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How to buy Kangen water

Buy and then getting your money back


How to buy the kangen water system will depend on your circumstances. Some people will want to pay cash others using credit cards, but either way once you purchase through the referral plan you can get your money back and more if you like.



Some people also get it financed through the company, and there is no credit check.



Congratulations too, on deciding to purchase one, because you will feel the difference soon, on what it is doing for your health. Many people are doing many things to help their health, but ignoring one of the most important things, that can make such a difference, and that is water.



The kangen water system is not only a water system but it is a medical device. I have listed the perks, and hopefully after you have read this post you realize even more the value of what you are buying. I have listed one of the major perks at the


Having your own franchise



When you buy the kangen water machine, you have bought something that will change the state of your health. I have a video right here that will actually see how the water changes your blood affecting things like arthritis, and heart health, and other health challenges.



When you purchase the Kangen water machine you have also purchased your own franchise,(see here how to learn to get the word out online about your franchise) and as long as you open the doors, meaning you tell other people, you can get your money back for your machine, or if you keep the doors open you can make significant changes in your financial health.



You let people try the water, so they can feel and see the changes, like better sleep, more energy, and changes in different areas of their health.



Do not have to sell, because as I heard someone say once that you do not sell a product or a service when it has true value. You let people try to they know the value. Then you just let them choose if they want to buy or not. Here is another post, and it is a review on the kangen water system.


Are you doing people a service


Many people, including myself do not like selling and since you truly do not need to sell the Kangen water system, because you just let them try it.



I really feel that the people in my life need to hear about it and try it, since it can improve their health so much.



If you look at these testimonials of people who have tried the machines, I think you will realize that you do a disservice to people not letting them try.



If after trying they buy, then you get a referral fee, because the companies form of marketing is word of mouth or direct marketing. It is cheaper than other forms of marketing, however we benefit a lot from the marketing dollars given to us.

Getting paid for letting other people try the water



Our company’s compensation is based on a rank system. Each rank requires a certain number of sales and then you go up a rank. The 1st is $285.00 each for 2 sales.



Once you get a third sale you are qualified to earn $570.00 for each sale, and this is a combination of not only your sales but the people who bought the machine from you, when they make a sale. This goes until the next 10 machines. Then you are qualified for the 3rd rank.



This is all the way to the 8th level, and below the 8th you still get 285. I am just trying to make a point, of how you can get your money back just by reaching the 1st and 2nd ranks, I will not go into the other ranks, but I will be doing another blog post for the compensation alone.

When you know how powerful this water is,(see here why it helps your health)  so much you will not have a problem sharing with people.



Imagine someone has health challenges that you can help and you say nothing.



Again you do not have to say anything just let them try it. That saying applies here “the proof is in the pudding”.



To emphasize the value of the Kangen water system again, I just want to compare to a cleaning system, many people would have called it a vacuum cleaner, and that was the second best product I had heard of and used.



Kathy Lee Gifford the talk show host has, a video raving about that cleaning system. One of the comments she made was that it was rear to see a product so powerful. You can get that video if you google Kathy Lee Gifford and the rainbow system. It is a good example of value.



I sold a few, but they were too heavy to keep doing presentations, but couple of friends bought, and paid over $3000.00 but did not look back, and they still rave about that product because of the value.



As good as that cleaning system was I would rate this one has having even more value. It is a product that you can be proud to share because of its value, and you will definitely get your investment back.


Helping people by sharing



One of the popular motivational speakers has a quote that I like. “You can get everything in life you want if you would just help enough other people get what they want”. You just help people how to improve their health, and if they also would like to join our mission to help improve peoples health, you will improve their finances as well.


Keeping your doors open 24 hours a day 7 days a week



Okay so you have told your friends and family, or maybe you would like to save them for last, so how do you keep your doors open to your business.



This blog that I am writing is a result of training I am taking at this platform, and here is a review about it. They teach you all about how to market online.

It does take time to learn it. This(most people are making money after 3-6 months) program has major value as well, because once you have learned how to market using blogs, videos or Facebook, you will get your time back, because you will have people purchasing when you are sleeping or on holiday.



Great motivation as well. Honestly I enjoy this so much, I have to remember to take time out. It is really not like work.



What makes it even better is I am talking about two things, I am so proud to promote.(again here is the review on the kangen water)The other benefit of learning to market this on line, is you have access to people who are still building their business there, and they have made thousands online, and are available to help as well.



Just this morning someone posted how they just earned 3.2 thousand for this month. He is 21 years of age, and we have people on the other end as well who are retired, or like another one, who posted this morning he is on the second half of his journey learning marketing, from been an engineer.



It is really inspiring and exciting to be working with other budding entrepreneurs.Remember you are contributing in so many ways to peoples health and the health of their finances, and making a beautiful contribution to our environment.



Thanks for visiting my website, and hopefully we will be working to together on this journey.








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