Buying Avon products online-but don’t stop there.

This store is open 24 hrs a day, seven days a week.


Here is a list of benefits of  buying  Avon products online:


(1) You can browse at the catalogue at your convenience.


(2) You get it delivered to your door at your convenience.


(3) See all the sales  Teresa’s  Avon store offers.


(4) you are looking through the brochure and you have questions, just as if Theresa is there, you can email her, text her, or phone her and she will be glad to answer your questions.


(5)If you are already selling Avon and would like to blog or do videos about Avon products.


(6) buy Avon online instead of shopping somewhere where you have to worry about parking, and now that it is getting close to the holidays, it is a way avoid to avoid large crowds.



This store that I am promoting is for my friend Teresa, who as the song says by Donna Summers says” She works hard for her money”. She works full time at one job, part-time for another job, and sells Avon products, so I will be promoting her store in hopes that it will help in getting her some sells.



Plus it will hopefully help other Avon representatives cut down on how much time they are out selling their products, by realizing  that by learning the skills here (here is a review of what it is involved, and you can check it out for free there) they can have a store open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.


Buying your Avon products online.



The number one benefit is you can buy  your products here at Theresa’s store and get a bit more convenience because  sometimes it is perhaps late at night when the children are in bed, or you have been busy all day, and now you would like to check it out. Get your favorite drink ,you go into her online store and browse around as a guest shopper, or create an account. You can use visa, master card, discovery or American express.


The advantages to signing up an account, is you will be notified of all the sales that are coming up, and all those special offers, plus there are other ways to get free shipping as well. When life is really hectic, and you forget to look at what is there on sale, you will not miss any great offers  from



Still getting that personalized service.



I think one of the things people like about Avon, is the personalized service, but the great thing about online shopping as well is you can have your cake and eat it too.




You will have all the conveniences of online shopping, but you can still get special help from Teresa. Maybe you want to know more about a certain product, or want a recommendation of what is popular, you can shoot Theresa an email or a text and she would be happy to help you out.



Delivered to your door.



When you order, and it is $40.00 or more shipping is free and as I said by creating an account, this will be lower sometimes. Avon will send out the order in the next 24 hours, and it is 5 to 10 days for delivery.



Got your order but don’t stop there, because three amazing  benefits of becoming an Avon  representative.



Are you looking to make extra income? If you are a  retired male or female this can be an avenue to make as much as you want. If you are not interested for yourself but can think of someone who would benefit just pass this post on. You may be a stay at home mom or dad who would like to make extra. At Teresa’s store you can also sign up as a representative.



Maybe you are working , however you still find yourself short of cash an I know many people are working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs to make extra, but sometimes looking at things in a different way, can bring about a different outcome.? Sometimes it is fear stopping us from finding the way to financial freedom.



Avon coupled with The platform to learn the skills, that I mention here can really bring you that financial freedom. Here is a quote I have tucked away to look at when I am feeling fearful “Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.”



What am I talking about? Read the benefits below  and  you can see among other benefits you will be able to get more time back in your life, instead of always having to put extra time in for income.



(1) Social -If you work from home as a mom or dad or are retired, maybe you would like to get in touch with people, so selling Avon is  a great to get to know more people.



Sometimes as a stay at home mom, you can crave some adult time, and this is one way to achieve adult time with other adults. Sometimes retirement can seem lonely as well,  because you are no longer working. This can be great way to meet people.



(2) Nowadays so many people are doing online shopping. Here is a review of the place where you can learn the  skills here of   how to send people to your online store. In the review is a link  where you can go in and check it out for free.



Once you have the skills  the income is entirely up to you  how much you want to make. It can open up so many possibilities now for much greater income.



(3)Another benefit is not only can you sell Avon products, but people can join you online or offline as an Avon representative. You then get another income stream.



Plus if  you give those  representatives that join  you, the same opportunity to learn the skills to promote their online Avon store you will get a referral fee when they join this platform.



This can also be also another lucrative way to diversify at the same time as building your Avon business. Remember you are also giving people joining you the same benefits for more income.



Some people learning the skills at this platform are making over $10,000 a month just by referring people. By having a place for your representatives to learn how to get people to their Avon store you are creating a way, to help them stay longer as a representative because the payoff is so much greater.



The pay off is once they have learned the skills  how to get people to their store, now they can not only make an extra income, but when they have put the time to do that, they get their time back.



Yep, this is a  huge motivator, because yes it will take time learning to get people to your  store, but once Google sends you some love(lol) and you are on the first page of Google and lots of people are visiting your store, you can go on holidays and sales will still be happening, or you can be taking a nap and sales are happening.



The person who told me about about this place is now in Portugal with his wife, and this I think is his fourth holiday this year. He put the time in but even when he is on holidays, he has it where his income still comes in and I would guess is still increasing because he has hired a few people.



Another guy who is 21  years of age recommended this platform for learning the skills, and he worked at it full time,  for 2 years getting nothing, and then boom in June he got over $2000.00 a month, in August over 3000 and now 4.7k a month passively so that is money he gets even if he is not working.



Yep 21 years of age so look at the opportunity you will be offering people just referring them  to a place where they  learn to send people to their online Avon store, or any website for that matter.


Avon calling -ding dong.



As I said it is a great to get to meet people, and the income is really how much you want. As long as you put the time  in the beginning, the sky really is the limit if you learn the skills to have your store open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Imagine having having billions of people looking at your store.



What ever reason you would have to do Avon it is a very reputable company and can be helpful in making as much income as you want, because it is already established with a great reputation, since it has been around so long. I mean check out this video that gives you an idea of how long it has been around.



People know Avon and trust the company. If you decide to be a representative you can  join Teresa here, or if you want to learn how to get the skills for an online income, whether it is Avon, or some other business, you can learn here, and here is a review of the platform. Thank you for looking at my blog. If you have questions or any comments you can put them in below.







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