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breaking free -how to make extra money for anything-using Wealthy Affiliate

How to make money for anything with Wealthy Affiliate

In my title I say breaking free-how to make money for anything-using wealthy affiliate, because I think now more then ever, we do not need to have financial obstacles in our way, because what the internet offers.(TRUE)

Instead we need to break free of the limitations(and we all put them on ourselves) we put on ourselves, because of conditioning from what we hear in society.

Limitations like that is just the way it is for some, to live from payday to payday.

Another one is “now that I am retired my income does not go up”. Both of those scenarios can change if we learn the skills to do it.

This Wealthy Affiliate review will perhaps help people see that there is a solution for any financial obstacle they might have. There is so much offered here, and here you can go in and check it out for free,

Some will read this and doubt themselves,however if you are intrigued by this,  do not let those doubts stop you.There are many people who doubted, but took that leap of faith and now are doing 5000.00 and more a month.

Just like it did for me, as you do the training and take action, those doubts will be replaced by a growing confidence, and an excitement because those financial goals feel more and more like a reality.

You are learning amazing skills that can change your life in so many ways.

At the nonprofit I work at, I meet a lot of people, who also have financial challenges. Some who are retired and on a fixed income. It is difficult, because prices are going up but their salary is not.

I meet people who are living from payday to payday, and people who are working 2 or more jobs, and would like to have more time without sacrificing income.

At Wealthy affiliate you will see and be introduced to people who are from various backgrounds, retired, working two jobs, people disabled, all with an entrepreneur spirit, looking to learn the skills to make extra money.

As I said, the internet gives a lot more opportunity, however I also know that there are a lot of scams on here, so it is important to choose wisely.

Unfortunately I got caught up in the get rich quickly mindset, you hear a lot on the internet, but it takes work and it takes great training. I think you will see Wealthy affiliate is choosing wisely.

I am new to Wealthy affiliate so I cannot tell you about my success, but I can tell you, I have no doubts anymore that this is going to work for me. Mostly because the training is awesome, the help is amazing. Soon I will update with my success.

In this review, how you can make money for anything and what is involved in making it work.

I will start of with a summary of someones testimonial (and there are many here)that inspire me daily.

When I am not as motivated I go back to their story.

One here is a young 27-year old who was a laborer. He lived with his parents, and was not happy with where he was at that point. He did not know much about the internet, but joined wealthy affiliate and picked 50 keywords and got his site up.

(If you are looking at this and your background with work is not related to anything like this just  leave a comment of any doubts you may have. I can tell you though, there is people from every background.)

At first, he was not making any money, and was thinking about quitting. He got home from work one day and realized he had over $30.00 in his acct.(i can imagine the feeling of making my first few dollars)

He was over the moon, and went to take a shower, and when he finished his shower he checked again to make sure he had seen it right and there was now over $60.00.

Now, less then a year later he is making 600 a day. He has bought a home, and has a new Mercedes.

We are often rewarded immediately for work at our jobs, but here, it is later but the payoff is amazing like $600 a day. He also said one of his best days was when he was not working but was out on a hike with his little brother, he made over $900.00.

That is what is available to anyone, who keeps putting the work in initially. The solution is to follow the simple step by step videos and take action.

Remember you are building something that will not always require a lot of time. It will get to the point where you are on holidays and the money still comes in.

“Do you remember”there is a point to this trip down memory lane.

When you first learn to drive a car, or ride a bike, or both? I remember how wobbly I was and I also remember that excitement of those first few feet without falling.

(that is how I feel right now in writing this review) I also remember long after I had become a success at it, getting on the bike with my friend, going down a hill with no hands and bumping into the fence and landing on my tailbone over the fence.(just a little too cocky now)

I can still remember the feeling of learning to drive the car, and my dad telling me the steps, and the feeling I remember is “am I ever gonna get this”.

Getting my license was a riot. I was from a small town in Newfoundland Canada. Plus lets just say I am getting aged, so it was different then. A police officer took me out and we drove around a road, that was very winding and narrow, and I was nervous.

I made at least 4 mistakes, and then at the end, too my shock he passed me, because he said “you will get used to it when you get experience”.

It was kinda like getting my license in a cracker jack box. He was right though, I did get better, especially after people making a few jokes about my driving, I started to learn fast.

Just like when you learned to ride you bike, or drive you car, with the consistent work effort and great training and people to help you out, you will be motoring right along in making income on the internet.  

What is involved in making Wealthy Affiliate a success ?

First it is about belief and I feel very strongly that the way that Wealthy Affiliate

is designed, helps with our belief, and our reason we will succeed.

First of all just the very fact that you are reading this tells me that your belief is already established for the possibility that there is a way for you to have money for anything you need, and financial challenges can be overcome.

The reason I think the way that the training is set up in Wealthy affiliate is huge with helping our belief because they have tasks for us to do in all the training and with each task completed our doubts diminish and our belief grows. So don’t let doubts discourage you because sometimes we have them, but with action they begin to disappear.

Writing this blog is my first success because I have limited computer skills. My second success is I just had my first referral, who is my friend and she was hesitant about making it work, but she got her website up in one night. Her writing skills for blogging(that she did not know she had)were exceptional in my opinion.

Have you ever had doubts about some challenge you had, however you still went ahead and did it and got great results? I would love to get a comment about it and it would encourage people looking at this blog post.

So Wealthy affiliate teaches you how to promote a product or service online and then get a commission for promoting it. These are basically the steps involved that you need to learn to promote the product or service

(1)Finding a niche

(2)finding keywords

(3)building a website

(4)write content around you keywords

(5)learning how to get traffic to you website

(6)Collect the income for you dreams

Finding a niche is not difficult.

If you are a mom or dad or have a pet you may have  had a problem that you were desperate to solve, and found a solution to it with a product or service.

That can give you  an idea how to pick a product that would help solve many peoples issue, promote it and get paid a commission.

For me I decided to choose Wealthy Affiliate because I am passionate about it now and I like knowing that I can help people make a difference in their lives financially, as well as my own.

I will give you an example of a lady I met who has a dog, who kept peeing on the lawn and damaging her lawn. It was an issue between her and her husband all the time.

She kept telling him he had to do something. She comes across this product online which cost her $500.00 to solve the problem. Hesitating on the 500.00 until she thought how it would solve 2 problems, the lawn, and cutting down on arguing with her husband.

It can fall into categories like into wealth, health, or pets, or children. How about sports, does anyone enjoy that area. One guy did a website on football helmets.

The main thing is you take a problem within the above category, then look at products or services that help people with a problem they are desperate to solve. The more narrow you niche is the more success. Also remember you may have only limited knowledge on the beginning but that knowledge can be important to someone who does not have that particular knowledge.

Like lets say its thinning hair and you mention how thyroid affects thinning hair and  you find a service or a product to help that. Picking, maybe an issue that you have, or someone else you know, and you would like to find out how to solve it.

You gather information on it, then write a blog then you are helping yourself and others at the same time.

I choose Wealthy Affiliate as my niche, because i feel strongly on getting skills that can dramatically improve my financial situation, plus i enjoy passing on an opportunity for others to have the same chance.

If you have an idea of a  niche,and would like to know if it could work just ask the question in the comments.  


Keywords are words that people are online putting in to solve whatever issue they want to solve. The beauty of JAAXY is that it is a tool here at wealthy affiliate, that actually show what words people are typing in for whatever they are trying to solve.

Example would be lets say you put up a website called “taking care of you”. than you look for products that would help people in taking care of their weight, teeth or hair etc.

Put in “what do I do for thinning hair or “thinning hair”.Then there are 2 columns that you need to look at. One is how many people a month are searching for the solution to thinning hair. It has to be over 100.

The next column is to find how many people are writing content about that. It needs to be less then 40. So based on you results you pick you keyword.

Each keyword is worth potential money, so you can put into jaaxy “teeth whitening remedies and good ol jaaxy spits out all things people are googling about related to this and you get lets say 60 keywords, around different issues you are helping people solve.

Now you have 60 keywords to write content about and they are potential money makers. The more post on keywords the more money.

I literally picked 20 keywords within minutes with jaaxy, using the criteria they gave. Now I am working on blog post for each keyword.

Building a website.

This can be done in minutes.  My friend that I mentioned earlier, literally did the basics her first night. The website is the platform to build out your work, with all you post from your keywords.

It did take me longer because I work at another job as well, and takes me a little longer to get it, so sometimes I have to review the video a few times to comprehend. I am not sure how you feel but I was pretty skeptical about building a website with(as i said) my limited knowledge.

However as I write this I feel like when I started riding my bike and took those first few steps without training wheels.

A couple of tips Kyle(one of the owners )gave, was the website is important but, just keep it basic without putting a lot of bells and whistles in, because working on you website making it amazing does not create success.

Quality and informative content you put up, is what will get you traffic to your site and getting sales.

Writing content

Writing content is like when you are having a conversation with someone. It may seem overwhelming at first but,(not the conversation but writing the content) you just write like you do, when you have found an amazing product or service and you are recommending it to a friend.

Do your research and become an expert on whatever you write about, so give value to people on whatever product or service they are searching for.

Honestly I cannot stress enough about not worrying about been able to blog, because if you can have a conversation you can blog. I may have said that before, but I just want to repeat because I know some people will question themselves.

Getting traffic to your website.

This is again those keywords and having quality and informative content and mostly it is about JAXXY again.

You find good keywords that make grammatical sense and then put in words that people are using to solve different issues like “what is a good teeth whitener” ones with less then 40 for competition and this is the no. of people writing content on those words.

Then you look for the ones that also have more then 100 people putting in those words each month.

The more keywords you put up with their content and then making sure beforehand that you do you keyword research, because that is imperative in getting traffic to you website.

Collecting the income!

This is the easy part as well, and remember when you get the website up you can get income while you are asleep, or traveling or playing golf.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free!

You can join for free and if you upgrade (because it can be free for good ,although without some tools that can make it a lot easier) to premium it is 19.00 the first month, and then $47.00 following the first month.

If you pay yearly it is $359.00, so that is $205.00 off. I personally feel like this is so cheap for what we get. Plus if you get 3 referrals, it is free for good.

Hosting is free, so you have everything thing included to make it work.

Why it can work for you!

At wealthy Affiliate you will learn to make money here, if you follow the training and take action(how quick) will depend on you. Just like driving you car, before long you will be amazed at what you do, then you get to the point like when you are driving and you are virtually like driving on auto pilot.

Wealthy affiliate is an amazing company with amazing owners and the same for the people that join. The company has been going over 11 years now.

As I think I may have mentioned is, now you will have a storefront with a couple a billion or more people passing by.(once you learn the training)

As long as you are persistent and consistent in taking action on the training you will succeed, and I say that, because I started out with a lot of doubts, but they are been replaced with confidence.

Mainly because when I get stuck there is always someone to help. Plus you are surrounded with people like you, who have came in new and now are having the beginnings of success or people who are now making 1000s a month.

Many of those people, are there to offer a hand up.There are people here from every background(some lots of computer experience and some with barely none) here making money.

We also have people who are from various work backgrounds. Students, lawyer, laborers, teachers, retirees from various backgrounds.

I honestly believe that the biggest reason it can work for anyone, is the help we get here, and the encouragement. You get stuck on anything and someone is there right away to help.

As I write this, I checked out 1 of the top 10 post for today, and it was someone getting her first referral for wealthy Affiliate. Posts like that are so inspiring for us newbies.

Just remember once you have these skills for working online, it opens up so many possibilities.  Join me here at Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself the amazing value you get, and check out some amazing success stories.

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    1. Thanks Liliana that is so good to hear. After trying so many mlm companies and having no success, I am passionate now to help people who want success with MLM, and I think the skills we learn here at Wealthy affiliate is the answer.I love what I do here and I hope it shows through. Thanks again for the encouraging comment.

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