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ACN Reviews

Is ACN a credible company.

Thanks for checking out one of ACN reviews and congratulations on doing your due diligence on this company.

Sometimes when we hear about a company and get excited we often jump in without looking at the good and the bad and really finding out if it truly is a fit for you.

I say that because I have done that and have regretted it not only for the money I put out but the time I put in with very little back.

ACN is a credible MLM company and my reviews show you the good and the bad but also how you can make it work. I do give out a # from 1 to 10 based on the red flags.

Like any MLM very few are making a good income, however that can change when people get the right skills to build a website and learn the skills of getting people to their website. I am passionate about helping people succeed by learning these skills.

In all my reviews I also mention that with the right marketing skills, you can make any company work but some will be more difficult for various reasons. Here is a summary of the topics in this review:

  • Who is ACN
  • How to make money as an IBO in ACN
  • The good side
  • The bad side
  • How you can make it work.
  • My opinion

I am not associated with ACN, so this is an objective review. When I was involved years ago when they had just phone I believe.

Who is ACN?

ACN began in 1993 by Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski and brothers Anthony and Michael Cupisz. It now carries many services around the home and business like:

  1. phone,
  2. internet
  3. television
  4. home security
  5. energy-gas and electricity
  6. wireless
  7. video phone and mobile phone.

It is a Multi level marketing company(MLM)and when people join they are called IBO or independent business owners. People have to pay $499.00 as a startup cost. They do also charge a renewal fee of $149.00 for the cost of maintaining your business they say. However, apparently if you want everything included to make your business work, you are now looking at $39.00 a month.

There is another fee if you want online meetings you are looking at up to $10.00. When When I was involved in ACN meetings were highly recommended and there was a lot of pressure from people within the company to go.

These meeting were in different cities, so there was often plane fare cost, hotel, and than your food, so just like hobbies this business can often cost people money more than they will make.

How to make money as an IBO or independent business owner.

You get paid two ways one on the products and services you promote, and than on training a down line who sells the services. Here is a you tube video that goes into detail about the compensation for ACN.

The Good Side.

  • ACN offers services that people and businesses are using every day. Who does not use phone, Internet and Television. Then you have the gas and electricity people use.
  • Like all MLM companies it is an opportunity for anyone to get involved and have a successful business, if they have right marketing skills,(here is a review on it) and know how to get people 24hrs a day 7days a week to your website.

This way if you are not comfortable calling on people you know or you run out of people you know, than there are people out there who are actually looking for you.

  • You can have an additional income for yourself and your people you introduce to ACN. I get a referral fee if you join the place I mentioned above where you learn the marketing skills.

So will you, and the people who join under you if they go there to learn the skills as well. The referral fee is great but the best thing is that you are really setting yourself and the people who are in your down line up for success.

Remember less than 5% are making income in MLM, however when people get the skills if they do the work of getting people to their website their chances are truly 100%.

The bad side.

  • I think they charge a lot for people to become IBO and to keep it maintained.

The only way you can right off those expenses is if you are treating it like a business and working it consistently every day.

Most people will not have the skills to get customers and people who want to be Independent business owners. Therefore, without marketing skills it will end up costing people money. Here is a review on MLM and it covers the good the bad and the ugly of MLM

  • They have a lot of meetings that contain a lot of hype. I know from my own experience that there was more hype than actual ways for people how to learn in detail how to build their business.

I know a lot of people who were in MLM and they did not want to bug the people they knew. When I was one of them and so teaching people ways to build their business by finding people who are actually looking for what they offer, would have made a lot of sense.

  • While, many people need what they have. Many people are looking to cut the cord with companies that cost them money every month for their services, like television and home phone.

It still does include other services people need but it lowers the number of services.

  • People do not like change when it comes to their services. Plus they are more reluctant with companies that are not well-known.

Learning to make it work.

While any MLM company will have a difficult time for people to succeed and you just have to look at the numbers failing to see this, however as I mentioned before if people truly treat it like a business and learn the skills here, success really is a given.

No matter how limited your skills are to online, this place has outstanding training as well as outstanding help when you are stuck.

Unless you are extremely driven your chances are so slim without the marketing skills, but with the skills anyone can really write their own paycheck.

Once you have learned how to get traffic to your website you will be getting customers while you are asleep or on holidays. Does that sound attractive.

IT is part of my motivation. Maybe you want to promote something other than ACN and something that you are passionate about, than those skills will also help you do that as well.

Learning those skills will benefit you for promoting whatever you want and you can decide how much you want to make. Black Friday that just passed one guy who is active and has learned the skills, just made over $5000 for the week.

His paycheck seems to be increasing around $500.00 to 1000.00 each month. If you are willing to learn and be consistent and persistent than as they say “you have got this”.

My thoughts on ACN.

Many ACN reviews are bias because they are already involved.

I am not involved but I am definitely for any MLM company including ACN as long as people are going to learn the marketing skills in order to have an ongoing flow of traffic to your website.

I would give ACN a 7 out of 10 mainly because I think there is too much hype. Personally I cannot feel like I am making a big difference when it comes to people changing their services and I need to believe in what I am promoting.

However, if that is something you can get excited about and you are willing to learn the skills (it is free to just go in look around and ask questions if you like) than I would say, ACN would be a great company to get behind. Without the skills I think you are wasting your money and your time.

I hope whichever you company you choose you have success and what ever you choose I think it would help if it is something you can get behind totally and you are excited about.

Belonging to any company will help when you are learning the skills because you can just blog about your product or services, and you do not need to look for ideas so if you choose ACN you can educate people on what you offer.

Remember if you are new to technology, and you are learning the skills, that is not a problem because the training is sooo user-friendly.

They even have a tool that will allow you to see how many people are googling about what your blog is about and how many people are blogging about it, so you can know how many people you are targeting and how much competition you have.

I will give you an example i just put in “ACN phone” and you have on average 152 people googling about which is good, than if you get on googles first page you would have 26 people visiting your website.

Guess what, with using ACN phone you are only competing with 7 other blogs which means you have hardly any competition. I think this tool is as the saying goes “the next best thing since sliced bread”.

So this tool is your best thing in helping you grow your business. If you go in here for free, you have 30 keywords you can check out to see the statistics of people googling about which ever words you are thinking about.

Personally I would use that tool to pick an MLM company if I were looking to join one. I will give you an example of how you can pick the most popular MLM company that people are looking for.

Here is one very popular and I have no affiliation with this company I am just letting you know, how many people compared to ACN that are googling about it.

So there are 58232 people googling about Young essential oils” compared to ACN s 152 people. So if you are on the first page of google with young essential oils you have 9900 people going to your website but with ACN it is 26 people.

Even though the numbers are huge, you still only have 84 people for competition which is not much.

However, I sometimes know there is a particular company you want to join no matter what, but it pays to remain objective. I mean look at the number of people actually looking for young essential oils compared to ACN.

You can as I said go in there and find out what people are googling about and get an idea for yourself. You have 30 keywords you can use while your free, once you join there for learning the skills and are a paying member you can use that tool as often as you want.

Like I said just having a company with a product or service you are excited about, you are ahead when you are learning the skills to get traffic to your website, because you can blog or do videos on those services or products.

I wish you the best in whatever you choose and if you have comments or questions please put them in below.

2 thoughts on “ACN Reviews

  1. Thank you for this informative article. I have been involved with many MLM companies in the past and have never made any money. It looks like you have a great plan for turning that around!

    1. Hi Theresa,
      Yes I think it is a great way for people to not only learn the marketing skills but at the same time get education about there products, and get people who are looking for their products,and of course diversifying their income.That will turn things around as you said. Thanks for the comment.

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