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Ambit energy reviews

Is Ambit energy a good company?

I always congratulate you who look at Ambit energy reviews because you are not jumping in blindly.

Part of the reason I do mostly MLM reviews, is that I have tried so many and jumped in with no checking it out, and as a result was disappointed with the time and money I wasted.

Now I want to help people who are looking for success in Mlm, because I finally realized it usually was not the company, but it was the lack of marketing skills that I had that was most of the problem.

I now promote this company(it is free to check out.) that teaches it. I am passionate you can use these skills for promoting anything(and I mean pretty well anything)

They teach you how to build your own website, and than they teach you how to get traffic coming to your website 24hours a day 7 days a week.

Here is another post that also deals MLM and it is a review of MLM in general, which I think would help you in the benefits of almost any MLM company.(with marketing skill)

Ambit energy product line.

First I will give you a little background information about Ambit energy. The founders are Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless.

They started in 2006 and have their headquarters in Dallas Texas. The services are gas and electricity in the States that are deregulated. They have done as of 2016 1.15 billion in revenue. There is a one time fee of $75.00 and than $24.95 for a monthly website.

Well to be honest I knew very little about Ambit energy until I started my own research and I would say one thing, I think what is really good is, it is gas and electricity, however it is not available everywhere but just the deregulated states which is in 17 different states.

That lowers the demographic however if you learn the skills to market on line, you are giving yourself a 100 % chance of it working(if you are consistent and persistent in your efforts. Without the skills your chances are less than 5% which you can check out to see for yourself.

The people who are successful in MLM without the marketing skills are extremely driven. Having the marketing skills of putting up a website and than learning how to get traffic coming to your website, makes it a level playing field for everyone.

The product line includes:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • solar energy-Another way for people who are environmentally conscious. They are partnered with sunroom who is a leader in the solar energy field.
  • green e plans- they are interested in climate change and are advocating green energy services.

Method used to promote their services.

They use direct Mlm and with this people join and get a commission in 4 different ways for promoting their services. Here is just a 4-minute video of the compensation.

The upside to Ambit energy.

  • Low startup cost. It is one time and just 75.00This review is a bit different than others because I am talking about the ups including the tool I mentioned for the marketing skills.

In this or any Mlm company you are ahead when you have the skills because you can educate people on your products or services, on your blogs.

MLM is an awesome vehicle, and like some vehicles there are some better than others. We all know that a vehicle should stay in the driveway without insurance.

That to me is the same for MLM without the marketing skills. Really can you offer to people an opportunity with chances less than 5%?

When you offer people the opportunity that you have, along with this marketing platform, you are now not only providing them with a 100% chance of succeeding, as long as they are consistent and persistent, you are also providing yourself and them the opportunity for another income stream.

It is always good to diversify especially when it is opportunities that go hand in hand, like MLM and learning  how  to properly market it.

This is an affiliate marketing platform(where you learn the skills) that pays you a referral fee for telling people and while the people you tell are learning, you are getting a monthly fee, and like I said you are giving them the same opportunity for their down line.

So my friend I think you have just upgraded your MLM vehicle(lol)

  • Another bonus is it is gas and electricity and with their emphasis on the environment it is another plus for them, because people are becoming more concerned about our environment.
  • The fact that it is MLM and you can get paid for telling people, would be I think a great reason for people to become a customer and a representative.

Why would they not become a customer and tell others, providing them with the same chance. However, as I said, for success you have to give them the opportunity as well to get lots of customers through learning the marketing skills.

The reason I decided to write this blog and educate myself on Ambit energy is that about 274 people a month are googling about Ambit energy, when Dr. Google shows me some love and puts me on the first page, (lol)than I will have about 47 people looking at my blog post, plus there is only 104 blogs I am competing with. How did I get this tidbit of information?

In this platform where you learn the skills, they have a tool, you can find out what people are looking for in regard to Ambit energy and write your blog post accordingly to your findings.

Here is another example: there are 89 people a month who are googling about ambit energy consultant, than when you get on googles 1st page you will have about 16 people visiting your website, each month, from that one post you put out.

Then your competition for other people blogging about it, is only 52, which is not high.

So see what I mean by been in an MLM company can help you in just knowing what to write about. Plus with this information you do not have to go after friends and family unless you want to, instead you find out who is actually looking for Ambit energy and target them, so it really opens up the number of people who have eyes on your website.

Another thing to remember is those blogs are done once, but it is the gift that keeps on giving, because you do it once and years after people are still coming.

You can be sleeping or on holiday or hanging out with family and you will be getting customers. Is that not easier than always trying to get customers? I would love to get comments on what you think of that.

In the beginning it will take time, however they truly are seeds and you know that they will eventually be contributing to an income that you decide.

There is one guy at this platform that did not make anything his first year, but his income seems to be growing from $500.00 to a $1000 a month.

This Black Friday week he made $7.395.00 and if you decide on which MLM company or even if you wanted to promote whatever you are interested in and become an affiliate by learning the marketing skills.

When you start writing blogs, than you will have a story like that as well. It is really a 100 % given that you can write your own paycheck.

The downside to Ambit energy.

  • Okay I mentioned this as a benefit, but there can be a downside as well, and that is the low cost of $75.00. We often put more value on something when it cost a lot like buying a franchise, but remember there are more millionaires in the network marketing industry than any other industry.

Those people paid a very small amount as well, but they treated their business like they had bought a franchise. Opened the doors every day, and worked consistently, and persisted when they had challenges.

With the marketing skills and looking at that $75.00 as an amazing gift, and than work it consistently like a real business, it will not be a downside.

  • Another downside is the contracts. They last for 2 years at a fixed rate, and than change to a variable rate that is much more expensive.

Unfortunately many Ambit distributors failed to inform their customers about this. The customers after 2 years could have called in to get a fixed rate again instead were automatically given a variable rate.

This is a downside but does not have to be if a consultant makes the customer aware of what they need to do. It is in the contracts but unfortunately many people do not read them.

  • Distributors in warmer areas will not have such a high commission as people in colder areas.
  • There are only certain states that offer it.

My thoughts on Ambit energy.

You know this is one of Ambit energy reviews with a twist, because as I said for success in Ambit or any MLM you need the marketing skills as well, because given the number of people that fail at Mlm, even though it is an amazing opportunity, you would be better of leaving that vehicle for financial success in the driveway.

Unless of course you are willing to get the skills, now you have your insurance for your amazing vehicle.

As far as the company goes, I would give at a 7 out of 10 as far as been a good company. However having said that something to think about.

I have a fiat and I love that car, now my friend tells me that my fiat stands for”fix it again Tony”. Yes I have had a few problems but not a lot considering the length of time I have had it.

Two different viewpoints, so in the end if you have a great passion for promoting Ambit energy, to me that is going to outweigh my opinion or anybody else s opinion.

Just a side note and that is I am looking forward to upgrading to a Tesla.You might want to look at other MLM to see if you may have more passion, but remember whichever one you choose you will 100% make it work with the marketing skills.(I know I sound like a broken record)

I have the review here of the marketing platform and there is a link where you can go in for free and look around. You will be on a journey with over a million other people who like you are learning the skills to be successful online.

You will also notice when you check it out, that anytime you have a question there is someone right there to help, so you can be as techie challenged as you like and you will still do great when you start writing those blogs.

Well this has been me long-winded again, but I hope I have helped you with your decision and wish you all the best. Any questions or comments just put them below and I will answer quickly.

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