Can you make money as an Amazon affiliate?

To be or not to be an Amazon Affiliate!

Can you make money as an Amazon affiliate? That is a question for you to decide once you check out these 5 pros and 2 cons and if you decide yes than just dive here and sign up as an affiliate.


It also will show you the different ways to make money there.


Then at the end show you how to minimize the cons and maximize the pros, by checking out  this place to look around giving it even more potential than you see at first, by learning the skills to get traffic to your website.

What is an Amazon affiliate?


An Amazon affiliate is a person who promotes Amazon products through their website. Amazon provides you with a link for whatever product you are promoting, and than when people go and buy through your link, Amazon will give you a commission, which can lead to a very substantial amount if you are willing to learn the strategies to get people to your website.


(1)Plenty of products.


Just like the Amazon forest produces a wide array of plants and animals, so does Amazon in the product department. There is not much that you can think of that is not available in the products you can buy online. Furniture, food, makeup, sporting goods, automotive supplies, beauty products and electronics, are just a start of what is available. So it will not be difficult to find a product to promote related to your niche.


(2)Who does not know Amazon?


Because it is so popular, if someone is looking for a watch and are going to buy online, there is a really great chance that Amazon is in the fore front of their thoughts. This will add to your success, as opposed to promoting a product through a less known place.


(3)Easy to become an affiliate.


Considering that sometimes becoming an affiliate with a company is not always easy, you might think that since Amazon is so popular that would have hoops to jump through to be an affiliate, but nope it is actually quite easy. Then to maintain you just need one sale every three months. Your website needs to be within the terms of service that Amazon requires. I signed up in 5 minutes, and I had a question called them and their customer service seems to be very efficient.


(4)Buying while browsing!


Hands up, who has ever went into a store to buy one product and ended up buying many more? I know I have and I know Amazon has shoppers who do the same, which helps your business as well. Now you get commission on all their products that they have bought through your link even though you have not advertised.


(5)Find out what other people are buying and looking at the reviews.


Let’s say your niche is in some aspect of health. You go to that area in Amazon to look at products related to that area, and by looking at the reviews you can get help in what product might be good for selling, by the number and quality of reviews.


Then you can do a check and see at this platform( that I mentioned earlier)if people are googling about that product by using their keyword tool. This tool will give you info on how many people ask about that particular product and how much competition you have in blogging about that area.


For example if you have a website related to yoga and you are talking about yoga mats. You can go into the keyword tool and ask “what are the best yoga mats” and you will than find out how many people ask that question a month, plus you will get a percentage of about how many people will visit your website like you have a 95% chance.


Plus as I said you can see how many are blogging about that sentence so you decide if the competition is good or bad. If it is below 100 your chances are good.(Great information to have at your finger tips eh?)


You know that is a good question, now you drop in on Amazon to see what mats are selling a lot of and look at how many reviews.


The cons.


(1) the commission structure can be low since most categories are below 5%.


(2)Cookies which track the customers to your website last 24 hours, so if they decide to come back later and do not put their products in a cart than you will not get the sale.

How much money is there to make?


This will depend on five different things:


(1) What products you are selling. If you promote a product that is easy to pick up anywhere, than it is a more difficult sale, like white vinegar.


You can avoid this by finding out what people are actually googling online to find which you can find through a tool called Jaaxy, at the platform, I have mentioned throughout this article where they teach you the skills for online marketing.


(2)There are different categories, and each has its own percentage, and depending on your niche than you will promote products that are relevant to your niche. Pick the products that are popular and like I mentioned reviews is one way to help with that.


The commission structure is mostly 5%. The trick is to get a niche that is popular like health, but than because that is very general, so dig down and find one aspect of health, or a subcategorie where you can help solve a problem people have. The more people that need help with a particular problem, and you help them solve that problem the more money you make.


Let’s say it is fitness and you are interested in one aspect of the fitness like yoga, and than maybe one aspect of yoga like yoga attire.


One guy at this same platform (where you learn the skills to get traffic to your website)is making an average of 600.00 a day by promoting a product that helps people get rid of man boobs. He found a niche in that area and created a website which you can also do quickly at the platform I mentioned above.


(3)Getting traffic to your website is the backbone of success for selling on Amazon. The more traffic the more sales. Once Google becomes familiar with your website and you have now consistently put out blog post, than you start getting more traffic. The ultimate beauty about this is 10 years from now that post can still be making sales for you.


(4)how much consistent effort you will devote to your website by writing blogs or doing videos.Like I mentioned above though, remember that the amount of time you need to give it, time will also decrease with time because once the traffic starts coming in it will continue to come with a lot less effort. There are other people promoting products and doing amazing and if they took of 6 mths I bet they would still have that commission coming in.


(5)Knowing what you need to know by having all the skills to be a success with as an Amazon affiliate. This is the platform where you will learn these skills and the great thing about this platform is they have a chat room, where you can go in and ask questions to others who have done the journey before you and are now successful with Amazon.


They are all very helpful to anyone learning. The other benefit there is when things change that can affect your business they are on top, so you know what to do.


(6)How interested you are in what you are promoting. If you have something you already have an interest in and you love talking about that area or you are passionate about something like one guy learning the skills on the WA platform has a website on loosing belly fat, because he has an interest in health. Plus he is helping a lot of people interested in solving that problem.


You actually can also promote something that you would like to know more about. Someone else here at WA who was also into health decided he wanted to find out more organic milk and the benefits for children, so he found out quality information about that subject. That post was very helpful to people and because of that he is still ranked by google today.


So you may not be an expert, however if you want to find out about something and create a blog post, that helps people in some area, than choose products relevant to that article that would help people, than that would help increase your income because as I said you have helped people while you are looking into an area that you would like to find out more about.


We had in our training this morning at WA something related to this that I found really interesting. Did you know that the Elon Musk was a computer programmer and became passionate about payment processing and started PayPal, which he sold for billions of dollars. Now he owns Tesla, the electric car company and he knew nothing about it but developed a passion about it.


So I am been long winded again, but just follow what you are interested in and have products related to that area that is going to help a lot of people, than you will see your income increase as well.

Minimizing the cons.


(1)This can be done because even though you have a low percentage, you can look at high ticket items relevant to your niche. Maybe it is a $2000 item so now you get $100 if it is 5 %, and once the traffic gets going, you can get a few of those a day.


The other is pennies add up, so because of all the traffic Amazon gets this can add up as well, and remember when they shop and buy other items that you have not even had to mention” who gets the commission”?Yes you do and that can add up.


Again the platform where you learn the skills for getting more traffic will help offset low percentage. MORE traffic MORE Money.


(2)The cookies they last for 24 hrs, however if the customer puts them in their cart they last for 90 days. However, if you get a plugin from word press called Extend Azon, you are good for 90 days. I would be careful though about putting to many plugins on your website, as it does slow it down. Just put the most beneficial for you.


Conclusion with my 2 cents worth.


I do not think you can go wrong with becoming an Amazon affiliate, because it is so well know and people trust it, which will add a certain amount trust to your own website. Plus I neglected to mention how helpful they are and easy to reach. They have banners, widgets and links to help with your website.


With the various seasons like now the Christmas season coming up and Black Friday, you will see an influx of people buying. It is a great time to get started.


What I would also recommend strongly is getting the skills to build your website, and or drive traffic to your website, so check out this review on it. I know I have been repetitive about getting the skills, but that will be the determining factor of success with your website.


You will not only have a website for people to buy from this Christmas but every Christmas after. One of the great benefits doing the work once and getting paid over and over.


This will greatly increase your chances for success. Plus having people who are on the same journey as you, and are more than willing to help. Many of those people have already achieved the success, and are there to help as well.


In summary the question “can you make money as an Amazon affiliate” is relevant to your skills of getting traffic to your website. I feel as well that you increase your chances, by making a 90 plan day of your financial goal you would like to have achieved by then.


If you have any comments about the post or if you have questions, please feel free to put them in below. Thanks for visiting and I wish you plenty of success in what you choose.



7 thoughts on “Can you make money as an Amazon affiliate?

  1. Hello Phyllis; I have been using Amazon as one of my prime affiliates. I did not know about the plugin, I may try it. You did not mention, that if someone wants to buy something from their own website, you do not get the credit for it. It has to be from someone else’s site. Wishing you all the best.


    1. Thanks Billy,

      For letting me know. Yes that plugin seems good, but in training they did say not to many, however that one seems very beneficial. Thanks for checking out my post.Wishing you all the best as well.

  2. Hi phyllis,
    Now I know you need to maintain at least 1 sale within 3 months to maintain the position as an affiliate for Amazon.

    Thanks for the insightful post about this.

    I also like the idea that we need a solid 90 days plan in order to get some SOLID results as an AA.

    hope to get more splendid posts like this. Cheers.

    1. Yes we do need to do 1 sale every three months.The 90day plan I think would help in getting of the ground. Thanks for the kind comments.

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