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About don’t sweat the bills


Thank you for visiting my site, and I am hoping to work with people who have different reasons for wanting success online.


It is geared towards people who for whatever reason would like to make an income online.


I am sure many of you are looking for ways to make extra money, so you  do not have to worry about  the bills.


However I am sure some of you,  just want to have something to do while retired, or you  have a hobby or talent that you would like to build a website around.


I know many of you  work so hard at maybe a couple of jobs, or even one job, and it limits you so much on free time for doing things you enjoy, besides work.


This website is also for you as well, because it creates an opportunity to get a great income without sacrificing time. It will provide the skills to get to that place.


We have people at this platform that could take of 6 months because they have put in the effort to build a successful online business.


At the platform that I promote throughout this website we have people from all types of backgrounds, with so many different reasons for wanting to build a website, and blogging.


One gentleman is retired and wanted something to do with his spare time. He loves Soccer, so is blogging about one of his favorite sports. Whatever reason, anyone has for wanting to build a successful business online, I look forward to journeyed with you.


My back story.


I have been involved in network marketing for years and some online marketing. Up until now I have not had success, for three reasons.


One been that I mainly treated them like a hobby, and we all know hobbies cost us money.


The other reason been people I introduced were not having success, I think because they did not like selling, nor did they like bothering their family and friends.


The third reason is not have an opportunity that I was entirely 100% sold on.


The upside to every down.


Actually there was to my financial failures as well, because even though I was not having financial success, I was starting to find things through the great internet that was a solution, to the challenges I had.  So really I was as this book I had read says “I was failing forward”


I wanted to make sure these were things other people would be able to use and get great value.


Solutions to overcoming past challenges.


The number one challenge was treating it like a hobby, and like I said that will cost us money. However, part of the reason I treated it like a hobby was because I did not know what I needed to do, so having no knowledge of what it takes I started to give up.


Now with the platform I promote on this website it takes you through every step for success.


That Number 2 challenge I mentioned, where people did not like having to contact friends or family. I found that very uncomfortable as well.Plus they did not like selling.


Now I have found Wealthy affiliate that teaches me to contact people who are looking for what I have. It is a platform that not only teaches you(budding entrepreneurs) internet marketing so we can find these people, instead of chasing people who are not interested in what we are offering.


Now I know without any doubts, that anyone I refer will be successful as well, as long as they are consistent and persistent.


As  I mentioned people did not like to sell, me included and I would say a good many looking at this website. Wealthy Affiliate took care of that because I heard someone say, that if you have something of great value, you never need to sell it, you present it, and let people choose.


Wealthy Affiliate has amazing value and my other product as well, so I know I just need to show people, and they choose. I know the value will speak for itself.


The third reason is I found my opportunity where there is no red flags. This is the first time that I bought into something to help me with internet marketing,  that I believe in 100%.


I am proud to be promoting  an opportunity like this platform, that has changed, and will continue to change so many  lives financially, and other ways. People at this platform are like myself, enjoying and are passionate about what they do.


On the beginning there is a steep learning curve, until you reach that point where it is rinse and repeat. Even during the learning you can still be getting paid but also, just like others enjoying the learning.


I think most of the reason it is so helpful, is their emphasis on helping people. There is a whole community of people who have just started, or who are extremely successful, there to help everyone out.


Previously I have bought products to help me online but there was no one there to help me, so when I got stuck I gave up. Here at Wealthy affiliate when I get stuck there is always someone there to help. It truly is amazing.


The Past obstacles meets the present solution.


Hope fully you will see from this website how effective Wealthy Affiliate will be in changing our lives, and the lives of the people we introduce it to as well.


We learn to be  serious entrepreneurs.


I truly believe that no matter how many times you have tried and it has not worked, it will work for you, because I believe that dream was put there by someone greater than ourselves. The fact that you are still looking means that it will happen.


I also believe with my whole being that this can be the time that it will work. If you are brand new(then lucky you)because again I truly believe this can be where you will experience success online.

Want to make helping people your mission?


Zig Ziglar (a motivational speaker said “you will get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want”.


I hope that you see this can be a place to start to build your dream, and join me in helping build other peoples dream as well.


I am passionate about helping people become successful. For 20 years I have worked for a not for profit that helps people, and have found I really enjoy that aspect of it.


I think if you look at how you feel when you make money here, that you will realize that helping people will be the most rewarding part of it, and of course the choices the extra income will give.


Travel and making money while I travel, it is one of my main reasons. I am looking forward to other people with that dream or other dreams, joining me on this journey. If you have any comments or questions just leave them below and I will answer them.


Have you seen the movie “Build it and they will come”? That is what will happen for you here. Build it(your website) write content and they will come(the traffic)and you will have success, if you follow the training and be consistent and persistent.








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    1. How are you helping? Is it through guitar? I will check out your website and yes it is a great tool to build any business.Plus as I said the help there is amazing.If I can help in any way let me know when you check it out.Thanks so much for the comment.

    1. Thanks Greg for the encouragement and I really liked that video and found it inspiring as well, so I thought I would pass it on.

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