Do you make money online or not?

The proof is in the pudding!


Do you make money online is a question I think depending on how you go about it.


The title “The proof is in the pudding ” is a saying that if you have not heard, means in a nutshell try it, experience, and see for yourself.


The place I will be recommending I am bias because I am learning to have success there.


Here is information about a place you can see, success after success of people, who had the same question as you, and jumped in to experience it for free, just to see if it would work.


It did and now they are encouraging others like you and myself who is fairly new, that it works and the great thing is they are also like coaches to help you succeed, as well as also step by step training.


How you go about it?

There are places where you can go and pay money to buy a product, and then sell that product, but before you do that you need skills, to build a website, and then get traffic to your website.


There are other ways but, to ensure your success, you need skills that can make sure you know what you are doing. These skills can open up so many possibilities for making money online.

Skills like making the website, knowing how to know what people are googling about, so that you can get them to your website. knowing the different ways to market, write blogs or do videos, or other types of marketing.


Making money while you get the skills


While getting the skills can take some time, you can make money online in a rarely short time, depending on how much time you have to dedicate. That time that you do give before you start making money you can get back, because once your website is up and running and you have learned how to get traffic to your website, now you will be making money when you are not working it.


Here is the review of the place, where  you learn the skills. One guy there  had his best day which was $900.00, when he was not working, but had taken his little brother for a hike. That s just one person, but there are many people there with the same experience, of having a great day financially but were not working.


Doing what you love?


These skills I mentioned above teaches you affiliate marketing, which is promoting other people s products or services, and getting paid.


You can get paid on promoting almost anything, so it allows you to pick something really love to do and promote products related to it. Let’s say it is sports, and you can talk about various things related to sports and then pick products that would be related and when people buy you get commission.

If it is health, you can find out more about it, by doing research, and again find related products, put a link from the company in your blog or video, and get paid.


Getting stuck and getting help!


This is important because it is new skills you are learning, you are going to get stuck, and that it is a good thing because it means you are working.


However, what I have found is one of the most important things about success online is “will I have help if I am stuck”? I had previously bought into products online, and once I bought, they were not able to be reached. I was then stuck and not able to go any further.


This place is definitely a place where you get help when you are stuck. The owners are Kyle and Carson, and they are available to private message if you have a problem. You can also private message people who are already having plenty of success online. You can also put a question on the dashboard, and within minutes someone is there to help.


Can you trust this program?


Here where you learn there are a couple of reasons I trusted them, and was definitely not disappointed. I had looked at one company for months to learn the skills and I could not make up my mind.  Finally decided it was not what I wanted for different reasons.

Here is a review of this one  where I was able to go in for free, to find out all about it.

(1) This gave me confidence in the company, because they believed enough in what they were offering, that they allowed me to test drive first. Then when I got in there I was pleasantly surprised with how helpful everyone was, and saw there was people joining all the time, who were introducing themselves, and other members were welcoming them.


(2) It was a very supportive, and encouraging environment, and I knew that would definitely help. Just the fact that it can be isolating when you work from home, so having others learning to be successful in learning to make money online, sharing the journey with me is a big help as I learn.


Other reasons I trusted it were that it was a company that not only, had been around for a long time, they have not taken their success for granted. They are always working on making the company, more user-friendly.(although it is so user-friendly we have people who have not hardly any knowledge about the computers or the internet, but have had great success)


There were plenty of people there, over a million, and I as I said people joining all the time. That gave me confidence in learning here to be successful.


The training there is done in step by step, so you learn and then take action. You tick of each task, you have completed,and I found that helpful, because when I had learned a step and took the action, my confidence grew.


Having a place where there is only one cost.


When you are looking for opportunities it can be deceiving with the cost involved. I bought a product, that I thought was amazing, and I still do.


It was over 500.00, and then when I bought it I realized it was also going to cost me 100s to promote it.


It is important to know that there not going to be hidden cost. Here at WA, as we call it, it is as I said free to join, and then when you upgrade the first month it is 19.00, and 47.00 following the first month. However, if 3 people join you it is now free for life.

There will be no cost in promoting it,  because you have the skills now to get people to your website. If you choose there are ways to increase traffic with additional funds. However plenty of people are choosing the free method, and getting paid really well.


Can you make money online?


So can you make money online is entirely up to you. Check out this review, if you have not already and if  you are willing to go in for free and look around, and if you decide it is for you, and you take action, and take action consistently there truly is nooo limit to how much money you can make.


If you have questions, or comments then just leave them here and I will answer them. I wish you lots of success. Inside here at WA you can also ask any questions as you try it out.



2 thoughts on “Do you make money online or not?

  1. It really is a great community at WA. I love it! I just had problems with some people being unable to access my site. When they tried, a bunch of random symbols covered the page. I contacted tech and they fixed it for me. Had I tried to do it on my own, it would have taken hours to figure out what was wrong. And there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out all since I’m a total newb to all of this.

    1. Glad you love it there Nicole. I know I am not very tech so it is great for the help we get. When you said you might not have been able to figure it out, that was me, in other things and I had to give up because I was stuck. Thankfully here we never need to worry about that. Thanks for commenting and I wish you all the best with your website.

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