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Success in 90 days!

90 days to blast off!


I am writing this blog post because I feel like, no matter what we are trying to achieve, we give our self  a much greater chance for success if we have 90 day plan.



As I pondered this and did some research on the benefits of this for success, I realized that just thinking about it started to sharpen my focus.



We have all heard the saying of “slow and steady wins the race” or the story of the tortoise and the hare, which both are often what people used, to back up their opinion of going slow and I use it myself.



I think that will get us to success as well, but I think one of the weakness to that approach, is I personally think it increases our risk of giving up, because we do not see success quick enough, and we start to doubt ourselves more.



Plus we tend to waste more time because the goal is further away. Here is a review of an awesome place to get the skills you need to be an effective affiliate marketer, if that is what you are trying to achieve is success within affiliate marketing. Plus here are more reasons why having a 90-day plan can help you blast off to a great start.


Why make a 90-day plan?

My bet is that no matter what you want to achieve, you give yourself a much greater chance for success when you set it up in 90 days. Here are 8 reasons to do a 90-day plan, if you want your chances for online success to increase, or you just want to get success sooner than later.



(1)As I said above I think it creates a greater chance that you will succeed, because you see the financial rewards quicker.



With each success you have you it is like starting a snowball, and it grows as you roll it. Your motivation is growing with each step towards success.



(2)You create success in a shorter amount of time.(the time you give it)



I cannot remember where I heard this statement but it was an aha moment. The time it takes to do something is the time you give to do it. I use this sometimes mantra for even little things, but having a 90-day plan is one way to ensure success in a shorter amount of time. Just because you are compressing the amount of time, you are successful quicker.



(3)If you have other people that are on your team, or people you are referring you are know inspiring them. You are leading by example, and their chance for success also increases because you inspire them and you are leading by example. I have been on teams where the leader is always pushing others and not only does that create a negative environment, it decreases production.



I also want to make a point here though regarding having a team and referrals, and that is you do not have to have either for online success because you may be promoting products or services, and the only person’s efforts you have to think about is your own.



The opposite holds true when the leader is mostly expecting from themselves, and the team is than inspired to act and follow in their footsteps.


Look at all the side Benefits!



When you are excited yourself and focused on your own efforts it has so many side benefits like there is more productivity, and excitement in the atmosphere, plus it overflows into other parts of your life.



Considering that much of our life is working, when you are doing something you are excited about and you are seeing progress, it just gives more of a positive view towards life in general.



So many people are just waiting for that next holiday, but what about enjoying the day to day, because you are enjoying what you are doing.



Here again is the review of the place where you are not only learning the skills for affiliate marketing, but you have a million or more people on that journey which again fuels the motivation for the 90-day plan. know you have others to share your ups and downs of this 90 day journey.



(4)Creating momentum in business is motivation coupled with productivity, and remember the snowball that momentum grows, and there also seems to create more what some people call lucky breaks, but when you are working harder and smarter you are creating your own breaks. You become unstoppable and success breeds success.



(5)Urgency is also created, which has also has side benefits like been more motivated because you are in that mode to get it done. You are taking steps that are proactive, so it takes away frantic activity, because you are not reacting, like for me it is” Oh I need to get some of my blog done today” after I have been involved in other unrelated chores.



With my 90-day plan in place I just get up and know that is my priority. For me when I think of in terms of slow and steady wins the race I become more passive in my actions and more scattered in my thinking, doing other things because I think to myself “oh I will just do this first because I will get there eventually with my blog post.



Even this morning after celebrating thanksgiving with my brother and his wife, and having a wonderful time, I got up and not feeling like writing because I was still in the holiday mode.



However, I started to think about my own 90 day challenge for myself, and I had breakfast and hopped on the computer to start my blogging. I was starting to feel that urgency to get it down. So here I am and pumped.



Urgency creates change because you are more consistent in your actions in what you need to do to get somewhere, and you are putting your best efforts into it. 90 days to me is a good number because it reminds me of nature and the seasons. It is 90 days and we start to see changes just like the seasons winter, spring, summer or fall.



(6)Distractions lose their power because know you have your time put in place of 90 days and you have the actions at the forefront of what needs to be done. For me personally I started thinking how am I going to get my goal in 90 days.



Then my mind started thinking of giving up a few shows on TV that were my guilty pleasures. I perhaps will pick one day to binge watch a bit or not, since I have not decided but definitely put most of that time into reaching my goal. My TV watching was a bit more than I wanted to do, so when I decided to slash that time it was no longer gnawing at me because it was no longer a distraction.



(7)Sharpens your focus because know as I said above, you are know knowing what actions are important for your 90-day plan to be successful. Here is where (you can read this review and go in there through one of the links) to learn the actions you need to take for your success as an affiliate marketer is extra training called “21 min ranking method in 7 steps.



You know what your distractions are and how to handle them and know what needs to be done starts you prioritizing the most effective ones. As you do all this you are know starting to feel more focused in getting there and I can tell you from my experience I am more excited about the changes to come and you will as well I think.



(8)It is easier because we waste so much energy when we do not have a plan in place. We worry more because we have often not done what we said we were going to do. Apparently when a rocket ship takes off most it uses 70 % of its fuel in take off. I believe that is like us when we have not got our plan and deadline in place, however with the 90-day plan it makes it easier.



With the momentum created you can as been said ride the momentum, and when that happens and it is snowballing lets face it “how much effort does it take a snowball when it is going downhill”.



Once your plan is in place what to remember for help in getting there.



One of my favorite self-help books is “what to say when you talk to yourself”. Reaching any goal is determined mostly by your thoughts.



Here is a saying by Zig Ziglar a famous motivational speaker saying “It is your attitude, more than your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.”



Your attitude is to do with your thoughts, so I will call it like weeding. Deal with those thought just by ignoring them if they are not thoughts that are not going to help you get to where you want to go.



Apply that to other peoples thoughts toward your plan, as well “ignore it if it is not supportive”. This is the review if you have not looked at it yet, and there is a link to go in. You will also find a chat line of many people who will be there for any support you need while learning to be a success at affiliate marketing.



Here is an example of some of my thoughts that needed weeding. In writing these blogs I need training to help me be successful and at this platform they have amazing training.



I had convinced myself that I could not get to the training because I was busy writing my blog post, until I realized I created that obstacle by saying that. Now I say I will do one video in training a day and than start my post.



I think I created that thought because I love doing the blog post, but when it came to learning new things I get lazy. Wow with that confession out of the way I feel lighter.(lol)Plus with that 90 day cycle growth will happen because we start to face ourselves more and deal with our weakness and our strengths.





I love this part because I am a dreamer and I love to dream, but again I have to fess up. I have not written my goals down, however it is on my to do list, for know they are just in my head, but never the less they get me excited, they get me motivated and just HAPPY.



So many people attest to this in how visualization( and yes we gotta write them down )was so helpful in their dreams coming true. Actually I am going to do another blog post for my own curiosity because I know of so many famous sports people, Oprah and the comedian Jim Carrey, all say how visualization helped them in their own journey to success.



I know it affects your subconscious and know solutions come to you easier. I can see why to write your goals down on an index card because you do not want to be thinking about them all day, and taking you away from the present moment.



(There is a reason it is called the present, so we need to open the present) Put them on an index card and put it into your daily routine to take them out in the morning and before you go to bed at night, say out loud what you goals are and visualize them.



Having your dream team around you.




These are the people in your life who support you. They may be from your work or family or friends but they are the people that are rooting for you and believe in you.



The most important person is yourself and than no matter what anyone says if you believe it can happen it will.



However, sometimes there will be sacrifices to make with that 90-day plan and that may include not having so much time for a season with the people you love and care about, so you need to have them on board with your plans. Maybe make plans for more time together after the 90 days. This can be than another motivator because you are eager to spend more time with them again.



Through this blog post I gave you a link to a review post. On that post there is the link where you can go in for free, and if you decide to join you will have many people on your dream team that are like you there to make their own and other peoples dream come true. They can be there as part of your dream team as well.



That question “the how to be successful at affiliate marketing is no longer a question because you have done the actions and either got where you aimed for or beyond.



Perhaps you did not make it to your goal, but I know that you know, you will get there because you have know made your own template of the actions you need and you have the habits that it requires in place for success as an affiliate marketer.


If you have any comments or questions about this blog please feel free to put them in below.


2 thoughts on “Success in 90 days!

  1. What a great post!

    I honestly think I must waste so much time just deciding what to do… and I normally plan what I need to do and prioritise it!! So I’d hate to think how much time people waste when they don’t have a plan.

    It’s something that I think we can get into a habit of doing rather than just waking up one day and wanting to write a blog all of a sudden.

    It’s great to see you have set yourself the 90 days as having a close deadline is crucial for productivity too. You’re so right that if we don’t set these smaller targets we can just procrastinate much more.

    Thanks so much for sharing this,


    1. Thanks Mike for the encouragement.With the 90 days I find I do not get distracted nearly as much because I have the sense of urgency.I wish you all the best in your endeavors, as well.Thanks for the comment.

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