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Herbalife reviews


Why you can succeed in this company.



After having researched various Herbalife reviews, this review will have my thought on your chances of success based on a score of 1 -10.



No matter what the score is I believe there are three things that can make you successful regardless of the rating. Before I get into the Herbalife review I am going to talk about two  ways to guarantee your success in whichever company you choose whether it is Herbalife or some other company you research.



  1. Havings the skills to have an online store.
  2. Having a product you believe in.


Having the skills to have an online store.



I have tried a few mlm companies, and have had very little success, however having said that I believe in most of them, and think  that given the right skills and tools anyone can succeed. What I love about the mlm opportunities is it is one of  the best way for anyone to succeed.



It does not matter, about your color, your financial situation, or religion you will get hired(because you are the owner, once you have joined, lol) and the sky really is the limit(with the right marketing skills).



If you have the marketing skills and even a very small percentage of people who have done so without the marketing, you can be making an awesome income that sometimes exceeds incomes, from people who have paid a million or more for a franchise, and for virtually nothing in cost when compared to buying a franchise.



Without the skills I personally think the  chances are very low. I do not the exact number of people who succeed in MLM, but I know it is less than  5%. That to me is not very encouraging.



If you learn the skills here at this platform(you can go in for free to check it out for yourself) your chance for MLM success is 100%.I do feel that it is smart though to review your company you are joining because you will get better and faster results with MLM company with different products.



What are the skills you need?



There are really only 4 skills you need and they are



  • the right mindset
  • building your website
  • writing content
  • getting traffic to your blogs



The right mindset is our greatest tool.



Did you know that our mind is the biggest contributor to success. When we allow our thoughts to dictate to us, instead of us doing some weeding, daily to determine which thoughts are going to help us achieve what we want. We often let them run around around like undisciplined kids.



An  entrepreneur I know  who has done amazing who makes well over $10.000, said his success started when he started daily, looking at his thoughts and deciding what thoughts were to be there.



He said that applied to his marriage as well. Him and his wife meditate daily and read books that are helping them with affirming thoughts, that also have giving them a more successful marriage.



Building a website is not difficult, for anyone.

You can go in here to build your website and it is free for you to try.The website can take maybe an evening to put up. Do not worry if you are not techie.



I was not techie and it did take me longer then an evening but just a few evenings because they have great videos that will take you step by step. If you are not ready to build yet just go in to look around and ask questions.



Getting content for your blog



Writing content is easy, especially when you have chosen your MLM, because you just write about different products in your company, and been a representative etc.



For me what to write about was taking time, but when you know what to write about you are ahead.You can write about becoming a  representative, for the people who are like you, wanting to join a company.



NOW this to me, is another really helpful part of the platform I mentioned, because they have a tool that actually gives you the number of people searching on Google each month for lets say Herbalife. Here is a screenshot that shows the numbers




If you look at the top column where it says Avg, then look underneath where it says Herbal life 161133 people.



That means on average there are that many people searching that term each month. For your content if you decided to join Herbalife you can write a blog post on herbal life.



Each blog post would target the different words people are googling about, so lets say you write another post on becoming  a herbal life distributor .



I checked that out and there are 100 people a month googling that , so would you agree that they are perhaps looking to becoming a distributor?



You just need to look at how many people are writing blogs on those same words, and you can find that out on that same tool in the screenshot.



So if you are doing a post on herbal life your competition is 97 people which in training they tell us on the beginning when you are new, the competitions needs to be around 100 or less, so you would be fine to write that post.



There is a benefit to the competition as well, because just like musicians have their influence in music, so does blogging.



These people who are your competition you can look at their blogs for ideas, because these are people who have reached the coveted first page of google so they are doing something right.



The best ones to look at would be other herbal life distributors blogging. You read their blogs to trigger your own ideas.



What I love to is that it is not only a great opportunity for you, but when that person joins you, now they have the same chances for success for them if they duplicate what you do and join this platform to learn the skills.


You just need to focus on helping many become successful, and you will become successful as well. Giving them the skills to market is giving them the best chance in whichever company you choose.



Another benefit for  you as well is that you get a referral fee for recommending them. Again when they refer people here to learn the skills they get a referral fee as well. So you are getting an income from both Herbal life and this platform and giving them the same opportunity.




The more blog post the more money.

The more blog post you put up, the more money you make because you will get more traffic.



The more traffic the more sells. In the training  they will show you again step by step, how to make an effective blog post.



While there is a big learning curve on the beginning, and you will not be getting many if any sells, but the beauty about it is, on like selling to your friends and family, where you have to keep selling.



Once your website is up, you have created lots of content through your blog post, you will be getting sells even when you are not working.



One guy here at this platform had his best selling day when he was on a hike with his little brother, and that day his total sells were $900.00.



His average day now is $600.00. He was a laborer with no prior selling experience but he learned the skills in training and continued to make blog post, and it paid of. How is that for incentive?



Getting traffic



Getting traffic is mostly done through writing a lot of content. For wealthy affiliate a few people who made it to winning a free trip to La  because they brought in 300 new people for the year, and that roughly is to $6900.00 a month.



A couple of them have said they did about 400 post to achieve that. That seems like a lot but remember you would also getting paid on herbal life, plus the amount of work is greatly reduced because once your foundation is in place, since you now have a steady stream of traffic  coming to your online store.



They then teach you other ways to get traffic to your website. Remember the biggest part of your work is done when you know how to get traffic to your store. With the traffic coming to your store 24hrs a day 7 days a week, and over a billion people you have access to, then there really is no way for you to not succeed.



Another thing is while you are learning the skills here,(check it out and try before you buy) you will be involved in a community of over 1 million learning as well.



Some are like you just starting out, and others are doing 1000s a month, some even 6 figures and more a month. The beauty of that, is it is a very helpful community and anyone there will help you when you need it.



You will need help because when you are learning something new, there are always challenges at first, until you get to where it is just rinse and repeat.


Now I will get back to herbalife.



What about Herbal life?

Herbal life has been going since 1980 and is in 90 different countries and are based out of Los Angeles California.



Its goal is to help people lead more active and healthier lives  through products independent distributors promote. They target men women and children”s health.  Help with issues that plague many people, like  stress, immune health, weight loss and digestion health.


The Herbalife products.



The products are divided up into four different categories targeting different areas.



These include:



  • Products for the skin and hair
  • Products for more energy and fitness
  • Products that target heart health,digestive, immune health and then products for sleep and relaxation.
  • Weight loss products for people trying to lose weight



For the overall experience from people who had tried the products I went to consumer affairs, and 205 reviews 45 gave the products a 5 star rating.8 people gave it 4, 9 gave 3.20 gave it 2 stars and 104 people gave only a 1 star. There you have a small sample for you to judge.



Another place I would recommend that would give additional feedback is to go to Amazon, and look at what people are saying about that  product you would like to check.



I often do that, when I buy a product , even if it is offline, but Amazon carries it, so I check their reviews.



One thing regarding the products is, my review is only my opinion on my research I have done. Remember your own personal experience will trump other opinions.



If you absolutely belief in it, and you do the work from the skills you can learn here, you will succeed.



The Herbalife compensation.



I have a video on the compensationand he goes into detail, and he is not believer in Herbalife, but because the compensation is very detailed I put it in. One of his objections to Herbalife was the 2500.00 sales a month for 2 consecutive months, in order to earn commission.



He said many distributors find it difficult to meet this. I think one thing about when you start blogging and getting traffic this will not be a difficult task.



It may be on the beginning but in the meantime with each blog, you can be setting up your post so that you are having people buying products regularly.



Remember this does take time, but it is time you will get back when people are buying when you are sleeping or on holiday. Every blog post is a seed for an amazing income.



Another wonderful thing is, if you are promoting something you truly believe in you will enjoy the journey.



I did not have an interest when I started as an affiliate for WA ,here where you learn the skills, so I choose to promote this because I am so proud of this company and what it can do for people wanting to learn to market online.



I get a referral fee from them when anyone joins, but I will be joining an Mlm as well because I really believe in how much they go hand in hand for succeeding in a business.



The good and the bad about the products and the compensation.



The good about the products are they contain 



  • protein will help your body in managing your weight and loosing weight. It will also help in building tissue in our body and repairing tissue.



  • Many  times  we do not get the vitamins and minerals our body needs. The protein shakes contain the 21 vitamins and minerals our body needs.



fiber which helps you feel full, and helps with having regular bowel movements,plus many people have digestion problems which fiber also helps with.



  • In 2013 and 2015 they were awarded the healthy nutrition award and in 2014 they got the product of the year award.



The bad about the products.



  • Soya protein isolate is where the oils are taken from the soya bean, though a hexane bath. Hexane is a gasoline byproduct that can be explosive.



The USDA will not allow it in organic foods, but yet it is used in soyabean. Then to remove the carbohydrates it is soaked in either ethanol or an acid bath.



  • The first and main  ingredient is isolated soy protein, which will increase isoflavones in your body which in turn can change your thyroid function, and this will not help you lose weight on your weight loss journey.



  • The other ingredient that is in herbal life is hydrogenated oils which contain trans fats which raises the bad cholesterol (LDL).It seems like the partially hydrogenated oils everyone agrees that it is bad for you.It is used to increase the shelf life.



  • There is conflicting evidence about fully hydrogenated. However the best thing when it does not say that it is fully hydrogenated stay away because they can then put  in the trans fats.



  • Casein according to some health experts like the authors of the The China Study who say that all casein is bad for our healthy and especially the cows who have A1-beta casein in their milk which is very inflammatory. I know milk does not set well with me at all. I get achy from very little.


Sometimes when there is evidence but people are saying different things, regarding what is good for you and what is not, it can help to listen to your body when you have those products that are controversial.



The good and bad of the compensation.



The good



  • In the video above  Jason talks about  the compensation, and to me one of the great things about any mlm compensation is that now you  are also getting paid for helping other people as well.



It is not only your own hours you put in, but the hours your team puts in as well.



  • The other part of the compensation which I personally feel is good is the retail  commission is great.


The bad


  • While I said earlier that the qualifications of $2500.00 in sales need not be an obstacle when you can learn the marketing skills  here. I still believe that if a compensation is better in another company, and you do not have those qualifications it would benefit you more, even with the marketing skills.



  • While the cost is $59.00 to get started many distributors were asked to start at the supervisor level, by putting out $4000.00 in order that they get the greater commission given to supervisor.


My thoughts


I  would give Herbalife  a 60%. I think  the fact that it has been going since 1980 is a bonus for them.


There have been people having results for weight loss, but I think some of the ingredients to me makes me less confident in the products.


With the compensation on its own I do not see very much hope of success. Like I mentioned earlier you just have to look at the number succeeding in MLM.



Even if you can be one of those that do succeed, do you want to promote to people knowing their chances are so slim to succeed.



Your chances  are still great with Herbalife if as I said you learn the skills here, and the same for anyone who joins you. The sky then is the limit.




Having a product that you very much believe in would help you get ahead with the income from your blogging, because that is what you talk about.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to put them in below. Thanks for visiting my blog post.










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  1. Hi, I like Herbal life products as I benefitted from it. But I am against their MLM because I am personally affected very badly. Successful MLM is when everyone gets benefitted from it.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kavitha. I know the compensation can be bad, but do you think with the right marketing skills their chances improve?I wish you lots of success moving forward.

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