How to make money online while traveling the world.


Travel the world in comfort.


If you are asking “How to make money while traveling the world”?


Then let me say congratulations if that is what you are doing, and know that you can easily make money to make your trip more enjoyable.


I will list different ways to make money while you travel and if you would like to blog about your travels, and get paid for it years down the road check this review out.


Maybe you are not ready yet but it is a plan, so you can prepare ahead. I will make a list of ways. You can start some online jobs now, and see how much you can make while you travel.


You can also do work now that will pay you over and over down the road, so when you decide to travel you have passive income coming in. This way you do not need to have to be working while you are traveling.


Making money to get ready for traveling the world.


(1)A popular way to make money is Fiverr On Fiverr a service is considered a gig and once you have signed up you can literally make money from anything.


Think of this, sending postcards to people from where you are traveling. If you like to sing you can sing happy birthday, and perhaps in a special costume and then put your gig online.


Then the buyers are looker for someone who sings happy birthday, and you can get a fiverr, or maybe a little more. You can be as creative as you like. When my nieces and nephew were young they loved for me to pretend I was Et, because I could do a good imitation.


Maybe there is a popular children’s character you can do. How about sending birthday greetings to children pretending you are their favorite character if you can do their voice.


You may have skills that they need like technical or photography, just look at what you can do there and you will be amazed. Some people are looking for silly things. Get started with fiverr and start to see how much you can be making while traveling.


(2)Another way to make money online is Skype, and it is free.


You can use Skype for free and It is a starting list of who could Skype and teach.

  • Do you speak English
  • do you speak a different language
  • are you a therapist and you give advice through Skype.
  • You can teach crafts.
  • maybe none of the above is a fit, but you can actually go and sign up to test different websites. Even though it says test there is no right or wrong answer, you are giving your personal feedback about their websites, so they can improve.
  • All you need is to download Skype and a headset with a microphone like usually on your phone or you can also get alogetech USB h390 for less than $20.00 on Amazon.


Do you have access to the internet?


(3)Become a virtual assistant. Here are places you can find jobs where people who have websites or blogs are to busy to do a lot of the work like emailing, even the writing.


There are other business as well looking to outsource some of their work and people who have jobs around their home that they need done.



These places are a great place to start a portfolio of your work and when you get a lot of great reviews you can start to request a higher wage by marketing yourself and learn to drum up new business.


Having a website with skills that you possess and your experience can help in getting the word out. Here is a review of a place you can learn to build a website in literally a few hours, and show you how to get traffic to your website.


Once you have a website up and traffic coming to your website that will help take care of you having always to promote yourself because now you have done the work, and your advertising is going 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.


One thing that is important as a virtual assistant is to find out what companies are looking for, and establish a niche that will make you a go to person in that particular niche.


They are estimating that there is going to be a huge rise in companies hiring virtual assistants, so you can get ahead of the crowd.


Do not underestimate what you know!


(4)You tube can make you passive income, so just like putting up a website and learning to get traffic there, if you put up videos on Facebook and learn how to get traffic there, by the time you are ready to travel the world, you can have income coming in while you are traveling.


At that point there is little time required to put in so you can concentrate on your travels. This review of the platform I mentioned earlier will also teach you all you need to know about videos and getting traffic to them.


Trust me you will understand that you have knowledge that other people are looking for, and you can also find out about things to help people solve some problem they may have.


I will give you an idea of what you will make as long as you are consistent and persistent. One guy at the platform that I did the review on, was doing videos, and while it did take him about a year to achieve this, but now those videos on just one website he has is making him $75.000 a year.


He said about every 2 weeks he goes in for 2 hours to do some extra maintenance. Not bad eh? He wrote on our dashboard to all the people there, who are working on success online, just to encourage us to keep going.


Making a website on what you are passionate about and love to talk about.


I mentioned above that you can build a website to talk about your skills you possess for getting virtual assistant jobs, however if this is not of interest,  just think about what you love to do.


You can build a website around that. You are perhaps asking now, “but how do I make money from that”.


You make money by becoming an affiliate. An affiliate is someone who gets a commission by promoting someone else products. You can become an affiliate for literally any product or service for anything you can think of.


Places like Amazon allow you to become an affiliate and it is free because you are helping them. EBay is another place to become an affiliate. The list is endless of places where you can become affiliates.


This is how you make the money. A friend of mine is retired and loves soccer, so he is talking about soccer, and then putting products, like shin guards that are relevant to what he is talking about in his blog.


When someone looks at his blog and buy these products he now gets a commission.I am an affiliate for different places I mention in this blog, so if you decide to join I will get a commission for referring you.


The beauty about having a website is, once you have learned the skills needed you are well on your way to making as much as you want in income. It can also be just doing what you love to do.


I did not have a particular interest but I did have a big why for starting a website and that was I had no retirement income in place, so I wanted to learn how to put one in place, and like you I am preparing to travel to places I have always wanted to see.


This is my favorite avenue for making income. I enjoy learning how to do it and I love that I can help others do the same. I know there are many people wanting income for different reasons, maybe because they just want more time in their lives without having to work so much.


Some want more to get past only having enough to pay their bills. Whatever the reason I feel good in that I can be of help to people in changing their lives by having extra income.


Do you want to travel now and make money while you are traveling?


If you do not want to plan ahead but are ready to go now,  here are some ways to make money while you are traveling.


(1)Do you like the good ol outdoors. To me fresh air is medicine. My mom used to call it an oxygen cocktail. So if you would like to go to farms to different parts of the world and pick flowers, fruit or vegetables you join places like to find farms looking for workers.


You often get food and accommodation free for your work. You can also find places who are looking for people for different time periods, whether it is a couple of weeks or month etc. Here are a list of a few places to check out:




(2) I am getting itchy to travel writing this blog and I am amazed at what is out there. If you would like to go on a cruise ship, or go to a resort check these out. you can find ranches, ski resorts and there are retreat centers.


The pay is not usually great and you often work many hours, but you can learn to get in some travels on your free time. Plus the experience would be amazing.



(3)If you know how to speak English, teaching English while you travel is a great way to make extra money, and find out about other cultures at the same time. Here you can often tuck away a decent income as well.Here are a couple of places that you can find jobs:



Dave”s Esl cafe you can find jobs listed and you can learn where to get certified among other things regarding traveling abroad.


(4)If you are a hairstylist, message therapist ,you can go on Facebook and craigslist where ever you are and advertise there. If you are a nurse you can check out these websites



(5) This one to me would be amazing. You can go to so many places in the world to look after someones house, or a pet or both, and live in beautiful places free.


There you are not tied down so you can explore where you are at the same time. Ususally tere is no pay but accomadations are free.




I hope you have found this blog post helpful. While there are many ways to make money while you travel or ways to plan for your travel.


I think the most important is if you are planning, pick one method, like doing a website on your interest, and getting good at one way and if you want to explore other ways, you learn all about another like videos and get good at that.


If you are deciding to travel and make money while you do, planning is what can help you the most, and see what ways would suit you while you travel and make money.


Another  is to google about people who have done what you are looking to do, like house sitting,and you can find clues to make it a success.


Making a list of what you have to offer would help in your planning. Sometimes we underestimate what skills we have, so a list will help us brainstorm and get creative.


One way to make money while you are traveling is to blog about your experiences, even your preparation. This review has a link where you can go in for free to the platform, where they teach the skills to blog and then get traffic to your blog.


Blogging about your travels, is not only another great way to make money from it for a long time, but you have it all in writing to view years to come.

If you have other places you can recommend, or you have questions or comments feel free to put them in below and thank you for checking out my blog and I wish you the best in what you choose to do.








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  1. Hi Phyllis. Thanks for sharing these ideas on how to make money online while traveling. I have never considered some of these ideas like Fiverr or teaching English as options, but I think I will be doing a reassessment and considering more options than I had previously. It just requires a different way of thinking about things and you have shown me how to broaden my thoughts related to generating income.
    Many thanks for sharing.

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