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A World Ventures Review For 2019- Is It Worth The Trip!

A World Ventures Review On Travel

A World Ventures Review -What Is It All About?



We all  know how big the travel industry is  and A World Ventures Review is a look to see if it would be good to take a small piece of this pie.

World Ventures goal is to take the frustration (that would not be a headache for me, in checking out the best deals and how about you) out of planning vacations.

When you get yourself a membership you have access to a search engine that is exclusively for travel, plus you have discounts for travel and car rentals.

With World ventures you can come in and  purchase a membership to get discount travel, or you can get paid for telling other people about what they offer, and hopefully helping them take, of what can sometimes be a  headache out of planning their vacations.

This review will look at whether it is a good company to be a part of. Thanks for checking out my blog and good for you for doing your due diligence.


The Background Information Of World Ventures.


  • They started back in 2005.
  • The owners are  Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue.
  • They are direct selling company for discount travel
  • They operate out of Plano Texas.
  • They they have over 120,000 representatives from 24 different countries.


The Products World Ventures Promote and Remember There are Options.


The product  World Ventures promote is memberships for travel discounts. There are two memberships,one is   the Platinum the other one is  a Gold.

When you purchase the gold, there is a one time membership fee of two $249.98 and then a monthly fee of $54.99. You purchase the platinum you have a one time fee of $399.98 plus a monthly fee of $99.99. When I wrote this there with a $149 cost to either membership  as a special, plus monthly fees.

Sometimes the membership  fee is compared to Costco, however keep in mind that shopping at Costco is once a week for you to get savings.  How many times a year are you taking a vacation for savings and plus look at the fact that the cost of flights are not included.


 Some Benefits Included In Your Gold Are;

  • Dream trip mall where you can go online shopping and get points.
  • Welcome receptions, various excursions and hosts are provided.
  • Activities that will include 20 or more people that are members as well.
  • You can get exclusive deals year around.
  • Access to your own personal website.
  • Parking available at airport.
  • You can get discounts for limousine service among.

Some Of The Platinum Perks are;

  • The perks from the gold membership in addition to.
  • Getting seven day booking access to dream trips.
  • Can get access to different experiences like spas that are only for platinum members.
  • You can use 50% more of the points for the dream trips.

Every dollar you spend on the monthly fees you get one dream point towards a dream vacation, for the one time membership fee for the platinum package, you get 300 points and  then for the one time membership fee of the gold  you will get 200 points.

The points that you gather for the monthly fees after one year with the company, you have access to a portion of your points, put towards a discount travel vacation. One thing to keep in mind, is that when you  look at your discount vacation, that you have already paid $1200.00 or $600.00 towards your vacation, so think of that, when  you’re trying to decide whether not  the discount is worth it. What do you think about the membership fee and whether they are good or bad I would love to get your perspective below in the comments.

Plus think about how many vacations you are going to make a year, and each year you are paying out that membership fee. In trying to find actual savings that you would get at different destinations it seem like from the research I’ve looked into, that you were only able to do  get those numbers if you’re a member.

If you are looking to make an income promoting whatever you like with an overhead cost that is $49.00 a month, here is one of your options. (Check out the success stories when you sign up for free and no obligation)Plus with consistent, and persistent  effort you will make more then enough to pay for vacations.

Just keep in mind as well, that when you do purchase the discount travel packages, airfare is not included and that is a big part of the cost of a trip. When  you search  through their search engine, you will apparently get a very minimal discount  and  one place I read  that it was  one dollar. Plus the discount travel package is dates that the company assigns which may make it harder to get get cheaper flights.

Compensation For Recruitment.

Okay as with any MLM the compensation can sometimes make your head spin, would you agree? I decided  rather then miss some pieces, I would put in this video. One thing also about been a representaitive, and to promote their business you have to pay them a one time fee of $99.95 plus a monthly fee of $19.99 to recruit.(red flag alert)

There is one thing I would like to say about this video and that is when they say dupication, that is not as easy as they make it sound.


What can you do if you do not want to recruit, again here is  a place where they teach you to make a great income ( some people making $10,000 or more each month, with work and consistent and persistent effort) without recruiting. However if you do decide you want to join this MLM or another MLM company and recruit they also teach you the skills to get people to your website who  are looking for the products you have.

Recruit in any MLM usually means talking to family and friends, and just think what this means.You are contacting people who are most likely not looking for what you have. It is like been a meat eater and going  to a vegetarian restaurant, or vise versa. When you have the skils to get people to your website it is your target market, which as I said is the people who want what you have.

Red Flag Alerts or The Bad-Paying Attention To The Signs.

 MlM companies are good at selling the dream and World ventures from the reviews and the videos are top knotch at that, so here are some of the red flags I saw that I would consider in my decision.

Sometimes the dream works, and it increases your success rate if the product is helping  people, and you also learn to market it to enough people.

(1)Memebership cost are I would say sometimes enough to pay for your vacation, especially since you only recoup a portion of your points.

(2)Another red flag is that to find the deals you have to become a member and there are free websites where you can go in for free like Expedia and compare before you make a decision or finding a good travel agent.  With the internet there are so many ways to find deals for vacation and not forking out for a membership.

Just a side note is that ,if you love travel you could even learn to blog or do videos about your research in finding your deals and pass it on to others, who are looking while making an income at the same time, plus you could blog about your holidays.

(3)The compensation is another red flag as I think in the compensation it is over 30 before you start getting $8.00 residual commission. Plus that has to be both sides meeting the criteria, so there are many hoops.

(4)Biggest red flag is there are less then 5 % in MLM making a decent income, and some places that I researched say it is less then 1%. Here is an income disclosure from 2016, and if you look at it, almost 80% of the people did not make any commission.

While this is typical of many Multi Level companies unfortunately, I think this percentage can totally turn around with people learning the skills to market and get traffic to their website, of people who are looking for what they have. Plus having a product that is truly making a difference in peoples lives.

(5)Better Business Bureau  rating is C+ and that is the worse rating for the almost 50 reviews I have done so far.In the past 3 years there has been 263 complaints and 73 in the past 12 months and  that is high compared to other MLMs I have reviewed.

(6)Another red flag is lawsuits and in Norway they are actually

  • Another one in Jamaca that was not a law suit but they had said there may be issues because they were not regulated to promote in Jamaica.

(7) The Owners have been found guilty of tax evasion.

The Good About World Ventures.

  • People on the trips seem to be genuinely having a lot of fun.
  • There is access to discounted vacations.
  • They were listed in the Direct selling news as number 25  in the 100 top list of companies. In 2019 they were not listed in the top 100.
  • You are given your own website( however since that is a duplicated one it will not make a difference for bringing  traffic to your website, unless you have some great marketing skills.)
  • There is a very small potential to make a great income.

What I think.

 Multi level marketing can be an avenue to create a great income armed with the right skills to market to enough people and products that are really helping people. All the companies are not created equal and to me World Ventures is on the lower end.

To me genuinely believing in what you are promoting and really feel that you are giving value to people, is part of what will give you success.

I think a World Ventures review can show you if you are looking to build a successful business, your chances are very slim. I would give it a 2 out of 10 and mainly because of the membership and monthly fees and flights not included.

MLM in general needs to have complete training of all the marketing skills available to people, to turn their typical low success rates around. Plus  a product that will truly help people. I wish you success and put a comment in below to let me know your thoughts on this blog. Thank you for taking the time to check out my review.

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12 thoughts on “A World Ventures Review For 2019- Is It Worth The Trip!

  1. I love to travel! So, when I found out about World Ventures, I was so excited to know about it! The thing here is, what I really had in my mind, was to join and enjoy the perks while recruiting. But after I read your review, I think I have to think twice or if not several times if this is really a good idea.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your review. All the best!

  2. That’s a great review. I’d heard of them, but hadn’t been tempted to sign up as it’s not really my niche. I’ve seen quite a few people posting on facebook groups about them though and they’ll undoubtedly get stung. There’s no telling the though 😏

    1. Thanks for the comment and unfortunately it seems like it is a fairly easy one to get stung with those membership fees.

  3. Spectacular review!!! I have never heard of them I have been tempted to join a membership like this one. However I don’t take alot of trips.
    I love that you pointed out the positive and the negative. I would have to say overall it doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Great job!

  4. The name ‘World Ventures’ sounded interesting , so I wanted to find out more. Then I discovered ‘World Ventures’ is a membership site to be able to gain access to Travel search engines for discount travel.
    Your Review let me know about: World Ventures is a direct selling company for discount travel, and had Gold & Platinum membership categories.
    Then the MLM 1 x fee of $99.95 & Mthly x fee of $19.99 come up. This was a red flag for me. I’d lost money in 3 x MLM ventures. Your 2 Star ranking confirmed my concerns.
    I liked your suggestion that someone interested in travel create, ‘travel research ‘ as a business.
    I agree that all MLM’s are not the same, and like you I like to do my own travel research and bookings…cause interesting things happen along my journey…

    1. Thanks for your great comment. I know there are good mlms and it saves a lot of money when people do their due diligence to check them out.Like you, I have lost money as well and that is why I like researching these companies to pass on to people, in hopes that they find what is right for them.

  5. It’s hard to find MLM’s out there without a number of red flags. I certainly got that vibe while reading your review and thus the two star rating. It is an interesting point you bring up about proper marketing and gaining traffic to your marketing efforts; it does seam reasonable to build this into a profitable business. It also seems quite easy to lose an abundance of money through this site as well. It certainly is an interesting MLM business in the travel industry and one that I will keep an eye on.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks Ben for the comment and it is an interesting idea if you love to travel, and then when a person has the right marketing skills, they can build any business.You are welcome and thanks for your time in giving the comment.

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