how to make extra money from home online-while you are asleep

While you are asleep income is achievable

How to make extra money from home online while I was asleep is actually one of my motivators for working online. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do. I can see myself working at this forever, however sometimes it is lovely to have the choice to take a month or 2 of, and not worry because your income will still come in. I am single, but if you have a family and you want to work from home, I know how busy life can be. Hopefully by the end of this post you can decide if this is an avenue you would like to pursue. Here is a list of things to consider in making your decision, so forget about the things you have to do, and grab a coffee while you read.

  1. Advantages of working from home
  2. Ways to make money
  3. The mindset to be successful
  4. how much money can you make
  5. Advantages of having a community of other budding entrepreneurs with the same goal as you.

When I was trying to decide how to make extra money from home online, it was kinda like I fell into it because I was always searching for ways to make money but I really did not even know what I wanted to do nor did I know what would help me be successful working from home. Unfortunately much of it came from trial an error, which cost me a lot of time and money. I do not regret that though, because now I feel I know what is involved in having success working from home, it is not only choosing what to do, but the above considerations as well.

Advantages of working from home

I am sure you already have some advantages in mind of why you want to work from home. However, I thought I would throw in some that you may not of thought of that may help in making your decision.

It is your own business, so you can do the task that need to be done around your schedule. In the beginning to be honest I have found a little difficult to squeeze in the time, because I was learning a lot of new things about building my website, learning how to write a blog post etc. Now as I improve, I can see how that I can run a successful business from a couple hours a day. It is amazing because first just like, when you learn to drive your car you had to think about every step, but now I am finding every thing flowing to together much smoother. It really does not take long with the right training and here is a review on great place to learn to be a successful entrepreneur.

As I said above, you can get to the point to where your website brings in money while you are asleep, so you can be doing anything and not always trading your time for money. On the beginning you are not making money but just remember this is the foundation for eventually getting that time back and having amazing income.

A lot less stress, because you can now have a vehicle that allows you to determine how much money, and how much time you put in. When you have mastered the skills which does not take long when you have a platform like Wealthy Affiliate where I am learning to mine. It will get to the point where you just rinse and repeat, every day of what you need to do, and you just decide how many times a week you want to rinse and repeat.

Have you heard the saying love what you do, if you can’t do what you love. How many people do you know that go to work every day because they have to pay the bills.(my hand is up)there was a time that I resented what I did because I did not like it. However, I realized that I needed to change my attitude, because it was making me miserable, so I decided to love what I do.

Now I do what I love and one thing is because I love it so much I want to be always at it, but I do not because of other obligations, and I need a balance. I cannot say you will love it, but aren’t the advantages worth looking to see. I can say the platform that is teaching me has a lot of people excited and enthused with what they are doing.

This is huge for me “no more traffic jams”. I am self-employed anyway but outside the home, so I wait until traffic is light, and I often think about people having to deal with that day after day.

Confidence grows because you are learning new things. I think many of us create our ruts but, when we learn new things, it is a confidence booster. Plus with the opportunity to create your own financial destiny there is a lot more confidence.

Ways to make money(while you are on holidays)

So hopefully you are ready to make the leap, and the list I have is based on ways to make money where you eventually do not always trade your time for money, and the money still comes in. Even years from now a post could be bringing you in income.

Look around where you are now, or think about something you have to do today, like gardening, cooking, taking the kids to school, or golf. You, I am sure know a lot about one or more of these areas, well that is how you make money. Let’s say it is cooking, or getting healthier, and recently or previously bought a gadget related to one of those areas. What was it that sold you on purchasing that product. Maybe it is health and you bought a juicer, and you love it.

You can be affiliate for different companies and write about those products or do a video on it, or share on Facebook, and get commission, when someone buys through you. Basically the companies give you a link that you put in your blog or video, and you get a commission. To learn the skills of blogging, or marketing online check out this review on Wealthy affiliate.

You can also write about products based on other peoples experience. The juicer for example, you find out through research on the various ones out there. Find out what people have to say about them and write a blog on one or more juicers, perhaps with some recipes for smoothies included. There is literally almost an affiliate program for anything you want to promote. It is best however to have your website up, with content on, before you join as an affiliate, so you are approved, because some look at that.

  1. Clickbank is a company that you can be an affiliate for, and they sell digital products.
  2. Another affiliate company you can sell for, is one I am sure you have heard, and it is Amazon.
  3. Wayfair is another popular one, and they sell home decorations and furniture for the home. They have over 7 million products to choose from

This is a way for you to find an affiliate product for anything you are considering. I love wheat grass for my health, and this post is reminding me that there is an affiliate program for that, so to find it I type in Wheatgrass plus affiliate programs. Then on the pages, there comes up information on each page about the details.

So any product you would like to check out, you can find by using Dr. Google.(lol)

The right mindset to achieve success from home

How to make extra money from home online will depend also on your mindset, and your mindset will depend a lot on your, why or your situation. If you have a family or a job, and you do not have a lot of time it may be less time than someone who is single and are retired or working part-time.

How much you put into it, will also depend on how much and why you want to change your financial situation. As you learn the skills and apply them you become more disciplined and gain confidence in doing what you need to do. If you want to make this work, your mindset will grow, so do not let any fears or doubts stop you.

How much money you can make

How much money again depends mostly on how much you want to make, and how soon you want to make it. You have to allow time to learn the skills. Remember learning those skills is really money and time you will get back in the long run, because you get your website up, put up the products you are going to sell, or service you want to promote, and than it brings in money when you are not working. More people buying as time goes on because you are seen by more people .

This place I have mentioned where you learn the skills Wealthy affiliate is free to join and you can see some good videos on others doing the same thing, talking about their experience of the length of time, it took them, and what to expect.

In summary though it will depend on consistency and persistence and the time you give it, in putting your website up, and than blogging to get the traffic to your website. As far as how much, also remember that years from now you can be making money from lets say a review of one of your favorite products. Plus when you are asleep(this excites me,so I mention it again) people will be buying. Your doors are always open.

Advantages of having a other budding entrepreneurs going towards the same goal

I can also say from experience, that I personally believe that having others on the same journey will determine how to make extra money from home online. Others who have gone the road before you and now are there to help, or some who are on the same road as you.

Having someone there is not only motivating but when you learn new skills, you can get stuck so having someone there to show you how to get unstuck, is to me huge in having success. This place I mentioned in the Wealthy Affiliate review has over 850000 people looking to learn how to make working from home a success. Many of us communicate daily and new people joining are welcomed as they join. There is a place to ask any question and someone,usually within minutes will answer you.

Thanks for taking your time to read this blog, and I wish you lots of success in what you choose.

If you have any questions or comments just leave them below, and I will answer them.

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