how to make a blog to make money-today!

What is involved in making money with a blog?



Here is a list of what you need, if you are asking the question “how to make a blog to make money”.


Most of them are very short in learning and you can have everything started in a few days and once you do get started you are beginning the road to making an income from your blog.



You do the work once and you keep collecting with very little maintenance. To be honest the biggest part of the success is up to you because it is about been consistent with your blogging. I hear and I believe it, that success with anything is 80% mindset. I have a post here that is about improving our mindset.

(1)You need an interest in something that you would enjoy blogging about

(2)you need a website

(3)You need to know the skills to get traffic to your blog.

(4)you need to know what people are googling about

(6)you need support

(7)You need patience


What will I blog about?



That question has so many answers, and if you want to get some ideas check out this review, and there is a link where you can go in for free.  There is a bar above that allows you to type in questions, and ask for a place where you ask to get your website reviewed? It is a great place to see all the different things people are blogging about and if you have an idea just post it to the community for their opinion if you like.


However, the one thing to keep mind is your success will partly depend on how helpful you are to people, in helping them solve problems. . For example health we all know is popular, so you narrow that down and find one aspect of health that people are continually looking to find an answer to like “belly fat and how to get rid of it”.



Then you find a product at some places like Amazon, that you already know it helps people and then you sign up for free with Amazon, they give you a link for that product to put on your blog and when people buy, you get a commission. If you have knowledge about health you can write about anything regarding health and then put links to products that are relevant to your post and will at the same time be an answer to someones problem.



Here is another example of a lady who loves to hike. She does blog post about hiking and then talks about boots and other equipment that she finds helpful, or products other people rave about, related to hiking.



If you are like me and do not have a hobby then you can blog about something you would like to find out more about and you are interested in, then put relevant products or services to that topic. Someone wrote an article about organic milk, as he wanted to find out more about it, so he did his research and then he wrote a blog about it. That blog was written a few years ago and it is still on the first page of google.


The other way is if you are not interested in anything particular, you can promote this place I did the review on and you get a commission for referring people All you need is to have a big why, as to why you want to be successful blogging, like my why is it is my retirement income at the top of the list, but I have other reasons as well. My point is the why is your motivation.


You then are solving peoples problem, whether people looking for more income, or perhaps they have the income, but they are lacking time in their life. Blogging can do that for them, because once it is built you just maintain. Sometimes it is neither time nor money it is people who are retired and want to do something they enjoy.



Building a website in a day or two.


Having a website to some may seem a bit like a big mountain, but trust me at this place it is not. Again here is the review and you can check out the link on the page to check it out for free. You literally can build a website in a couple of days. It did take me a week maybe part-time, because I am not very techie at all. My friend who is fairly techie did it in one evening, so there you go it is quick.


Your website will have all your blogs and introduces yourself to the world as to what you are doing, and who you are.




Getting the skills to get traffic.



This is the more difficult part, actually it is not really difficult but more involved, then building your website. This review will go into detail about the skills required.


I know from experience that it is tempting to try to find out on your own what to do, but there is a saying “sometimes we do not know,what we do not know”, so it is very time saving to learn from someone who has already done the journey.


Just think of things in your own life that were difficult, but when you do it over and over, you have now got it.Once you have the skills down it is just rinse and repeat.


The place on the review I mentioned above is a platform built by Kyle and Carson who have done this 13 years, and now over a million people at the platform learning the skills.


The other thing is it is important to know changes that are happening online that may affect your blog. Kyle and Carson, who are the owners, are continually up on anything we need to know.



How to know what people are looking for online?


When I started that was one of my concerns when I started how am I going to know what people are looking for? One of my favorites tools goes into exactly how to find what people want.


Let’s say you are doing your website on ways to improve your health and then you have a blog post that talks about monitoring your blood pressure, so you have found a great blood pressure monitor.



Before you start your blog you can type something that you feel people would be googling about, if they wanted to get a from pressure monitor. It may be something as simple as” best blood pressure monitor”.


You see from this keyword tool, it is called, that there are 150 people a month googling that, then you can check to see how many people have already blogged about it.



You check and there is only 25 people blogged about, so that could be your blog post because it has low competition. You do research and do a review on the monitor you believe to be best.


One of the ways to research it would be to check amazon or eBay and find one that has the most reviews, and check to see if people are happy with it, and then that can be part of your review, just talking about some comments.


On the platform I have mentioned in this review you can check out through the link there, the keyword tool called Jaaxy and you can experiment for yourself. It will also tell you the chances of how many people will visit your website if you are on the first page.


With that tool you can write your blogs around what people need. Many people look at a list of keywords, and that is the beginning of a successful blog.


One guy at WA platform is making on average $600.00 a day and he said he did a list of 60 keywords and started writing blogs geared towards each keyword. Each keyword is money to you, and for the customer it is solving their problem they have googled about.


Support for while you are learning.


This is always what I believe to be the one of the most important things in making money with blogging, because on the beginning when you have your learning curve ahead of you, you will get stuck, and what is really important is having your answer quickly.


You do not want to be doing a blog and you cannot move forward until you get an answer to your problem. When you are looking this is important to know you will have the support.


Again check out the review above or below and it will go into different ways you get questions answered there. The support at the platform is just outstanding, and when you go in you will see for yourself.


Patience is king.


When you are doing your learning about blogging it may take a few months or more to start seeing an income, but here is a scenario of what happens when you are patient.


One young guy here at the platform on this review, started in 2016 may and did not make a penny until June this year 2018. However, in June he made $2,500.00, July it was $3,200.00 and now in September $4700.00.


Obviously his patience was amazing and he is benefiting from it now.I am going to add to that update. In October he did over $6000 a month, and he learned it all from the platform I mentioned in the review above.


Would you agree that patience is king, and I know for me I am paying attention, for the times when I become impatient.


Having success with blogging through coaches.


We can look to others who have done the journey and know that as long as we do what they did, that will be our story as well. I get so inspired with other people stories of success with blogging and we all can know as long as we keep putting out quality content that success will follow.


Their help is like having coaches for our success in our blogs. It is partly Dr Google as well, because when google sees your consistency for writing blog post, then your chances to get to the first page keeps increasing.


In my title “how to make a blog to make money-today” I just want to clarify “today”. The moment you start blogging and if you are consistent, then you really are making money because you get paid later for it.


Really it is about doing the work once, and getting paid over and over because now your store(website) is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. , have the traffic coming then it is just maintenance. We have people at the platform in this review, who (by the way are very generous in helping us) they have reached enough success that, if they took of a few months their income will still come in.


To make money with a blog begins with starting, and then getting the skills. You will make money and the best thing is you can blog about whatever you enjoy.


Then just combine that with helping people solve different problems. I wish you lots of success. Remember this, you are not great at all when you start, however starting you can become great with consistency and been persistent.


If you have questions or comments just put them in below. Thank you for reading this post and visiting my website.


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