your niche.However like anything practice makes perfect, and we will start to see what works.

  4. Hi Phyllis. Thanks for sharing your ideas on photography and making money through affiliate marketing. I am trying affiliate marketing at the moment and as you say it takes time to build up a following and it requires a lot of commitment. I never considered the photography niche before, but your examples above help me to realize how this niche can be broken down into smaller sub-niches with less competition. Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes I think we have a lot of sub niches we can get into because like photography, they need the skills to make it work online.Thanks Andrew.

  5. Thank you for a great read hey. First of all, I really like the name of your site, I was like wow.
    You mentioned you like viewing pictures of the weather, oh my God, I do too and I love nature, I mean I really don’t understand those who don’t.

    And you are right, when choosing a niche, it just needs to be something you are passionate about. As you said, there are some of those boring things which you have to do to keep going and if really you are not passionate about it, you are likely to quit. But before quitting, you did excellent and mentioned support. I think it’s the most important part of the journey, you can’t do these things completely alone. Some days you just need a back up team, especially those who are like minded, friends and family. As they say, no man is an island that he can live alone.

    Thank you mentioning key and very helpful aspects about blogging there.

    1. Yes Palm I turn on the weather channel sometimes not for the weather, but just to see some of the pictures that people send it.Support to me with this blogging has been number 1 and I would not be writing this blog,except for so much wonderful help that I have gotten. All I knew how to do before was email, and go into other sites.Thanks for your kind words.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    I really love the layout to your website.

    This is such a good post too! It’s so well broken down and I love the way there are lots of pictures and white space making it easy to follow.

    Deciding the niche is such a hard topic and such an important one. I hadn’t even thought how different a niche could be within photography before so thanks for leaving some great tips.

    I look forward to reading your next piece!


    1. Hi Mike,
      I am glad you found it helpful. I find the niche difficult to but I think I just over think it.One thing that seems to overrule the niche we are, in is how much content we have out.I am working on that as well.

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