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A review of Isagenix

What is Isagenix?

A review of Isagenix that covers:

  • What is Isagenix?
  • The products and do they work?
  • The compensation.
  • The pros of Isagenix.
  • The cons of Isagenix.
  • How to have success with Isagenix.
  • My thoughts

Here is just a summary about Isagenix and I want to say good for you in checking out this company, by looking at a review of Isagenix, instead of diving in without doing your homework.

In this review I also combine it with a way, to make your success go from less than 5%chance (which is the mlm typical)to a 100% chance.

This may sound like a big stretch, going from less than 5% to 100% but what I think MLM is lacking is a way that makes an even playing ground for everyone, and that is what having all the marketing skills does, because people come in and they have a plan laid out to achieve those skills, that will have customers coming to their website 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

At the end here, I give you a 1 out of 10 for the company and of course some companies will be easier to have success, depending mostly on what the market says, and how passionate you are about your product.Here is a brief summary about Isagenix.

  • It is called Isagenix international and is an MLM company.
  • The founders are Jim and Kathy Coover, and John Anderson
  • The products are to do with Health and Wellness and a big focus on weight loss
  • It was founded in April 2002

The Products and do they work?

The products include these categories and here, is a link to what each category includes:

  • Performance
  • Personal care and beauty products category
  • Products to promote vitality and well-being.
  • Products to help lose weight.

Much of their popularity is for helping people lose weight with their 9 day and 30 day system which cost from $269.00 to $378.50I have no affiliation with Isagenix, what I promote is a way to have success with any mlm company you choose.

My interest came from my own experience with different MLM companies and not having much success, however having found this company that teaches marketing skills, I saw how the people going after their dreams in MLM could succeed.

I have not tried any of their products and in doing research on this company, many of the reviews from different people were from either very negative, to very positive.

It is definitely subjective and since everybody is different with regard to what is happening with their health, so I think personally that is part of the reason there is such different results.

Some people when they start the program for various reasons may not be paying attention to their health, and so when they start giving their body some attention, they start to have positive results.

Others may already have been doing things for their health, so perhaps were not getting the same results. In the end with the products I think the only way is to try them and see for yourself.

Many of the products have as their first ingredient is sugar, and many of the products are processed.

The compensation.

The compensation like every MLM company is made when people sell to people directly at retail prices. They also get compensated for building a team of people who do the same.

This is one of the things I like about MLM, is the ability to get paid for telling others about something you like. Let’s face it if you can buy products that you already buy, why not buy where you can get paid, if you really like the product. Here is a link to the compensation


The pros about Isagenix.

  • People can sometimes lose weight, make money, and get more energy.
  • The market is definitely there for weight loss, since it is a 68.2 billion dollar industry in 2018 and growing at the time of this statistic.
  • People who have a busy lifestyle can have it delivered to their doorstep.
  • The meals are portion controlled and that can help as we tend to overeat sometimes.
  • The plan is in place and so people know exactly what they are having for meals, which having a plan is a big part of success in anything.
  • It can improve health if people have not been paying much attention to their health before, because of busy lifestyle.
  • One of the first ingredients is sugar in some products, however if a person is not watching their sugar intake prior, they still may get less than they did before which can be a benefit.
  • If you are passionate about the products it is great to be able to get paid for telling others. One way to have a large audience to tell about the products is to learn about online marketing skills and than you have people visiting your website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • They have a large selection of products, and if there are some that you are not really crazy about you can promote others. My favorite category was their essential oils as they are pure essential oils.
  • They have an A+ rating with the BBB.

The cons of Isagenix.

  • One of the things that stood out the most to me was the first ingredient was sugar, and with so much information on how sugar is so harmful, that would be one reason I would not promote those products.

Anytime I am shopping and the first ingredient is sugar, it goes back on the shelves. I eat enough sugar as is, without having to contend with a product that has as its first ingredient sugar.

  • While a plan is helpful for results, I personally feel that a plan with whole foods is better. I like to pick recipes by people who are well-known in nutrition, and get their books with recipes and create a plan from their book because their meals will contain everything in whole foods you need.

They talk about cleansing and I am guilty of getting on the bandwagon with doing a cleanse, until I started reading information on cleansing and realized that having a liver and two kidneys will do a free job with cleansing. Although I do one sometimes and than by Dr. Ian Smith, a popular Dr. who on nutrition shows on TV. His cleanse consist of fruits, vegetables and rice as the main products.

  • Many of the products are processed and a big part of good health is staying away from processed food.
  • Some products contain herbs so it is important to contact your pharmacist and doctor if you are on medication because it can have an interaction.
  • Some products contain milk, powdered milk and whey which can be a problem for people who are lactose intolerant.

How to have success with Isagenix.

This is my favorite part because I feel that no matter what any review says in the end it is what you believe.

I think no matter which company you choose you can have success if you learn how to get people to your website, when you have those skills down, financial woes will not be an issue again.

I started here, with so little computer knowledge but here, I am motoring right along, and I am on my 40th post now. You will have no shortage of help here, because if you are stuck, it is an unbelievable community for helping.

There are people here, who have learned the skills and are now making 1000s of dollars and you can private message them for help or they often write a post within the community to help. I have just tidbits about the marketing platform throughout this post but here, is a review so that you have all the information you need.

One of the reasons people fail in MLM is that they run out of people to talk to. Once they have exhausted their family and friends, now what? Some people have the skills to market but the majority do not, so by joining here, (it is free to take a test run)you learn the marketing skills but you also, have a plan for people to follow, when they join you by showing them the value of learning the skills.

I compare mlm like having a beautiful car in the driveway and you do not have insurance, are you going to drive that car? Well MLM without the marketing skills is like having no insurance. We just need to look at the statistics of how many succeed in MLM and you will see it is less than 5%, however there are more millionaires in the network marketing industry, than any other industry, so it can be done.

How Can it be done?

What would you say if I told you that 69436 people a month, on average are googling about Isagenix and that if you are on googles first page, you will have an average of 11805 people a month visit your website, plus there are only 99 other bloggers you are competing against and that is not a lot.

What they teach you here, is how to get those people to your blog post, and one of the best things, is that you will know what to write about because you will be writing about your products, or solutions to problems that people have, like weight loss and you can show how your products can help them.

At the platform they have a tool(called Jaaxy) that you can find out numbers like the example I gave you above. This tool will tell you how many people are googling about anything you want to know, like Isagenix, and Let’s say you want to get people in your business, you put in “best MLM company” and would you say they would be prime candidates for joining you?

There are average 132 people a month putting that into google, when you learn the skills to be on googles first page you will have 23 people visit your website, and your competition is 59 other bloggers, but remember you only need a little piece of the pie.

You write your post on your MLM company you choose and again that one post will be having that many people going to your website.

One of the things I did not like in MLM was trying to sell to people who were not even looking for what I have and by blogging you can reach the people who are looking for what you have. The other great thing is that you do a blog post on Let’s say Isagenix.

It takes you maybe a few hours to write it and guess what, eventually you will be having those 69436 people looking at your post each month and average of 11805 going to your website. Do you think you might get some sells? With the billions of people online we only need a very small piece of the pie to make it work.

You can keep writing about your products and find out with the Jaaxy tool, that is at this platform what problems people are googling about. Here is another example: 2862 people are month are googling asking google “what is the best skin care”.

You do a blog post or video about your skin care and why you think it is the best and basically you write as if you are having a conversation with a friend. Out of those 2682 people looking you will have 487 people visit your website when you are on the first page,  do you think you might get some sells?

I will be honest it takes work writing these post, but do you think it is worth it, considering you do the work once  each post once, but will have people month after month coming to your website.

Of course once you get a lot of post out, about the products your income starts to become passive, because you will have people joining your mlm and people buying your products when you are sleeping. You do not have to be out chasing people unless you enjoy that, and then it can be another method as well.

If you blog about all your products and than blog about problems people have, that your products are able to help with, you will always know what to blog about, plus you are educating yourself and others.

My thoughts.

(This is me burning the midnight oil lol)I would give Isagenix a 7 out of 10, mainly because of the sugar as the first ingredient in many products, plus I just feel that whole foods are the best, and for sure in the long term. However, sometimes I think the Isagenix health products could be a spring board for people to start working on their health.

The great thing also is their large selection of products to choose from. What I think is really important is to be promoting products that you feel have no red flags for you, because not only do you feel great about what you are promoting, but you can overcome negativity that comes your way (there will always will be negativity) about what you promote, when you believe in its value.

I feel that A review of Isagenix is only complete if people realize how important it is to have the complete marketing skills. With the right marketing skills this can be a vehicle for success, but as I previously mentioned you only have to look at the statistics to realize your chance for success is very low, without them.

Plus with this marketing skills platform, not only  are you going to have success in your MLM, but when people join you, you are offering them a complete way to success with their MLM as well.  I would love to know in the comments below  if that would give you more confidence in promoting your opportunity when you feel that they have such a great chance for success?

You are also offering yourself and others an opportunity to diversify your income, because when you and your team refer people to this marketing platform you get a referral fee for each month people on your team are there learning. Many people stay there for good and do their work on their blogs form there.

If you have any questions or comments about anything I have written I would love to here, from you in the comments below. Thanks for taking your time to check out this review.  I wish you lots of success.

Take care


4 thoughts on “A review of Isagenix

    1. Hi Dan,

      That is a great question.I am an affiliate for Wealthy affiliate and my commission comes from referring people who become premium members, so I get a referral fee.As an affiliate you can literally promote anything you like and you would get commission when someone buys the product because you sent them to the website where that product is, for example Amazon.

      MlM is where you get paid for selling a companies products.As an affiliate you dont sell a product you just refer to the website where the customer buys.

      Thanks for the comment and have a great day.


  1. Thanks for the thorough review and explanation of the system Phyllis! I’m always a bit on the fence with MLM systems but I think they can be used for good like you point out here. The biggest problem is the fact they are usually over priced products (that you can get for fraction of the price from the closest super market) that are marketed with hype and pseudo science.

    I think they can be good too if the original vendor is legit. Like you pointed out, sugar can be problematic in health products as can be the overall degree of processed ingredients. This still seems to be on the better side of the products I’ve seen being marketed in MLM systems.

    1. Yes I think because many are expensive, and that it is best to get people who want to do the business opportunity, who will then get it at a lower cost,and they are getting paid for getting the word out onlike when you purchase at your closest supermarket. However because there are products that are duds, it is important to get products you believe in, and know that the company has a good refund policy when people are not happy. Thanks very much for your comment Jukka.

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