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Do you want the best midlife career change after 50?

Out with the old and in with the new!


Do you want the best midlife career change after 50? This is only my opinion, so it is bias because it is where I am working, and loving it.

I will list a few reasons why I consider it the best, of why I am recommending this particular career change.


Got questions, I would love to get them below, or if you have a comment. If you want to know what it is all about check out this  review on the platform  I am recommending.


(1) My number one reason is that once I get everything up and running it is going to pay me, even when I am not working. I want more free time, as I age.


(2) Second reason for me was I want to travel. This change will allow me to take my laptop and work from wherever. Lots of flexibility. Go to my favorite coffee shop and hang out and write.


(3) Making a difference by helping people .


(4) Learning new skills because change can be wonderful, especially when it opens up so many possibilities.


(5) No longer trading time for money


(6) Doing what you love


All the above reasons will perhaps mean looking at things differently, because we have been used to working from 9-5 weekends off, and collecting a paycheck. However, if you entertain this new way, not only is the financial worth it, but do you think the other reasons are enticing as well?


So what am I talking about?


It is about been an affiliate to promote products or services. One guy learning the skills, travels and gets paid because he has services regarding travel.

You learn the skills to be a successful entrepreneur, and here is the review again of everything involved in learning those skills.


A little elaboration on the reasons are below


(1) Once you get your website up, and know how to get traffic there, through marketing, then you can take off time, and it is still bringing in an income.


One guy who does videos has one website that he puts in about 2 hrs every 2 weeks and that particular website brings in 75.000 a year. Not bad for 2 hours every 2 weeks eh? It did take him a year to get there.


(2)The flexibility is because you are doing blogging or videos or whichever marketing technique you use, so all you need is your laptop and go there to do your work.


(3)Helping others is what will make you successful. You find your niche and then you find products or services that will solve a problem for someone.


(4)Looking at a career change that allows you learn skills that also open other possibilities. One person who has the skills has a few business clients that pay him because he gets their business on the 1st page, because he knows SEO.


(5)No longer trading time for money. That example if the guy I mentioned who works on that website 2 hrs every 2 weeks is no longer trading time for money.


He can and most likely is, because I know many from the platform do the same, and that is do another website, and get that one working the same.

Once you have done one website, now it is rinse and repeat.


(6)Learning the skills can be fun because you are focused on something you enjoy. Remember I said it is affiliate marketing and you are marketing products or services.


Well you can do anything, but what do you like to talk about, with your family and friends, that gets you excited?


Maybe there is nothing in particular at this point that you can think of, and that is fine because many people look at things they would like to know more about, and find related products or services, and then do research on that.


Actually the guy I mentioned who did the videos, had an interest in finding out more about a certain topic, and his website was a result of his research. Now he is getting $75.000 from that particular website.


One guy has a website on football helmets, so if you are into sports there are many products to look at. Someone I know has just joined who loves soccer, so he is going to come up with a niche related to soccer.


Many people are into health, so you can go in so many directions in that niche. The more interested you are in the topic the more motivated you are going to be.


You can promote WA like I am, and like any affiliate service you get paid as well. It is not difficult when you really believe in something.


I have no reservations whatsoever about wealthy affiliate been a vehicle to becoming a successful entrepreneur, which as I said makes it easy to promote.

What does it take to be successful at this midlife career change?


(1)With any en devour success begins with the right mindset. It does not mean you will not have some doubts but as you take action, doubts begin to disappear.


One of the ways I deal with doubts, is I follow others who are doing amazing, and sometimes I private message them for their opinion on something I am doing.


One of my approaches is to look at long term of what I need to do, and that can be overwhelming, but when I break it down into bite size pieces, or short term goals, it is easier.


That is also, how our training is done here at WA,(again here is the review) into different task, and with each task done you just gain momentum.


Always monitor what you are saying to yourself in your mind, and if it is negative, find ways to get out of that mindset into a positive mindset.


There are great books to help achieve great mindset. There are so many people here at WA who have done the journey of getting to success, here and we can tap into their help, and use their journey as inspiration.


I know some people who have been successful, and they always work on their mindset. One guy in particular I know who is doing well over 10,000 a month said he starts everyday by feeding his mind something positive through videos, or books, but he said he never takes his mindset for granted because it is easy to go in the wrong direction.


(2) Success will also come, and I think fairly soon, if you treat it like any business, but remember it will not be always that way, because you are building something that can pay you years to come, with very little time.



(3) Knowledge of course, and there is no shortage at WA, there are videos for every task that literally take you by the hand, to help you through.


As you do the videos(and I am gonna put a warning that I think is important here, and that is do not do the training first, and then take action, instead with each task take action, otherwise with all the training, and no action can be overwhelming.)


As you gain knowledge, and if you get stuck there is a live chat line with others, who are learning, and you can go there to ask any question. You can private message someone with a question if you are not sure.


Plus you can put a question on the top of the dashboard and within minutes you will have an answer. So you get all the knowledge you need and you have people there to help when you get stuck.


(4)Have lots of reasons why you want to do this business. Many people are here because they want more time in their life without sacrificing income. Usually when you are in the work force you have to give up so much of your time, to gain financial success.


If you want lots of time for family and friends you have to give up more of the financial. Having a long list of why’s or very meaningful why’s is what is going to help get you success. The why is what helps propel you forward, when you are slowing down.

I have a long list, and I will share one I have and that is to see the northern lights, and write about it when I experience it.


I have never enjoyed working at something so much in my life, and it is freeing to know what my efforts are going to do for me.


Like my retirement is taken care off, and it is hard to find words to express, what this community of like-minded people, who are on a similar journey can help in making the journey more exciting, and rewarding.


When you look at a career change, what would you love to do if you could get paid? There is a good chance whatever it is you could get paid, by writing, or doing videos about it, and then finding a way to monetize it.


Below, the review will explain, and there is a link where you can go in and take a peek. With everything happening there it is easy to get plenty of brainstorming ideas.


We would love to have you join us on the next part of your journey in your career change.



Check out this review to read about exactly what is involved in this opportunity, that can give you the best midlife career change. Let me know if you have comments or questions.









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