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A Wealthy Affiliate Review For 2018

Is Wealthy Affiliate the real deal?

I will give you a wealthy affiliate review for 2018, that includes:

  1. the upside and
  2. the downside,and
  3. how to make it work.
  4. my thoughts in a nut shell

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Price: 0$ to start, $49.00 Premium


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall rank: 98 out of 100

Wealthy affiliate is a marketing platform that includes everything you would need for online success.

It helps you build your own website, and with the different marketing methods teaches you how to get traffic to your website. It has over one a million members.

You will see many reviews online about WA and some of them imply they are a scam, but that is a bit of a trick to get higher in the search engine ranking. When you read them, you will find that they are all mostly really positive reviews and if you check it out here, you will see why.

Even the fact that they let you try before you buy gave me confidence when I was looking for an online opportunity. You will also find that the reviews are because they are a very solid training ground for success online.

The upside!

  • The cost is all-inclusive and no up sells. Many businesses online have a certain amount to join but then to actually get traffic to your website, they then once you join tell you about those cost.

Plus there are the companies where you come in a low cost but then are bombarded with up sells.

The only extra cost with WA is to boy a domain name for I think it is 9.99 a year and with a promo code you can sometimes get it for .99cents.

  • Coaching for free from people who have already succeeded. Many times you get people leaving post within the community showing the statistics of their journey with the number of blogs they have done. That is not them bragging, but just encouraging beginners, and they are there to answer questions.
  • No prior experience needed and you do not have to be techie.Many people have done really well with only familiar with emailing and going into websites.
  • Working with like-minded people, all with common goal of success online.
  • It is also great because when you are a beginner, and you have referred people you know that perhaps you cannot answer the question, others can.
  • Training of the highest volume and quality that takes you step by step. Take a look here and you can go in and see what  is involved in the training.Once you go in you are at the dashboard and the column of the left will say training, you can then get a look,an remember there is no commitment, and you will not have to pull out your credit card.

The owners are up to date on changes that take place online that can affect your online business, so few surprises.

  • To start an online business, you do not know what you do not know. To me this is a biggie, because sometimes you miss part of the puzzle, but when you have people who have already done the journey, like the owners and people who have had amazing success already, they know what you need to know. A lot less time an effort then in trying to figure it out.
  • Building your website is included from the word press platform.
  • Affiliate marketing is going nowhere and is only going to increase as companies sell online more and more because of the demand. Of people buying online.
  • Training opens up new ways to make income. Some people in the community have been hired by brick and mortar companies to take care of their seo.
  • Income as much as you want. You set your own goal. One guy who often stops in the chat line, started in 2003. He said he asked for small goals first like a $100, then $500. Long story short, his goal is now 7 figures a month. His hard work and persistence , paid off greatly.
  • Over a million members on the same journey and all willing to help, and get ideas from. Unbelievable community spirit.
  • Have you heard the saying success leaves clues? The people here who have done well often share what it takes. Using that information to help.
  • Chat line where you can go in to get and give help. That is open 24hrs a day.

Again check it out for free and on the left when you go in you will see a column, and included is live chat.Just click on the live chat and ask questions if you like.

  • Go at your own speed. There is no pressure from anyone.
  • It is free to try and there is no commitment. If you decide it is not for you, that is no problem.
  • Tools included that help you a lot with been successful. One in particular is Jaaxy, which helps you figure out what people are googling about. How much competition from other bloggers. Then if you have a particular item you want to sell, you can find out if there is a market for it.

  • Having access to so many people willing to help allows you to get help quick, because sometimes when you have been referred by someone who is doing really well, they can be so busy, it is more difficult to get help. Even the owners offer their help through private messaging if you need questions answered.
  • When you are new and if you refer others, even though you are new, you can be assured they are in good hands with so many people available for help. Anything you cannot answer you can find someone who can. I sometimes go into the chat line and within a couple of mins I have my answer.

  • Get three people who go premium and are serious about making an income online, then you are free. Plus you have helped people have the opportunity to make great income. My brother signed up and it is great sharing the journey with others you know.

The downside.

Some benefits are sometimes a double edge sword, like there are over 1 a million members there that for the most part are all there to help.

  • The downside is it can be a distraction in getting work done, because of the socializing.
  • It is free to try for as long as you want, but there are so many more benefits to getting the paid membership, and it helps so much with commitment.
  • Sometimes people follow  the training but do not take  action. The best method is take action after each training. Sometimes too much knowledge without action, will lead to confusion or a sense of been overwhelmed.

  • The other downside to another benefit is you can go at your own speed. Because many of us are programmed for working for someone else, to be told what to do and when to do it. It is important to treat it like business. You are the employer and the habits to me are like been an employee.
  • A good employee that works on it consistently, or a bad employee who says I will do it when I feel like it. I will confess I am working on been a better employee.

  • Some people opt to do it on their own,  not asking questions in the community and without help it can decrease their chance often for success.
  • Some people start from the beginning skipping steps like setting up profile. Each step done helps with momentum, and some like the profile helps feel more like a part of the community, and then comfortable to ask questions. Plus other steps that they skip could influence their results.
  • Some  people have  unrealistic expectations to getting income quickly. That was me because we are so influenced by programs that promise that. Like, in 3 months you will be making $10,000 with no computer skills.

While there may be a very few exceptions so there may be an opportunity like that, but if they do exist, finding them to me is like finding a needle in a haystack. Learning the online skills is the way to financial freedom and it is a secure way.

However, if a person comes in with a great work ethic or even working on having a good work ethic, because as i mentioned earlier it is a transition working for yourself, then they open up so many possibilities for themselves.

Having the attitude that” you will give it as much time as it takes, to succeed”, sets you up for success. I know there is often the case where people quit when they are about to have success.

  • Some people compare their own results to others, which sometimes leads to disappointment,rather then just focusing on their own goals. We all come to the table with different strengths and weaknesses. You may take longer or you may not take as long. Use their stories as wonderful inspiration.
  • Although much of success is mental attitude and some people forget this, and it influences how we deal with the challenges. I do think within the training there could be more emphasis on this.
  • People sometimes let their failures influence the present. No matter how many opportunities people have tried, they now have the real deal, and maybe those those experiences can help them now, and sometimes they can’t so it would help them to let them go and start with a clean slate. We all need to remember failure can always a part of success if we use it to gain clarity and stepping stones.
  • We tend to look at others successful people  sometimes as a gauge, but it is our own efforts that will get us success. Everyone starts out with the same chance, and whether you come in through someone who is doing awesome or someone new, we all have the same chance.There is plenty of help so we can  be thankful, but always remember it is your efforts that matter.

How to make it work.

  • On the beginning setting goals is important, high enough to get you excited but low enough to be realistic. Making it work will mostly as I said will be your work ethic and attitude. You have all the training and help you need in one place, and it is what you do with that, that determines your outcome. Perhaps your goal is not to make a fortune, but by working on yourself you have the option.
  • Here is a post  I wrote about success in 90 days. While it most likely will not happen in 90 days but having a 90-day plan will help you establish the habits you need for success.
  • Always learn to use our time wisely and that is I think for most people something that does not come always naturally, but needs constant improvement. My distraction is my guilty pleasure shows on TV.

I still have  manged to get a few in,  but have made other sacrifices to blog. Like with any discipline the more you practice the better you get, and to me that goes for time management as well. My knee jerk comment is sometimes, that I do not have the time, but I am learning to make time.

  • Get involved and ask questions to help you. Follow the training step by step, and take action.

My thoughts in a nutshell.

I am so proud of this opportunity and believe 100% anyone can succeed.There is going to be challenges, and how we deal with those challenges is what will determine our success.

This is definitely in my opinion the ultimate vehicle to take us for online success. It is a solid training ground with as I mentioned earlier an unbelievable community spirit, and unbelievable training.

If you have not checked it out just jump in here and see for yourself. If you are not happy you can give me heck.

Even though this is a Wealthy affiliate review for 2018, that is bias because I am a part of it, but I hope I was objective enough in helping you with your decision.

BONUS If you join for free you will be offered an extra bonus. If you decide to go premium in your first 7 days, then you will get your first month for $19.00 and then 47.00 each month after.

Plus when you fill out your profile, I will give you a link to a couple my favorite success stories that continually inspire me.

I would love to hear any comments or if you have questions just put them in below. As I said you can even give me heck here if you go in and are not satisfied.

6 thoughts on “A Wealthy Affiliate Review For 2018

  1. Good information! There’s certainly a flood of people out there trying to get you to sign up for their affiliate marketing program and it’s really hard to tell which ones are legit and which ones are not. Having the ability to go “free” to try it out before having to shell out any $$ tips the scales for me that this is a legit program. How long have you been with them and can you describe any successes and/or setbacks you’ve encountered along the way?

    1. Hi Cathie,

      I agree that it is hard to tell which ones are legit, and that is why it is nice to try before you buy.I stayed free, until I was comfortable that they were the real deal.

      I have been there for 6mths and my biggest challenge is me. I wanted to get out 1 blog a day but really fell short, but I am not disappointed because I am learning to not get distracted as much, and focus more.I definitely had some challenges because mostly what I knew was the email and popping into websites,until Wealthy affiliate.Another set back was keywords as I was into a fairly competitive space, however someone reminded that I may not get traffic right now, but down the road when Dr Google gives me more love, I will get more traffic and those are really seeds for later, and that took the sting out.

      I feel happy with the progress I have made, as I have most of my blogs indexed by google, and I have a lot of the learning curve done.Plus 5 people have joined me.

      Thanks Cathie for your comments and I hope you have much success with your website.What is your website about?Have a great day.

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    Thank you for the very thorough review. I will disclose that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate however, I think this review is very accurate from my experience. I have tried several ways of earning money in the past online and most have been a giant upsell. As you said, Wealthy Affiliate is not that way. It is very up front about what you can expect and what is possible if you put the work in. They are very clear in saying that it is not a get rich scheme. It definitely requires work but the best part is that the work is actually really fun once you get into a rhythm. It’s definitely one of the best things that I have ever been part of and I have learned so much in such a short period of time.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks Dan for the kind comments,and yes not having up sells makes it such a pressure free place,and to me they seem they are so credible.It is fun and it as you said you get into a rhythm, especially after the learning curve,it is rinse and repeat. I enjoy the learning there as well, except when I get stumped, but there is always someone there to clear it up. I am glad you are enjoying it there and I wish you all the best on your success there.

  3. Hi Phyllis:

    A good review and overview of Wealthy Affiliates. I too am a WA member, I’m a newbie, but have realized in the short time I have been with WA, you don’t stay a newbie very long. With the availability of training modules and help from the WA community, it is easy to come up to speed quickly. I signed on for free and went through the website. Looking at the cost and saw what it was offering I quickly realized this is a good investment, the following day I purchased the program. After signing on to Premium and seeing the extra’s that Premium offers, I thought to myself, I’m serious about this and what I can learn and potentially make money, so two days later I changed my membership from monthly to annual, thus reducing my monthly cost. Just what I have learned so far has made it worthwhile. You are on the right track girl. I know nothing about on line business, but off line business I do. It takes patience, passion, goals, and lots of work but it pays well in the end.

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