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8 things you need to know on how to make money with a craft blog.

You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have-Maya Angelou.

I love checking out quotes and the above one, says it all when it comes to the question “how to make money with a craft blog”.

You just start your blog and than you have a plan, but also be open as well, because as you start to create, as the quote says the more creativity you will have.

You do not want to dismiss creative ideas because you are adhering to the plan rigidly.

I have written a list of things to help you to have success in creating a plan that can bring you as much income as you want.

  1. learning the skills
  2. Having a plan
  3. Building a website
  4. Finding a niche
  5. What to blog about
  6. Plan what products you will use
  7. Have support
  8. How much income can you make

(1)Learning the skills.

A big part of your success in your craft business will come from

  • having the skills to build a website
  • the skills to blog
  • to know how to master social engagement
  • having help from many people who already have achieved the success you want, and they are there willing to help.

This is a review of the platform that has all the above. They have a policy where you can try for before you buy, so in the review there is a link where you go in for free. There is also no commitment.

There at this platform, you will see others’ like you wanting online success. You will also find people who are helping and are making 5 and 6 figures a month from businesses they have built, and they are in there giving back to people.

Sometimes when you are looking for help from one individual who is really successful, they are too busy working on their own success, so the nice thing here is you have so many people willing to help, who are successful, that you are never left with unanswered questions.

(2)Having a plan.

This list begins with a plan and the remaining part of the plan, is what to think about for your plan. I am the type that just jumps in when I am excited, and that has its benefits, and it also has its downside.

Jumping in without knowing where you are going you miss some things that are important for success. Lucky for you, out of my failures I now have a list of what is important.

I was really failing forward as a book I had read once says. That is what a plan will help with because you know what you need to know.

Having a plan saves you time, and you make a priority of what actions you need to take, that are going to lead to success with your craft business.

Your work will be higher quality because you are organized. I am learning to make 90 day plans for my goals. Having them in 90 days is a way that I am more excited, so more motivated.

You are lucky already because you have a passion for crafts, which will motivate you. Some people when they want an online business do not have an interest or passion, so they have to find one. The 90-day plan is added motivation.

(3)Building a website.

Maybe you are already technical so this does not seem like a big hurdle. If you are not technical, guess what, this really is not difficult.

Here again is the review of the platform where they teach it, so just take a peek

  • by at the top,you will see a black bar on the left, right next to WA,
  • and put in” building a website”,
  • and you will see a list and the second one is by Kyle,( one of our beloved owners)
  • building a niche website.

There you will get a video that literally takes you by the hand, where you can have a website up in 1 evening.

I was so proud of mine when I did it, because all I could do before was email and go to websites, so yes there is hope for you, if you are one of the non-technical ones.

(4)Finding a niche for your craft business.

A niche is a segment of population. Crafts is very general so you just need to zero in some aspects of crafts that appeals to you and your audience.

When you choose something that you are excited about because if you are going to be blogging a lot, you want to be passionate about that area.

Another way is great as well, because within your crafts maybe there are aspects you would like to explore. A blog gives you a chance to find out about something that you pass on to your audience, and eventually you become an expert.

I give an example many times of Tori Avery, who I like to get recipes from. She married a Jewish man, and wanted to find out about the roots of Jewish cuisine.

Her website at first was about Jewish cooking, however than she started to explore other topics, and now she has been on various TV shows because she is so popular.

I went to someones home the other day, and was impressed by their wreath on their door, so I asked her about it and she told me her grand daughter does it for a hobby.

That actually is what inspired this post. Wreathes could be a niche, or if you make soaps it could be organic. You will than have people following you who are into your particular niche.

(5)What to blog about in your craft business.

There are so many things to blog about in any area, however there is a couple things to keep in mind. You want to know what people are searching for in your particular niche.

Let’s say you have choosing the area of wreaths, and you want to show how to make a wreath, Then you use what is called a keyword tool, which you can check out at this review, when you click the link and go in for free.

You will see a column on the left, and the 5th one down says J research.I just checked it for “how to make a fall burlap wreath”. It than tells you how many people are searching that on google a month, plus it tells you how many people are writing about it, so you know your competition.

Then it also tells you when you get to the coveted first page of google how many people will come to your website.( Isn’t that amazing)So for the fall burlap wreaths you have over 80 people a month searching for that and when you start doing your blogs on the beginning you want a keyword that has over 30 in traffic a month.

The competition less than 100. So for this particular keyword it is 14 which is great. As you get traction from getting more traffic to your website, you can target keywords that have more traffic and competition because you are becoming an expert.

Another way to decide on your blog post is to get ideas from other people who have successful blogs in crafts.For some reason I was hesitant on the beginning to do that for my blog but everyone at this platform who are successful said they all did it.

You know that saying “success leaves clues”, so you find the clues of other successful bloggers to help you get to where you want to go. All people successful have their influences and that is what you are doing when you get inspired by other peoples work.

(6)What products to promote related to your blogs.

This will also influence your blog post, because you are making money by promoting your own products or other peoples products so you want to look at the commission, you will receive, as well as what will sell.

If you are promoting materials related to building your wreath, you can go to many places like Amazon to sign up as a free affiliate, and than they give you a link for what you are promoting.

Then when someone buys, yep you get a commission. Then you also are selling your own crafts. One blog can be bringing in income a couple of different ways. You can even promote this place from the review I have mentioned throughout, as well.

Let’s say you have someone following you who like you wants to learn to blog, you can show them the platform where to learn the skills. Then you get a commission for referring them, and you get it each month they pay. They like you can try it out for free with no commitment to buy.

(7)Support -team

Do you know what the acronyms for team are? It is together everyone achieves more. This place I promote through this blog, is a great example of that.

Kyle and Carson have done a wonderful job of promoting a culture of helping one another. Here we are all into building our own websites on various things we have a passion for.

You always find someone to help you, when you are stuck, someone to encourage if you are down with maybe results not coming as quick as you want.

They even have a place where we can critique each others’ website to give feedback. Actually when you go in through the link on the review to check and remember it is free and no commitment(I stayed about a month as a free member until I knew I wanted to do it)you can go to that same place and get ideas, to help you in choosing how you want to build your craft website.

The place where you will see some new websites is again, once you are inside go to

  • the black bar at the top by the words WA on the left, just put in “need website comments.
  • The place where it says Questions will underneath say Need website comments-the give and take threads
  • so you click there and you can just look at the different websites, and you can give comments if you like, or not.

I personally feel that the support is crucial for success, because building a business is a daunting task when you are doing things that you have never done before.

To have access to people who have already done the journey is huge because when you have a challenge, the quicker you can get help to deal with that challenge the quicker you have results.

Once you have the skills under your belt it is just and repeat. Plus now you have a craft business that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to billions of people.

You can be taking a couple of months of and your income will still come in, so the time you put in when you are not getting an income is like money in the bank because once it is built, you get that time back.

Honestly the time I put in is not like work most of the time because I so enjoy it. If you love doing crafts I would imagine it will be the same for you. I really have to remember to step away and take a break. Plus just sharing the journey with others’ is exciting.

How much can you earn from doing what you love?

To be honest you can earn enough where finances need never be a problem again, all while you are doing what you love.

One guy here at the platform in this review (in case you have not checked it out)who has been here since 2003 was encouraging new people to aim small first when setting financial goals.

He said he aimed for $100 a month at first than $500, 1000, than he went to 5 and 6 figures a month. Now he his goal his 7 figures a month, so really it is as much as you like.

Remember once you get your first $100, it is starting where you kinda just rinse and repeat. On the beginning having time and patience as your 2 best friends will help you in your successful craft business.You aim for small goals first.

The time frame of success will mostly depend on you. There is some people who replaced their income in 6 months. There is one guy here who started in 2016 and did not make a penny until 2018, but  in June 2018 he made over $2000.

July it was over $3000, August I believe it was over $5000 a month and now in October $6700 for the month. Patience was one of his friends and now he is been rewarded with a business growing like a weed. Nice eh?

Remember this all the while people are doing what they love. Can you beat that? I am getting so excited I am ready to sign up again(lol).

Just kidding but I am really loving my journey with blogging. Like I said earlier you are lucky because you have a passion for crafts, so you know where to build your niche, so you are already ahead.

If you have questions or comments I would love to get them below. All the best.

4 thoughts on “8 things you need to know on how to make money with a craft blog.

  1. Thanks for putting up this article and the review.
    I am glad that I stumbled upon this and read the review that you did. It’s quite hard to find a community in people trying to start an online business.
    & I like the 90 days plan that you had set up. Think I should also give it a try to get the motivation rolling 😉

    1. Thanks Wina,it is hard to find and I thing it is so important for success online is community support.I am doing the 90 days again because I do find it motivating.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for that comment and those pictures are from unsplash. They have a decent selection.Hope things are going well for you.


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