How to make extra money for the holidays-beginning now

Enjoying the 12 days of Christmas?


How to make extra money for the holidays is to begin now. As I write this it is hot, hot, and most people are not thinking about the holidays except maybe the summer ones, and to be honest I think many people just get downright grouchy if you mention it now, unless you are a big fan of Christmas like me. I love the carols, the sweet movies, and the holiday spirit.

This post is going to ask you to look at several reasons why if you look at the long run, in making extra money for the holidays, instead of the immediate, you will be grateful. I know personally how we often want to make money now, but I am telling you, if you seriously consider this list and look at getting the skills for financial freedom, I know you will never look back. With those skills it will open doors that can allow you to be online with a website that you can sell anything, or any service.

Throughout this post I have included links where you can go in and see what is included in this platform where you can acquire the skills.


  1. Having a paradigm shift
  2. having money for every Christmas(because you have the skills)
  3. having money for school (because you have been consistent in your efforts)
  4. having money for extras(because you continually sharpened the saw)
  5. Making extra money doing what you enjoy(because you opened your mind to new possibilities)
  6. Biggest paradigm shift(never having financial worries again).


Having a paradigm shift



Always having money for the holidays takes paradigm shift. A paradigm shift is like a change in the way we look at things.

Most of us feel that having money issues are a natural challenge we will perhaps always have. Even if we have a lot, it may eat up a lot of our time to sustain the amount we get.

Here is a paradigm shift, imagine that finances were never an obstacle, and money comes in even while you are not working. That is becoming a reality for people now with the good ol internet  and doctor google.

I have heard a saying that your income is partly determined by the income of the people you interact daily with like friends and coworkers.



I believe interacting daily with people, who have already had the paradigm shift, and now are financially independent and making an income even though they are often not working, because they have built a business through continual effort, are now reaping the benefits, can have a big impact on us changing our thoughts about been free from financial and lack of time challenges.


They are there to help us when we are stuck, provide training of what to do, and encourage us. Here is where you will find a community of people striving for different goals, and people who as I said have found the financial freedom, and the time freedom.


Having money for every Christmas(because you have the skills)


On the beginning I said to have the money for Christmas, begin now and this depends on what time of year you are reading this. If it is close to Christmas you probably will not make it, however if you take that time that you would have put in for Christmas working now, and start learning the skills of having a successful online business, instead to get that paradigm shift you would have money for every holiday going forward.

It usually takes about 3- 6 months before you start getting the financial rewards. My mentor was able to replace his income in 3months.

He worked consistently, and now is really reaping the rewards, and not only has he replaced his income but he and his wife travel constantly with lots of free time. Would the sacrifice of not getting paid immediately be worth it?

Check it out here to learn the skills, and it is free to go in and look around. Imagine not having to worry about getting money for Christmas or the holidays again.

Having money for School

If you are looking for extra money, you may be in school, and most people come out of school with loans.

Another paradigm shift is it does not have to be that way as well. It does not have to be that way, if you learn skills that allow you to be able to pay of your loan.

I know of a young guy who was working at a gas station 6 nights a week, and going to college, when he started learning the skills at(you can go in for free to look around, and even do some test-driving with no obligation) Wealthy Affiliate.

He applied what he learned from his new skills, in between his job, and school. He posted his results each month on the website where he learned the skills and his last month was $5000.

With that monthly income part-time, would you have a loan at the end? It will have other benefits of well, because that young guy is perhaps closed to the point where regardless, if he worked or not he will continue to get paid.


When, you finish school you can even be financially independent. How would that be for a paradigm shift of believing that when you finish school you are financially independent as opposed to having a loan.

If you are consistent in your efforts during your free time, I would bet you would not only not have a loan but you would be also see the possibility of financial freedom.

To me consistency is powerful when applied to anything, and often underestimated. Here at wealthy affiliate they teach the skills, and as I said it is free to go in and look around for what you have.

At the top close to the left you will see a place in black where you can ask a question, and if you type in success , you will hear some great success stories.



Having money for extras(because you are sharpening the saw)

I read a book years ago called the 7 habits of highly effective people, and one habit is sharpening the saw.

Stephen Covey talked about a wood cutter who was sawing wood and was not getting very good results, and he kept it up for days.

His problem was he was not sharpening the saw.

Having a shortage of funds for Christmas, or holidays or anything is a constant problem, and just like the woodcutter we can engage in work to cover the immediate problem. What about engaging in activity, like getting online skills (sharpening the saw)that financial issues become less and less, or maybe eventually are no longer an issue


Making extra money doing what you enjoy

I realize that if it is close to Christmas or the holidays, it is a bit of a bummer to not have the extra funds, but that sacrifice that you make to learn the skills, instead has far-reaching benefits.

However, imagine doing what you enjoy because here you learn the skills to promote products or services, that you are passionate about, then you become an affiliate for those products or services, so you get a commission for selling it.

For example if you are into health, and you know a lot about it, you could promote products on Amazon, and get paid for it. Some people think they have nothing they are passionate about, but just think of what gets you excited to talk to your friends or family about.

Maybe you are excited about getting healthier or sports, and you would like to gain more knowledge in that area, so you could do research about those areas and then write blogs on the subject and find relevant products or services to that area, and get the commissions.

Those websites they teach you to put up,so you can down the road sell whatever gets you excited will eventually be paying you when you are not working.

For me I promote Wealthy Affiliate here(and they pay a commission) because it excites me to help myself and others to become financially independent.

Most people can relate to struggling with finances, so it is easy then to get excited about helping others going through the same challenge. Here is a review of exactly what you get here to help you, and the commission you would get if you choose the same path.

Never having financial worries again

I know to many people this, seems foreign, however as I said earlier, having extra money for the holidays, and anything, can be a reality.

Because we have been conditioned that financial challenges is part of life, but it is a huge paradigm shift, to believe that we always have money for what we need and want.

Success in anything is determined mostly by our mind. One guy I know who is making well over 10.000 a month(actually he did over a million last year.) had struggled for a long time, until finally he seems to have broken through, and started having financial success. I asked what changed and he said he started feeding his mind daily, by reading inspirational books.

I guess what I found interesting is that he had to feed his mind, as I kind of thought that once you have reached a certain financial success that you have a mind that is always supporting your goals.

However I have heard many financially successful people say the same thing, that they daily read books that train their mind.

Just like having the skills is important, I think it is equally important to realize our mind is the greatest tool we have, and we need to work on using that tool effectively, by readings books that train our mind.

Here at Wealthy affiliate, many people have the mindset , that financial worries need never be an issue. As I said earlier when we are interacting with people who have extra money for holidays, and anything they want, it is helping train our mind as well.

I hope from this blog post I have convinced you of the value of getting the skills for long term financial freedom. I also hope, you join me in this journey to acquiring the skills.

If you have any comments or questions just put them in below, and I will answer as quickly as possible. Thank you for taking your time to check out this blog.









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  1. Great post Phyllis, love the info in here, very helpful! You have gave me lots to think about thats for sure, would love to make some extra income for the holidays, cheers Mike.

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